Syrian AQ Backed by #Obama

As the day dawns after the President expressed his resentment over Benghazi, recent video has surfaced revealing the real face of the al-Nusra rebels (linked to Al Qaeda) that Barack Obama is backing in Syria, by arming them with weapons seized from Al Qaeda rebels in Libya.

For the geopolitics involved, see: Benghazi Gun-Running Linked to Russia, China, Syria and Iran and,

Flotilla Liberals of Power Promote War for Oil Against Israel and Saudi Arabia


President Obama has expressed his continued support of the Syrian rebels in their opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s secular regime. With Christian churches set ablaze in Syria by Al Qaeda rebels, and with moderate mosques razed, the below video features the Syrian village of Binnish.

Editor’s Note: The original video, posted on Feb 13, 2013, depicts a young Syrian boy wearing an Al Qaeda head-band, while at a march in support of the Syrian Rebels. He is being urged on by a massive, radical crowd, while singing the praises of Usama bin Laden.

The Syrian Rebels then call for “death to Americans, and the Christian infidels.” It was subsequently removed from YouTube, but thanks to our astute “Conservative Commenters” a copy of the original was found (thank you, Howie) and can now be viewed below.

Underneath this video is more footage taken from the same march in support of Al Qaeda in Binnish, Syria.



How long will the United States Congress dance around Presidential policies that support these sorts of groups?


Below, another Assad protester in Binnsh, sings the praises of Usama bin Laden, while calling for the death of Americans and “Christian infidels.”



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42 thoughts on “Syrian AQ Backed by #Obama”

  1. scottie1321 says:

    So sad Chip. Sad that the American people cannot see, and sad that this little boy has no hope.

  2. iChive says:

    The little kid sounds remarkably like Katy Perry singing live.

  3. @CWJonesIII says:

    It also tells us that we have generations of hatred being created right now, and our President is paying for that hatred with our tax dollars!

    1. Thank you Howie – we give you a shout out in the article for the swift research and response.

      Conservative Report

  4. Mike says:

    Is it not McCain that wants to arm these people. I don’t think the US has given anything but food to these people so far. You people are wacko’s

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