September 2012

The Supreme Court & Judicial Tyranny

by Andrew Amedee on September 28, 2012

As Barack Obama continues to fumble foreign policy, while driving America further into an economic ditch—the radical left is poised to takeover an increasingly vulnerable Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are both 76 years old. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79. Stephen Breyer is 74. Of these Justices, Scalia is the only solid conservative. […]

Michelle Obama DIVIDES Americans at CBC Phoenix Awards

by 04) Mike Madden on September 27, 2012

On September 22, 2012 First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus at their Phoenix Awards grand gala, and what she had to say will give you a glimpse behind the curtain.  This excerpt is indicative of the tone of the speech and bears some scrutiny  But today, while there are no more “whites […]

FBI Bust IRAN & CHINA in Nuke Ring — 2 Arrested

Iran is rapidly moving towards achieving legitimacy as a nuclear power, yet absent from President Obama’s campaign speeches, and mainstream media coverage is the recent Department of Justice break-up of a “nuclear smuggling ring.” An Iranian-national was arrested and detained in the Philippines—a country known for being a hot bed of Al Qaeda terrorism—along with […]

Anonymous Bloggers Exposing OpSec SEALs Unmasked


Co-Authored by Patrick S. Read – The Op Sec Team are former American Special Force Operators, who banded together to curb top-secret leaks for personal gain and they’ve now been targeted by radical left, anonymous bloggers who criminally exposed their personal information on several public websites. Per the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, passed by Ronald Reagan […]

Luis Fortuño Leads Puerto Rico’s Revival: Spending Cuts & Tax Cuts

Washington D.C. Governor Luis Fortuño is a man of accomplishment, a man of renewal and a man of history. And on August 29, 2012;  Fortuño spoke at the Republican National Convention reviving America’s love affair with real leadership, with hard work, and with tradition. Fortuño renewed America’s love affair with Ronald Reagan. Entering public service in […]

Gov Susana Martinez: En America Todo Es Posible!

Washington D.C. Like so many of us, Governor Susana Martinez grew up living pay-check to pay-check. The 1st female Governor of New Mexico, and 1st ever Latina Governor in US history, was raised in a small town along the southern border. Martinez’s parents were Democrats and she was raised as a Democrat.  But something changed […]

Has Barack Obama Considered What Islamic America Would Look Like?

There is a looming question for the left-win, who might consider the ramifications of re-electing Barack Obama, and please consider the following carefully prior to casting your vote in November. Think long and hard; not about skin color, not about redistribution of wealth, or ‘social justice’ but about the coming era you may usher in, […]