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#Kentucky TEA Party Leader for Cruz

Scott Hofstra of the United Kentucky Teaparty and I recently had a chance to catch-up on events since the election for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin last fall. Scott informed me about some exciting news about Matt Bevin and Ted Cruz….

Rush Limbaugh DumpTrump Amnesty

#Rush: Donald ‘Flip-Flop’ Trump

It’s not just a “few disgruntled conservatives” with Ted Cruz slappies like myself pointing out how Rush Limbaugh is providing cover for his favorite golfing buddy, Donald Trump. Right here is a great example from RedState. Talking heads from Hannity to…

A DonaldCrat Rockefeller RINO

Eminent Domain: Cruz Beats Trump

Resurgent. With the poll numbers in Iowa for Ted Cruz holding strong, and growing across the country, the Texas Senator took the opportunity to respond publicly to Donald Trump for his outwardly rude “birther behavior” & on behalf of other…


How to Change the GOP

3 June 2015 by Will Stauff In his farewell address in 1796, our country’s founding father; a member of the Whig Party that eventually became the Republican Party or GOP,  George Washington stated, “The basis of our political systems is…

climate change phonies

UN’s Climate Change Hustle

Oh, that poor polar bear. Hanging on for dear life on that small iceberg, miles from land & food. But there’s one problem. Someone should notify the United Nations (UN) that the picture was posed, its claims are false, and…