Taliban 5 & White House of Shame


After reflecting upon events of the past week surrounding Bowe Bergdahl, with particular consideration of “the worst trade in sports or political history”, any reasonable observer can conclude that Barack Obama has employed an Anti-American, “shame driven administration”.

Rumors are bleeding out that, on top of the five top Taliban commanders Obama dealt away for the release of Bowe Bergdahl, he may have also secretly released an additional 5 more terrorists. With the dust settling, more and more soldiers who are “in the know” are coming forward, stating that “Bergdahl deserted. He was not captured, but instead sought to join the Taliban”. His own brothers in arms at the 501st Infantry Regiment report that Bergdahl frequently disrespected America, made Anti-American statements, was ashamed of the US Army and was ashamed of his role in Afghanistan.


**Six US Soldiers KIA looking for Bergdahl**

During the Vietnam era, soldiers sat around their “hooches” and bitched about politicians & commanders, expressing displeasure with the current assignment, or the momentum of the war. Having served in Vietnam, I don’t ever recall a single soldier generally expressing outright shame with his country. Bowe Bergdahl’s Anti-American statements would not have been tolerated by the US Military nor its soldiers. On any given day, we loved our country  but hated fighting the war. It was a time when the draft was enacted and not all of us were volunteers. At any rate, it’s  pretty safe to say that soldiers don’t exactly like war. Soldiers who serve with honor and distinction get dead in wars. It is also safe to say that soldiers fight them because they love their country, and they willingly get dead for her.

This old guy considers Bergdahl’s “shame” and the price this President was willing to pay for that shame. Make no mistake, Ladies and Gentlemen, Barack Obama knew about Bowe Bergdahl’s shaming America and the United States Army.

The CIA has a lengthy dossier on Bowe Bergdahl, yet President Obama went out and transacted the single-worst “trade” made since the Red Sox dealt Babe Ruth to the Yankees, being fully cognisant of Bergdahl’s “shame”. Shaming America was part of the transaction. Shaming America was the message sent to terrorists in the Middle East, who now celebrate the swap as a major Taliban victory. In so many words, Barack Obama said to Radical Islam, “This soldier’s shame is worth the potential death of Americans, and that is why I’m purchasing it with Al Qaeda’s top leadership”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this shouldn’t surprise any of us. The man who transacted this blockbuster trade for shame is married to Michelle Obama after all, who readily admitted that she was never proud of her country until it elected her husband.

When we reflect on Michelle Obama’s being ashamed of America well into her adult life, and consider her husband’s recent shameful swap for terrorists, the only possible conclusion one can draw is that, under Barack Obama, America now has a “White House of Shame”!




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