November 2010

Alaska: A Vote For Murkowski Is Vote For China

by P.S. Read on November 2, 2010

By Patrick ReadWashington DC The US National Debt is currently $13.7 Trillion (here), and is 93% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The CBO reports that by 2015 our debt will reach 102% of GDP (here). This fact puts in play, and makes crucial, every single Senatorial Election – especially in Alaska – where a […]

PPST:  Neal Rauhauser’s List of Volunteer Social Activist & E-thugs By Patrick Read Neal Rauhauser, (see the above photo album or click here) is a blogger for the Daily Kos (here) and Co-Founder of Progressive PST (here & here).  He admitted (here) to creating a Twitter account which he used to collect & recruit anonymous […]

G-MAN & the Tidal Wave: Ending Corruption of Obamacare

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The Conservative Report founder joins G. Gordon Liddy ”Live From DC,” after American Patriot Ken Blackwell, beginning at 18 minutes & 22 seconds. Scroll to the half-way point on the audio bar, and listen to Agent Liddy & I discuss Obamacare & the “end of the Obama Regime.” Gordon was gracious enough to allow me time to talk about The Health […]

Lisa Murkowski: Heir to Privilege, Political Favor & Power

By Patrick Read In the highly charged political atmosphere of today, one must consider the overall resume of each candidate and make a focused decision regarding who has the most to offer their state and their nation. The responsible voter will objectively compare & contrast to decide if they have faith in a candidate’s ability […]