#Benghazi Video: Obama, Morsi Blame US, Copts & Israel


Barack Obama is not leading on Benghazi and as a result, Americans are asking ‘what did the President know and when?’ A recent report exposing State Department testimony directly contradicts what Obama’s Director of the CIA purported just days after the terrorist attack.

Even David Petreaus seemed to be in lock-step with the Obama Administration, when he seemingly laid blame on a youtube video for the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

ABC’s account was then refuted by the CIA Field Office Chief in Libya, who stated within 24 hours of the 9/11 attack that it was not a protest, but a well planned and precise attack carried out by terrorists.

On 9/12/2012, the day after Chris Stevens & his team were murdered, the Libyan government also confirmed it was a terrorist attack, not result of a video.

The timeline for the al Qaeda attacks on Americans in Benghazi begins in June 2012—one month before the youtube video was released in July 2012.

Clearly, “youtube” had nothing to do with the several prior attacks (“actionable intelligence”) leading up to 9/11/12, and the people on the ground never mentioned the “video” as an excuse for terrorists attacking us on 9/11. Again. This time in Benghazi, where the State Dept & Obama administration knew terrorist were located.

  • The video was not released until after the first attack on Ambassador Stevens, in June–not July.
  • The video was not released until after Ansar al Sharia directly threatened Chris Stevens’ life on Facebook, in June–not July.
  • The video was not released until after the assassination attempt on the British Ambassador, in June–not July.
  • The video was not released until three months after the American Red Cross was attacked twice, and with impunity.
  • And finally, the video was not released until a full year & six months after the proliferation of missiles in the Benghazi area, when Conservative Report featured writer, Doug Matthew Stewart broke the story.

If the murder of Chris Stevens & his “security team” was result of a youtube video, then explain the several assassination attempts and attacks on the U.S. before the video was even released.

It is obvious that the youtube video had nothing at all to do with the terrorist attack on America in Benghazi. So, where did the information come from—placing blame on youtube for the Middle East upheaval?

The blame on a youtube video came from Egypt, where President Mohammed Morsi rules with an iron fist, after having been welcomed into power by the Obama administration.

Morsi led a group of Islamic Extremist who used to be on a terrorist watch list after the first al Qaeda attack on 9/11 in 2001. But many in the liberally biased U.S. media maintained the Arab Spring extremist, “were just a small fraction of the Egyptian population—only 20%.”

Now the former Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi controls the media in Egypt—who provided nothing more than an excuse to attack their targets: Americans, Israelis & Coptics.

See the attached photo to the left. It is a screenshot of the Muslim Brotherhood’s website. Note the underlined portion.

The Muslim Brotherhood blames  America, Coptic Christians and Israel for their attacking the American Embassy on 9/11.

The video was released by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula a/k/a Sam Bacille in July, 2012.

It was then translated into Arabic and distributed months later across the middle-east by Morsi—the former President of the Muslim Brotherhood.


President Morsi waited until one week prior to 9/11 to translate and release the video on Egyptian mainstream media without time for cooler heads to prevail. As the former leader of the Extremist Brotherhood, Morsi must have known what the impact would be, placing Coptics, Americans and Israelis at great risk.

The result of his action was a violent attack in front of the American Embassy in Cairo.

Note to Joe Biden, whose plan in Afghanistan is to ‘train foreign fighters’—-your trained foreign forces did not protect the Embassy in Egypt, nor the Ambassador in Benghazi.

Why would President Morsi be so irresponsible, as to translate and release for wide distribution such a careless video? The answer is clear.

The video was distributed by a Coptic Christian, and the Coptics have been under attack and murdered by Extremist in Egypt for years.

To blame the Coptic Catholics, who were just attacked again—one month prior to 9/11 on Aug. 1, 2012— is certainly a stretch.  And since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton welcomed the extremist Brotherhood into power in Egypt, the Coptic Christians have now formed their own Christian Brotherhood.

Mohammed Morsi, who is directly & financially supported by Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, set his organization ablaze over a false-narrative involving youtube.

As result, the Muslim Brotherhood & Coptic Christians are sure to experience more tension as Egypt continues on a course toward Civil War.

Immediately following the 9/11 attack on America in Egypt, the Prime Minister of Israel (which borders Egypt), Benjamin Netanyahu requested a personal meeting and was turned away by the US President.

 Pictured to the right is an Egyptian Coptic priest inspecting the bodies of Coptic Catholic demonstrators killed in clash with extremists & soldiers during a protest against violence carried out on Christian churches & parishioners in Cairo on October 9, 2011.




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