Thugs Exposing OpSec SEALs Unmasked

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Co-Authored by Patrick S. Read

The Op Sec Team are former American Special Force Operators, who banded together to curb top-secret leaks for personal gain and they’ve now been targeted by radical left, anonymous bloggers who criminally exposed their personal information on several public websites.

Per the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, passed by Ronald Reagan here it is a federal crime to expose covert agents

Whoever, in the course of a pattern of activities intended to identify and expose covert agents and with reason to believe that such activities would impair or impede the foreign intelligence activities of the United States, discloses any information that identifies an individual as a covert agent to any individual not authorized to receive classified information, knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such individual and that the United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal such individual’s classified intelligence relationship to the United States, shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

The OpSec Team here recently had, not only their personal information, but their family & associates’ personal-information disclosed by a group known as ‘Surfers United’ (S.U.) The group claims in its mission statement that its purpose is to ‘combat online harassment and bullying;’ which appears to be contradictory to their actions and publications.

Not only did S.U. release an uncanny amount of personal information about the members of  the OpSec Team, but with no clear motive or justification, they also released the personal information of George Zimmerman and his entire family, and did the same to a U.S. Army Brigadier General. This just names a few instances of their campaign, which is clearly politically motivated and oriented to the radical left.

Well, the attack that S.U. waged against the heroes of the OpSec Team is now being waged on them.

While the group has tried to hide behind the online veil of anonymity, Conservative Report Online has learned the identity of at least one of the SU team members.  Linda Mendes of North Dighton, Massachusetts is the real name of author “Missy D,” who cross-posted the OpSec Team members personal details across numerous websites linked to the S.U. group.

Mendes’ ID was accidentally revealed when her postings at another site had triggered another conflict. She had published just enough information for researchers to determine a general physical location and real life name. When one of her targets grew tired of her harassment, they released her information and cited Mendes’ own blog post on The Howlers Den as one part of the confirmation of her real identification. The group then quickly deleted the blog post to get rid of the identifying information.

Sources also revealed to Conservative Report Online that members of Surfers United have had a long history of harassment, and have threatened a wide array of people going back many years. This is something the Conservative Report is in the process of reviewing, and our findings will be published in the near future.

The Howlers Den, and other S.U. associates appear to have taken every precaution so as to not have their own personal information available on the internet. So, why a group would make it their sole purpose to publish another’s personal information is not really clear, since the group claims to be focused strictly on ‘anti-bullying.

The very act of releasing information of people, whom took every precaution to remain anonymous, is in fact an act of bullying itself. Judging by their actions on the web, and their interactions with others, the group’s intentions is to remain secretive and private while not allowing others to do so too.

The method S.U. used against OpSecTeam is referred to online as “doxing.” This is the act in which personal information, including official documents (dox) are released publicly online. This can include but is not limited to social security numbers, credit card numbers, and any other personal information that is normally safe-guarded by the owner. While “doxing” can be used by hackers, the process of doxing has grown more popular among internet users with little or no skills in the realm of hacking or even investigative research. Since the trove of personal information is exponentially expanding, it has become easier and easier to locate, and publish personal information.

But by focusing on OpSecTeam, SU and The Howlers Den have taken a stand in favor of security leaks and breaches.

Such releases, in just the past couple of years, have been responsible for captures of US operatives, as well as private individuals being targeted by America’s enemies.

And the radical group continues to expose the identities of US SEALs despite it being top-secret information, and despite the death threat Al Qaeda recently made against the author of “No Easy Day,” Mark Owen.  S.U. continues to expose the identity of SEALs despite twenty-four of them having been killed since they raided, and killed Osama Bin Laden. One former SEAL was just killed on 9/11 in an attack on Libya, which has been storied to be linked to Al Qaeda.

If S.U. isn’t interested in helping to protect those who protect both them and their rights, then who are they interested in helping–during war time?

Why a group would target US Navy SEALs, and their non-partisan efforts to protect innocent people is beyond the understanding of nearly anyone reading about the attack on Team Op Sec. Furthermore, what does SU stand to gain from this? If it is notoriety and infamy, then they will be surprised to learn that they will be selling themselves short of their own dream–all while helping chip away at the last remnants of basic decency and decorum in an already leaky intel world.

Here is a link to the Team Op. Sec website, and if you would like to support their mission to end top-secret leaks for political gain, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to them here (Contact information contained within).



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57 thoughts on “Thugs Exposing OpSec SEALs Unmasked”

  1. @CWJonesIII says:

    The problem here is that there are no terrorists, nor any law enforcement officials, interested in putting any degree of hurt on "The Howler's Den", or S.U.. The live in a world of impunity created partially by a Presidential administration and Justice Department who covertly SUPPORTS internet trolling and bullying.

    It is a tribute to the professionalism and moralityh of our JSOC operators that they haven't formed their OWN little "terrorist group" to police folks like this. In as "mortal" a business as they pbly, it would not be out of the question.

    1. CRO says:

      Thank you, Chip!

      It is our intention to expose those who are aiding the enemy during war time. And that means anywhere it exist. The administration not only doesn't care about these radical elements aiding and abetting the enemy, but is complicit. Obama has leaked top-secret intel all on his own.

      Stay tuned for more!

  2. J says:

    They do it for the lulz, but coming from a military family I take personal offense to what they’re doing. These cowards like to hide and be tough behind computer screens but I bet they are push overs if they were to go toe to toe with anyone. I would ask S.U- how would you like if someone were to dox the crap out of you guys and plaster your info all over pro-military websites? Ya know, maybe someone will “do it for the lulz”.

    White hats unite.

    1. Trey says:

      There time will come! Karma is a …!

    2. CRO says:

      Thank you for your support of our military, J.

      Despite 'why they do it,' the first step in exposing S.U. and specifically, the author's name & location, has already been taken–per the above article. What this traitorous "thug-wannabe" group has done is illegal, and a federal offense. Our findings about their so-called anonymity has been passed up the chain… Stay tuned for more!


    3. Hey J,

      You are entirely correct when you say that they are only tough behind a computer screen. SU/Howlers Den immediately had a response to this post. And their response was very telling. They know that they have been outed and, like the cowards they are, started to form a narrative of lies. They proactively started to say that Linda Mendes was only with the group a short time and they had all teamed up and used Linda's IP address. But then it back fired causing her to run away. Who believes that? They just know that all of their info is about to be exposed. This is just the beginning; just a small taste of their own medicine. And they gag at the taste. So much so that are trying to run away rather than be forced to take another dose. Well, too bad 🙂

      1. Trey says:

        Go get 'em!!!
        To quote Toby Keith "Justice will be served
        And the battle will rage
        This big dog will fight
        When you rattle his cage
        And you'll be sorry that you messed with
        The U.S. of A.
        'Cause we'll put a boot in your ass
        It's the American way

  3. Oh, and one other thing: SU/Howlers Den could have continued to to drop information on whomever they wished. They couldve continued doing this for the rest of their lives. But they had to go ahead and target our heroes. That is where they screwed up.

  4. @MoondogW says:

    This is Moondog Wilson of the Howlers Den. You people are full of it and yourselves. These supposed 'American heroes' are nothing but traitors to the United States. Undermining the Commander in Chief for purely partisan political gain. You can believe what you choose about Missy but you're wrong. So you want to keep going, bring it on. We'll post every author here that we can locate.

    This blog is nothing but a partisan hack rag.

    1. Hi Moondog,
      The "leaks" that are coming from the administration are unprecedented. Never in American history have we had an administration that will give more detailed briefings to friendly journalists and hollywood producers than they will give to Congressional Committees. TeamOpSec has nothing to gain politically. So I am confused when you say they are doing this "purely for partisan political gain." Furthermore, if you reject the act of those that operate solely for "partisan political gain" then I can only conclude that you think that your actions are purely "objective" with no "political gain" or goal motivating you. If you do think that then you are lying to yourself. And no one you told that too would believe you either.
      You say this blog is "nothing but a partisan hack rag". The title should tell you that it is in fact a partisan site. Our philosophy leans right. But if the content surprises you even after noticing the title then your reading comprehension is phenomenally low.
      RE: "post[ing] every author here that we can locate." is sort of a childish threat (if it can even be taken as a threat). The problem you have is what? That someone posted info on your group? Deal with it. Its what you do. If Linda Mendes is irrelevant then your groups response doesnt reflect that. You are acting like someone who is still trying to protect themselves. And your problem is with me, not with "every author" on here.
      Furthermore, your group has not even been able to get my info right and I have publicly confirmed it all in my Twitter time line (@dmatthewstewart) and on my blog Not just once either but I have confirmed my info repeatedly. So that tells me that you’re just checking an outdated database and then putting it on your blog. You can even confirm this info from a quick tweet to those who consider me an enemy on twitter. I am not sure what database you are using (try using Lexis Nexis) but my address shouldnt ever be listed as 43 or #43 on Granfield ave. It is amazing that you can get the easiest part wrong that takes under 5 minutes to confirm.
      PS-What you are about is censorship. Just like in 2010 when you were addressing the issues you had with HackForums and their content. You threatened to get it shut down and do it with the help of 60 Minutes. How did that work out for you? HackForums is still up and I mustve missed the 60 Minutes special on it. Youre frauds and hypocrites. You publish personal info on people and they scream when someone does it to you. You are not only an advocate of censorship but you attempt to be an enforcer of censorship. You fail in every area. Time to get a new hobby. Try knitting or jigsaw puzzles

    2. CRO says:

      Dear MoondbatW,
      1) There is nothing ‘supposed’ about our Navy SEALs being heroes. They are the real deal, protecting people like you–the cowardly-keyboard-commandos hiding behind your perceived anonymity–from REAL ‘bullies.” The same ‘bullies” you’re helping during war time. Read Article 3 Section 3. And then read it again.
      2) You may want to reconsider your angst about the Op Sec Team video. I know how comforting it must be for you to claim the SEALs you illegally exposed are acting ‘out of partisan, political reasons,’ and are thus ‘bullying the President.” But WHO do you think protects the President? YOU?! HA.
      This is your wake up call MoonbatW.
      The FACT of the matter is several of the Op Sec SEALs are DEMOCRATS.
      They’re ONLY concern is the amount of top-secret intel being leaked, which you are guilty of as well. WHY? Because top-secret leaks of this sort usually end up with a flag being draped over one ore more SEALs–but usually not over people like yoursel Moonbat, nor over We The People. Don’t worry Moondog, you’re safe, even if you put others in harms way.
      Maybe you remain unclear as to how many SEALs have died since Osama bin Laden was taken out. Or maybe you ARE clear as to how many Special Force Operators have died since then and are therefor openly aiding and abetting the enemy during war time by continually d0xing our nation’s heroes.
      Leaks of this nature directly effects the security of this nation too. And the buck stops with the administration because Obama gave access to extremely sensitive, top-secret intel to HOLLYWOOD for their new, shiny movie. To be clear, the largest dump of TOP SECRET INTEL has occurred under Obama and it is about to get even larger when Ho11yw00d’s new ‘box office hit’ is released.
      It is NOT just Op Sec SEALs calling for an end to the leaks. WATCH their video. You will see several prominent Democrats calling for an end to the leaks as well. NOTE: You have yet to d0x ANY of those Democrats appearing in the video–which further supports your motive being political.
      3) Your comment also supports the above article’s claim that YOU are strictly motivated by your own ideology and politics. In your post, you threaten to expose our writers using your ability to d0x people. You use intimidation to squash Free Speech. You use intimidation to CENSOR open debate. Well–your cowardly attempt at silencing FREE SPEECH and CENSORING open debate falls on deaf ears.
      I will freely give you my personal information, and have already had both my info & my family’s posted all over the internet. Guess what? I’m still here. I just disarmed your weak attempt to silence us. I just disarmed you from using intimidation to abridge the right to free speech. I just disarmed your cowardly attempt to CENSOR open debate.
      There are a lot of people watching your group very carefully, MoonbatW.
      EXPECT US.

    3. 2BlueStars says:

      Who are you going to blog to, each other?

    4. cognitionemission says:

      go wipe your face – Obama's semen is dripping down your chin

  5. Mary Siegel says:

    Missy D posted my personal info. on Howler's Den today. What can I do? I have Linda Mendes's name , address, age and phone numbers at hand. Don't want to stoop to her low life activities by posting it here. I am not into criminal charges being filed against me. You know the Justice Department would come after me first since I am a conservative.

    1. Hey Mary,

      No reason to post it here. That wont help you anyway. Best thing to do is to make a complaint to Blogger or Blogspot. But before I can guide you properly in what reference were they posting your info? Why did they claim to target you?

      1. Mary Siegel says:

        They are targeting our group, Ohio Voter Integrity Project. We are associated with True the Vote. The link is still on their home page, on the right side.

        1. @MizAmerica3 says:

          Hi Mary, they have my info too. Including my extended family. They are a bunch of losers all bark, no bite.

          1. @Jeremy484 says:

            Ah yes Laura S. You might want to go over to FB and see who has no bite
            . Two of our members made certain the ‘bite’ was a good one.

        2. Which link and on which home page? The Howlers Den home page?

          1. @Jeremy484 says:

            On the right is a whole list of posts…….

  6. klabuster333 says:

    This "Jeremy" is one of "them" who are actually only one person.

  7. @Jeremy484 says:

    Back to the one person myth/fairytale that's been perpetrated by people unable to locate us. Are you one of them klabuster? What exactly is a klabuster anyways? Do you think you bust myths? Then you should start with the one you just told here. Altogether SU has 18 members. Not large but enough of us to get done what we need to do. Another big posting about this site….coming tonight.

    1. CRO says:

      Your. "Work." Is. Laughable. For real…

  8. klabuster333 says:

    Look who's howling in fear, we believe.

  9. @Jeremy484 says:

    Really? …. edited content… The Conservative Report will not have it’s readers harassed.

  10. CRO says:

    Yes, really, "Jeremy." Your article on Jayson W. Taylor really made us chuckle. It is quite amusing. If you are the future, then the future be damned. The d0x you posted–you know, that 'big release'–actually exonerates "Randy Hahn." So, great job kid! Tell Edelstein (shoq), Brooks, Stranahan and Rauhauser to grow the hell up. By the way, that is not a request, 'dude.'
    Your attempted d0x proves Mr. Wade was born in 1970, which “would” make him 43 years old. However, "Randy Hahn" is in his mid-fifties. Also, the pictures you provided prove the two are not the same individual. Try measuring the different features of the two faces, and you will find a stark difference.
    It must be nice for you to NOT require conclusive evidence, that the man who you just d0xed is "Randy Hahn." This laziness and ineptitude also speaks volumes about your site, your associates, and your "work." But by all means junior, keep swinging at the shadow.

  11. @Jeremy484 says:

    You're full of it as usual. Info is correct and exonerates no one. And 'dude' you don't make any demands of us that is for certain. Grow up? I look at pics of zombies, skulls and all kinds of other crap here. Totally distorted facts, and downright lies. The crew here are the ones who need to grow up. I fully expect this comment to be deleted. You clowns wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the ass. So we'll comment on the Den about who klabuster333 is then with a nice little bio.

  12. klabuster333 says:

    Go ahead, troll. I'm looking forward to it.

  13. klabuster333 says:

    Update, to whom it may concern: the troll's fb profile has been switched off. "Their" howler's den blog will be next.

  14. klabuster333 says:



    Ja, where are our little friends now? Did they post the wrong phone number again? What a pity. A great sadness suddenly came over Larry. "The Great Den": So much flaming and crying. lol

  15. Great news, kla-buster!
    The good guys win an important one – down goes Moonbat, Jeremy, Linda and Larry!

  16. germanpupp says:

    I am going to Dubai in August,the information here is very good.

  17. Doug Denehie says:

    I’ve been waiting three decades for the media to be brought to justice. It’s long overdue! And severe punishment isn’t nearly enough! Confiscate all their wealth. ( The guilty individuals ) and imprison them somewhere close to radical Muslims, so they can be accessed by the Muslims so they can have fun with the infidels.

  18. ElizaBeth says:

    I am here to give you information on who I feel is behind the Howlers Den mentioned in this story: I found out via 2 sources the man who calls himself “Jeremy Laughlin” on Twitter ( @Jeremy484 ) is allegedly Jeremy Arnold of Temecula, California. When I outted Jeremy as being behind the Den, he went on a harassment campaign against me and my family. The day after I tweeted his name, my twitter was BOMBARDED with fake accounts, racist twitter names and accounts about my dead child. I believe this was all an effort to shut me up. When that did not work, Jeremy listed the personal information of my husband (a firefighter), My Father, My handicapped brother and more. Now jeremy has moved on to my friends. if anyone tweets with me, Jeremy lists their personal info on the howlers den. One women made 4 tweets with me and within 12 hours her personal info was up on the Den. I have a police report, tons of Screen shots and more… please contact me back.

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