Ted Cruz & the Evangelical Divide

There’s a division between Evangelicals,  the Evangelicals that are part of the problem and the ones that are part of the solution.  Let’s start with a great question Ted Cruz was asked at the Presidential Forum on Faith and Freedom Dallas,…


@WillStauff: Lee Greenwood Joins Conservative Report

What an incomparable gift Lee Greenwood gave us with ‘God Bless the U.S.A’, a song ingrained in America’s soul. It endures as one of the most loved patriotic songs of the last century.   This legendary, award-winning country music artist…


Cruz Confronts Rubio’s Amnesty Trap

You can almost hear the desperation from panicked 2016 candidates, and their left-wing media counterparts. “Senator Ted Cruz, why won’t you answer my question of what to do about the 16 Million illegal immigrants that are already here?  Will you…


#KYgov: How @MattBevin Won

My interview is with Scott Hofstra from the United Kentucky Teaparty, whose group has been instrumental  in getting Matt Bevin elected to governor.  He gives us an inside look of  what happened in Kentucky and what the future looks like…


Perfect Storm For Ted Cruz

You could consider this article a continuation of my earlier piece, “Is The Hand Of God On Ted Cruz?”. It’s quite breathtaking how things have actually lined-up for Ted Cruz. It’s almost as if Ted Cruz hired the other candidates to help…


Cruz Fights Obama: Say It To My Face!

Ted Cruz won’t remain in exile when erroneously called-out by inciting politicians & professional members of the Washington Cartel. They place politics above all else & remain woefully in denial over the one religion forcing all others to convert or die….


The Berardi Brothers: Creative Innovation

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting the Berardi brothers.  They’ve had an incredible career and influence in the music industry and have used their creativity to  change people’s lives for the good.  Here’s my Interview with Michael and Richard Berardi Hi…


Ted Cruz Pisses-Off Marxist Media

There’s no question that  Ted Cruz is the best candidate in the field to defeat the media.   When I first heard about Ted Cruz it was Senator Cruz giving Diane Frankenstien’s bride a civics lesson on the constitution.   The…

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Hannity & Rush Should Endorse Ted Cruz

Every single Reaganite that I’ve talked to; people who knew Reagan, people who worked for Reagan and those that voted for Reagan, are all backing Ted Cruz. So then, why won’t Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh come-out, and endorse Ted…