05) Chip Jones

Barack Obama Hiding Extraordinary Rendition in Benghazi

by 05) Chip Jones on December 7, 2013

As details continue to unfold and facts begin to be reported, the picture of why the Obama Administration sought to immediately cover-up Benghazi unfolds. When we unite disparate stories reported recently and look at the facts in relation to historical events that are similar, a pattern emerges that lead us to ask some significant questions […]

Last summer, an investigation began into the construction of a $36 million “command facility” in Helmand, Province Afghanistan. At odds were the Marine commanders who said they didn’t need it, and the Army commanders who had it built. The 64,000 square foot facility stands empty and dormant because Marine commanders see no reason to move […]

A Culture of Resentment on a Day of Thanksgiving

As we awake as a nation on this Thanksgiving morning, are we truly each a member of a nation of thanks, or have we become a nation of resentment? As a young man growing up, the author remembers living in a climate of appreciation. We said “Grace” before supper. Grace was about thankfulness for the […]

The Obama Military Legacy: One Decoration Too Few

Recent reports out of the Department of Defense confirm that two members of Operational Detachment Delta (Delta Force) were present at Benghazi and played instrumental roles in saving the lives of many civilian employees and a critical detainee. The facts that are being uncovered, and have unfolded a small bit at a time, point to […]

You Can Keep Your Nukes: Iran’s Obamacare Death Site

“If you want to keep your old enrichment, you can keep your old enrichment.” Were it only as true in international nuclear politics as it was in healthcare! Last night, Barack Obama announced an international agreement struck between Iran and socialist superpowers Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and their ally the United States that […]

Obama-Lies, Bigger Lies & Obamacare Whoppers

As the sun has set on the day when the President announced to the press that he’d postpone the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, allowing insurance companies to offer the old plans, troubling realities are surfacing. The problem with this over simplified statement is that it is burdened by the influence of cost at […]

Presidential ‘Pouch Check’ Time for Obamacare

Over the last 5 years, President Obama has promised the American people that they could keep their existing health care plans, and their doctors under Obamacare, no less than 30 times. These were not qualified promises, nor did he ever waiver (no pun intended) from this narrative. When real men make promises, they do everything in […]

To the Combat Medic, on Veterans Day

No sidearm there your life to save, But mine the US Army gave. In battle how we bled and died, But you were always at our side. No man the company more revered, No comrade’s life was more endeared. For in our worst moments came, That Combat Medic, here’s his name: “Doc, DOC, oh God […]

Conservatism: The Alternative to Big Govt Restriction & Regulation

At a time that Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Conservatives are being painted as uncaring, two events confront that narrative, each in their own way. As it turns out, the “healthcare.gov” website may not have been such a difficult task after all. Three 20 year old programmers, admittedly working late into the night, created an alternative […]

Syria Delivers Obama to Iran: A Valerie Jarrett Victory

As President Obama’s press conference today drew to a close, recent events in the Middle East have enabled him to deliver the United States to the feet of the Iranians. Although Iran has been an arch enemy since November 4, 1979 when 44 Americans were taken hostage, and the Carter Administration was made a fool […]

The Clinton Legacy: Disarming Military Bases & Dead Soldiers

As the dust settles at the Washington Naval Yard, with all the carnage depicted, no one is asking “Why didn’t anybody shoot back?” After all, the attack occurred at yet another military base. This is a most cogent question, especially when tragedy strikes like it has at Fort Dix, Fort Hood and now at the […]

Benghazi & Gaddafi’s Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria

As we watch the diplomatic debacle now known as Syria, on the year anniversary of the attack on Special Mission Benghazi, the story of chemical weapons being found in Libya unfolds. It may seem unrelated, except the very purpose of Special Mission Benghazi was to collect arms from Al Qaeda in Libya, and ship them […]

SHOCKING! Video of Al Qaeda in Syria, Backed by Obama

As the day dawns after the President expressed his resentment over Benghazi, recent video has surfaced revealing the real face of the al-Nusra rebels (linked to Al Qaeda) that Barack Obama is backing in Syria, by arming them with weapons seized from Al Qaeda rebels in Libya. For the geopolitics involved, see: Benghazi Gun-Running Linked to Russia, China, Syria and Iran and, Flotilla Liberals of Power Promote War for […]

Syria: Barack Obama’s White House at War from Within

While political pundits scratch their heads about the seeming Presidential about-face on Syria, a story of conflict emerges from within the White House. While heated debate rages on about allegations Bashar Assad’s Syrian government used sarin gas against rebel strong-holds, a different debate is raging within the cloistered halls of the White House, which has […]