Ted Cruz State Rights to Legalize

Cruz Class Over Trump Trash

If you spend anytime on social media then you see a troubling trend. The more you encounter Trump supporters the more nasty they become. Some of the most vile things are said about not only Ted Cruz and his family,…

Donald Trump KKK Train

Conservatives Derail Trump’s KKK Train

If Conservative Report, Republicans and the right wing media do not vet our candidates, then rest assured, Democrats will destroy them in the general election. Forgetting Ted Cruz already won the Iowa caucus, last night Sean Hannity said he “finds…

NYC Bill DiBlasio

#FoxNews Bias for Donald Trump

Before going into the Fox News debate, I was slightly deflated, as a Cruz supporter. A consultant friend told me on the phone that Ted Cruz shouldn’t of brought up the “New York Values” issue with Donald Trump. Driving home from…

FoxNews VJ

Cruz Palinizes Murdoch Media

“Palinized” is a term that was created after Sarah Palin was added to John McCain’s ticket, and the Murdoch media on Fox News proceeded to vilify the Vice Presidential candidate in order to descredit & ultimately destroy her. The Murdoch…


Freedom Caucus: The People’s House

As milquetoast pundits like Brit Hume try to convince people that all is lost, the Freedom Caucus’ clarion call echoes throughout the land