Russia & DC: Dysfunctional Couple of Hate & Love

The clear dysfunction of a split couple is reflected in the relationship between Russia and Washington D.C.; and is apparent in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s temporary takeover of both Georgia, and Crimea, Ukraine. After being called-out by a variety…


Cold War 2.0: Putin, Poli-Warfare & Your Data

In May 2010, Conservative Report published Cold War 2.0, which started with Putin’s invasion of Georgia. It regards your online personal data, social media & how that data can be used by governments, corporations or other third parties to manipulate you & your personal network

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Thugs Exposing OpSec SEALs Unmasked

Co-Authored by Patrick S. Read The Op Sec Team are former American Special Force Operators, who banded together to curb top-secret leaks for personal gain and they’ve now been targeted by radical left, anonymous bloggers who criminally exposed their personal information on several…

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#Anonymous: Govt Surveillance & Big Bro 2.0

Washington D.C. Conservative Report Radio interviews  “Thesius”, an Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous insider.  Thesius is on Twitter here and spoke about the roots of Anonymous, 4Chan and the growing political-split within the group, which is being exposed by more and…

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Special Forces to Obama: STOP the LEAKS

Washington D.C. “Mr. President, YOU did not kill Osama bin Laden. America did!” The Special Force Operators start off by saying, “I serve quietly, not seeking recognition or accolades…” Our quiet heroes have conglomerated, creating a new site regarding the movie,…

Neal Rauhauser

Soros Hires Goons to Infiltrate Right Wing Media

by Patrick Read Meet Neal Rauhauser the Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST); a website that represents the social-media needs of Democrat Candidates running for office. Rauhauser is also a former writer for the radical Daily Kos (here), and featured speaker at…

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#StopRush Linked to OFA, MMFA & DailyKos

Washington D.C. By Patrick Read PPST: Neal Rauhauser’s List of Volunteer Social Activist & E-thugs Above is a 2010 photo album containing a list of the militant thugs connected to the now “banned by Daily Kos” (here), Neal Rauhauser. Daily…