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Not-So Indy ARB Takes BIG Benghazi Hit: Hearing On-Demand

Surrender is not in the American DNA. Our military usually doesn’t quit because something might be deemed “too hard”. Last week, September 17, 2014; the House Benghazi Select Committee held its first open hearing. The Democrat members of the hearing…


Trust in Mainstream Media Hits All Time Low

A recent Gallup Poll reveals that a vast majority of Americans no longer trust the mainstream media, or mass media production. Since 1997, the two highest points of distrust of the mainstream media both appear under the Obama Administration. How…

Israel Iron Dome

World War Lurks if Israel Falls

Ever since the modern State of Israel was created in 1948 and survivors of the Holocaust were finally returned to their homeland, the country has been under siege. The Palestinians, who formed an alliance with Adolf Hitler, were never fully…

Neal Rauhauser

Twittergate 2.0: OFA, MMFA & Posers Target Conservatives

With the 2010 tidal wave election, a sociopath sprang from the Daily Kos, wreaking havoc on citizens using social media, in an exposé called Twittergate


CR Radio! Palin, Santorum, Obamacare & Common Core

Conservative Report Radio had quite an eventful evening last Thursday, May 1, 2014 as we welcomed 2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum at 7pm to discuss his latest book “Blue Collar Conservatives”. Rick Santorum also discussed the fake outrage over Sarah…


Russia & DC: Dysfunctional Couple of Hate & Love

The clear dysfunction of a split couple is reflected in the relationship between Russia and Washington D.C.; and is apparent in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s temporary takeover of both Georgia, and Crimea, Ukraine. After being called-out by a variety…

Dems War on Women

War By Women! Sarah Palin, Targets of DEM Misogyny

When it comes to liberal hatred for conservative women, the left knows no bounds. The latest high profile display of leftist spew came from MSNBC’s Martin Bashir when he attacked Sarah Palin for daring to compare the national debt to…


Obama at 38%: Obamacare CUTS Jobs, RAISES Cost, EXEMPTS Biz & Govt

Barack Obama’s approval rating is in a free-fall plummet in the wake of the *Affordable Care Act’s failure to launch this past week. With no regard for the Constitution, news spread like wildfire that Obama illegally & unilaterally amended the law without a vote. Obama’s amendment leaves Congress & their staffers “exempt”


Disgruntled Libertarians: Time for Eeyores to Wake Up

We have all seen them. Disgruntled Libertarians & Conservatives on social media, who have all but given up on America. With so many making a daily-effort, fighting from the grassroots to restore our country’s founding principles, & ideals, most realize…