Jesus enters

Palm Sunday 2015, America

On this special day on the Christian calendar, Palm Sunday, let’s take a moment to wonder at the events which we honor beginning today that culminated in death and then the victory of the Resurrection and the Life which Our…

Is this in our future?

Obama & Iran: A Nuclear Combination

Not just America and Israel, but now even France is beginning to question the ties between Obama and Iran. That America would turn one hundred and eighty degrees in its foreign policy toward a nation full of hate and hostility…


Eric Holder: Nationalizing the Police Force

Eric Holder has a giant credibility problem. Remember early in his term as Attorney General when he said, “America is a nation of cowards?” Well, its six years later and today it is Holder himself who is proven to be…


Govt Gone Wild: Limiting Private Property Rights

Americans who love the Constitution, and sadly that number is receding, know the right to private property is an essential liberty. Property rights are important. In fact, property rights are God-given rights in their foundation and America was founded with…

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Judeo-Christian Rights & America’s Founding

America always prided herself on being a country that protects religious freedom, promoting the free exercise thereof in the First Amendment. While the founding fathers were a vibrant mix of diverse Christians, the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which America bases itself…

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn

#DitchMitch: Profiles in GOP Cowardice

A picture says a thousand words, especially for those unable to articulate. According to his picture, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (deemed #DitchMitch on twitter by Conservatives) is a very unhappy man. His eyes belie fear and trepidation and his downturned…

Obama's war

Obama’s Weak Response to ISIS

Remember the First Iraq War? Called the Persian Gulf War, America got into the fray and there was no monkey business, nor indecisiveness. After six months of trying to diplomatically force Saddam Hussein to withdraw from Kuwait, which he invaded…

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, Always on Offense

Ted Cruz never punts, he’s too busy staying on offense. Senator Cruz’s offensive strategy never allows the liberal media to control the narrative, and instead forces them to follow his own. I think the best example of this was a…


ACA Excluded MAMMOGRAMS & Breast Cancer RX, AVASTIN

On October 1st, 2013 the President’s signature policy launched and it quickly hit a brick wall. Not only is the $600 Million Dollar Obamacare website still shutdown, but Americans are being notified that their health care cost is simultaneously skyrocketing.


Obama at 38%: Obamacare CUTS Jobs, RAISES Cost, EXEMPTS Biz & Govt

Barack Obama’s approval rating is in a free-fall plummet in the wake of the *Affordable Care Act’s failure to launch this past week. With no regard for the Constitution, news spread like wildfire that Obama illegally & unilaterally amended the law without a vote. Obama’s amendment leaves Congress & their staffers “exempt”