Cruz Fights Obama: Say It To My Face!

Ted Cruz won’t remain in exile when erroneously called-out by inciting politicians & professional members of the Washington Cartel. They place politics above all else & remain woefully in denial over the one religion forcing all others to convert or die….


#Rand Must #DitchMitch for #GOP2016 Cred

Despite their being from the same state, Senator Rand Paul doesn’t have a whole lot in common with Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. At least; after being elected by the TEA Party in 2011, Rand shouldn’t have a lot in…


Cruz & Trump Should #FireBoehner

It’s time to strike while the iron is hot folks.   Donald Trump has exposed the soft underbelly of the GOP leadership by telling the truth about the rapists, murderers, gang members and drug cartels that are coming over the…

Gen Boykin

Boykin: Allies & Kurds Can #CrushISIS

29 May 2015 by Patrick Read Shortly after another successful Delta Force raid; this time taking-out Abu Sayyaf of ISIS in Al-AMR on 15 May 2015, two pieces of information were made public leading members within the community into believing Barack…

Race And Slavery In The Middle East

Obama Supports #Slavery in Mid-East

21 May 2015 by Chip Jones As First Lady Michelle Obama finished her speech at Tuskegee University, decrying slavery as the cause of all human misery, her husband was browbeaten into accepting a raid in east Syria to cut off…


#Benghazi: Hillary, Rice & ARB Refuted

Surrender is not in the American DNA. Our military usually doesn’t quit because something might be deemed “too hard”. On September 17, 2014; the House Benghazi Select Committee held its first open hearing. The Democrat members of the hearing attempted…


NSA: #DEMS ISIS & al-Qaida Axis

The Director of the NSA, James Clapper, issued a report to Congress in February 2014. It was regarding the Democrats new Axis of Evil, including their direct support of ISIS & al-Qaida. Despite some talking-heads in DC, the War Powers…