NYC Bill DiBlasio

Fox News Can’t Revive Rubio & Trump

Before going into the Fox News debate, I was slightly deflated, as a Cruz supporter. A consultant friend told me on the phone that Ted Cruz shouldn’t of brought up the “New York Values” issue with Donald Trump. Driving home from…

FoxNews VJ

Ted Cruz Palin-izes Fox News

“Palin-izes” is a term that was created after Sarah Palin was added to John McCain’s ticket, and the mainstream media — including Fox News — proceeded to vilify the Vice Presidential candidate in order to descredit & ultimately destroy her….


Freedom Caucus: The People’s House

As milquetoast pundits like Brit Hume try to convince people that all is lost, the Freedom Caucus’ clarion call echoes throughout the land


Ted Cruz Pisses-Off Marxist Media

There’s no question that  Ted Cruz is the best candidate in the field to defeat the media.   When I first heard about Ted Cruz it was Senator Cruz giving Diane Frankenstien’s bride a civics lesson on the constitution.   The…


Trump Loses #IAcaucus to Cruz & Carson

“I think eminent domain for massive projects, for instance you’re going to create thousands of jobs and you have somebody that’s in the way. And, you pay that person: eminent domain, they get a lot of money,” Trump said. “And…