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Dems War for Oil on Israel

The State Department’s ex-Director of Policy Planning, Anne Marie Slaughter is trying to advance her Flotilla Liberal agenda, once again. Slaughter is now promoting a war for oil against Israel, and recently said to the Lebanese press, “in order for the US…

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@UN to @Pontifex: Western Products Injure Kids, Not Abortion

Lock your children away and never let them leave wherever you put them again; their lives are in eminent danger. A new U.N. report has found more evidence that the developed world is responsible for endangering people’s health. Just like…


Al Qaeda Rising! Algeria Botches Hostage Rescue, War in Mali Escalates

On January 16, Conservative Report Radio presented the Algerian hostage situation as led by AQIM’s (al Qaeda in Maghreb) Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The breaking news is available at the end of this article and was offered to the nation complete with background information as…

NK Test Rocket

North Korea Test-Rocket Recovered

Jeffrey Lewis, of Arms Control Wonk, has obtained exclusive photos of North Korea’s most recently failed test rocket. While some photos hit the press immediately and drew all of the real rocket scientists out of the woodwork, they did so…

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CHINA Expediting Nukes For IRAN

That China is helping Iran with arms, including nuclear, should not be a surprise. A new report by CENTRA shed light on the arms exchange