December 2012

BIll of Rights, Religious Freedom: Hobby Lobby Vs Big Govt

by 04) Mike Madden on December 29, 2012

The Federal Government & the Courts in the United States have decided the First Amendment’s guarantee to Freedom of Religion no longer applies. It seems like a harsh statement, but it is reality. Hobby Lobby is a Christian founded & privately held company whose owners filed suit to be held exempt from the Obamacare mandate carried […]

5 YEARS, NO BUDGET: Doing Right For Freedom

by P.S. Read on December 28, 2012

At first bluff, President Barack Obama directly lied to every American when agreeing to cut $2.50 of government spending the people’s money for every $1.00 of additional revenue that Speaker John Boehner agreed to tax the people. It was Obama’s “Miss Lewinsky moment” as the President gave his solemn promise directly to the very face of each & every American during the first […]

Generals Sacked, Benghazi Bites Back: State Dept Reps Allowed to Walk

Information is bleeding (no pun intended) out of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the resignations of the four State Department officials who left in the wake of the State Department Accountability Review Board’s scathing indictment of the department’s handling of security in Benghazi are bogus. In fact, the chairwoman of that House Committee Ileana […]

The Real Meaning of Christmas

As the anniversary of the birth of Christ, and our national celebration of Christmas is upon us, we should take a moment and revisit the real meaning of Christmas. On that joyous day in Bethlehem, in Judea, a child was born, in the humblest of circumstances. No room being found in the inn, that child’s […]

Christianity: The Foundation of the USA

A few years back a baby was born to a virgin.  Well it was more than a few years ago and the story is well documented in one of the best selling books of all time, but what role did the birth of Jesus Christ play in the making of The United States of America? […]

Newtown & Gun Control: Protect the Defenseless From Lone Wolf Killers

The murder of 26 innocent & defenseless children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut put a spotlight on violence in our society. And as with other mass killings, the call for more gun control is immediately heard.  President Barack Obama stood before the people of Newtown, CT and said what any man in that […]

Helping Hands: CHINA Expediting Nukes For IRAN

The claim that China is helping Iran in anything arms related, including nuclear, should not be much of a surprise to anyone. But a new report by CENTRA Technology, a private security firm, has shed light on the arms being exchanged between the two nations. The category that should be of concern to all is the […]

Let the Children Live & Veterans Work: A Newtown Solution

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Now that our President has commissioned a panel to present to him solutions to “gun violence” by the end of January, It is time for sensible Constitutional Conservatives to begin some “push back” against a process already politically persuaded at limiting our Second Amendment rights, and banning certain types of weapons because of their physical […]

Budget Failure: Socialist Cliff of Economic Demise

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“If not us, who — if not now, when?” is a quote by Ronald Reagan made as the U.S. teetered on a Fiscal Cliff  brought on by the economic demise of Democrat President Jimmy Carter. Misled by a socialist ideology, Carter engaged in a war on oil, and on American business. The results were soaring gas prices […]

Shall Not Be Infringed

“What is a moderate interpretation of the Constitution? Halfway between what it says and what you want it to say?”—Justice Antonin Scalia. Murder is a crime, no matter the method. Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun; and neither did the 9/11 hijackers. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” If so, define it […]

The Inconsistency of Arms Control Theory

As we watch our policymakers ramp-up the rhetoric on gun control, no one is likening the events in Newtown, Connecticut to the feared result of a nuclear Iran, or tyrants in Libya or Syria, but the two situations are eerily similar & yet, vastly different in scale. There is no doubt that the school massacre […]

Gingrich: Media Has WHITE HOUSE Emails Ordering Benghazi Stand-Down

On Monday, Conservative Report Online Radio (show player below) was hosted by Patrick Read and included guests Andrew Amedee and Chip Jones III. The All-Veteran show uncovered new intelligence about Benghazigate and linked Russia, Iran and Syria to the 9/11 attack on America in Benghazi, Libya. The panel also discussed and questioned the real source of the now […]

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac’s Subprime Theft

During a December 2012 press-conference, regarding the Bush tax-rate and the pending “fiscal cliff,” the Obama Administration’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney said: We’re asking that they vote for a tax cut (Note: Carney then corrected himself because the Bush tax rate cut taxes for all), er, a tax cut extension for 98 percent of the American people, […]

The Trail of Death in the Classroom by Inaction

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As Capitol Hill winds up to hold further hearings this week to ascertain who is culpable for the gross lack of security at our facilities in Benghazi, and who is responsible for failing to provide reinforcement to the four individuals who ultimately died there on September 11, 2012, our emotions are diverted to the tragedy […]