Eric Holder-Hank Aaron-Yankees-Capitalism

Eric Holder, Hank Aaron & NY Yankees: Capitalism Strong, USA

Hank Aaron took the opportunity to chastize “lily white Americans” who oppose socialism, calling Republicans the equivalency of the Ku Klux Klan, now “dressed in suit and ties” for their oppostion to Barack Obama. Capitalizing on the racial hysteria, Eric Holder then blamed racism for his having to provide documentation to Congress regarding the funding of terrorism.


Obama Appeasing Russia: A Dangerous Signal to Israel & Ireland

While Vladimir Putin marches the Russian military across sovereign borders, annexing territories in both Georgia and Ukraine; while intervening in the Syrian Civil War, some reflection on recent American foreign policy must be recalled, because borders matter.


King Obama’s Declaration at Monticello: Disgracing Hallowed Ground

Several days ago, Barack Obama stood on the steps of a magnificent historical shrine in America, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and responded to a reporter’s question with a comment that was one of the few truths…


Georgia Republicans Join Barack Obama in Amnesty Betrayal

Well, here they go again. I’m writing this article on Monday afternoon before the State of The Union address. We already know what Barack Obama will be pushing, and unfortunately some of the GOP is…


Opportunity Vs. Income Gap: Another Barack Obama Lie

The phrase “You can’t make this up” comes to mind in terms of what Barack Obama has been doing to demagogue the rise of the number of people on public assistance.  He is taking this…


America’s War On Christians & Catholics: Redefining Religious Rites

Conservatives are no longer willing to sit-back & take America’s War on Christians & Catholics anymore, especially when a protracted war is being waged as genocide against Christians in Syria and persecution against Coptic Catholics in Egypt. This War on Christians & Catholics has found its way to our shores and each of the established parties support it, both Democrat & Republican. To allow a government, whether state or federal, to infringe upon religious freedom and alter biblical rites (like marriage) is to support and endorse a government-religion.


Barack Obama Hiding Extraordinary Rendition in Benghazi

As details continue to unfold and facts begin to be reported, the picture of why the Obama Administration sought to immediately cover-up Benghazi unfolds. When we unite disparate stories reported recently and look at the…


Obama’s Afghanistan Plan: Indefinite Stay or Empowering Al Qaeda?

Last summer, an investigation began into the construction of a $36 million “command facility” in Helmand, Province Afghanistan. At odds were the Marine commanders who said they didn’t need it, and the Army commanders who…