derek jeter

RE2PECT: Derek Jeter, Class Act of Pro Sports

Having announced his retirement from baseball just over one year to the date, Derek Jeter didn’t lead the most successful franchise in professional sports, bar none, by bashing his own teammates when things weren’t going well for the New York…

Pope Francis

Pope Rejects Gay Marriage: Churches Under Attack

It’s as if radical proponents of “gay marriage” are purposefully ignoring the natural order of humanity, specifically the process of creating babies. Instead, the feverish faction of those promoting same-sex marriage demand all of society convert to atheism or die….


Ted Cruz: Defeating the Media

How many times have you watched a left wing anchor host a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news, and as the interview proceeds you grow more & more angry or uncomfortable? I’ve been there a million times. We…

Proven-Conservative-Ted- Cruz

#MSM Myth: #Cruz2016 Cannot Win

“Ted Cruz can’t win”. So are the many myths forced on society by a weakened establishment and liberal media regarding Ted Cruz’s chance at presidential politics. These silly myths are parroted by those who have been evangelized by establishment Republicans,…


#MSsen: SuperTalk Mississippi, RINO Radio & Govt Spending

It’s basically Radio for RINOS.  Super Talk Mississippi has over 11 affiliates in the state of Mississippi.  Wow, 11 affiliates and growing! SuperTalk Mississippi must be a profitable radio group that has great programming, ratings and revenue, like any other…


CR Radio! Palin, Santorum, Obamacare & Common Core

Conservative Report Radio had quite an eventful evening last Thursday, May 1, 2014 as we welcomed 2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum at 7pm to discuss his latest book “Blue Collar Conservatives”. Rick Santorum also discussed the fake outrage over Sarah…


DEMS Shutdown #REAGAN-Govt 8 Times

This past week House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell do what they do best, that is, they caved to Democrats once again. They promised a fight on the debt-ceiling and wound up giving Barack Obama anything & everything he wanted. The GOP…