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doug matthew stewart cro conservative report onlineDouglas Stewart is a contributing writer appearing on Yahoo News, and Your Daddy’s Politics. He is a former apparel executive turned published author with a keen sense for research.

The State Department’s ex-Director of Policy Planning, Anne Marie Slaughter is trying to advance her Flotilla Liberal agenda, once again. Slaughter is now promoting a war for oil against Israel, and recently said to the Lebanese press, “in order for the US policy in Egypt to succeed, it requires standing up to Israel and Saudi Arabia.” Hypocritically, […]

Lock your children away and never let them leave wherever you put them again; their lives are in eminent danger. A new U.N. report has found more evidence that the developed world is responsible for endangering people’s health. Just like global warming (now officially termed “climate change” after 16 years of no warming ) these […]

Al Qaeda Rising! Algeria Botches Hostage Rescue, War in Mali Escalates

On January 16, Conservative Report Radio presented the Algerian hostage situation as led by AQIM’s (al Qaeda in Maghreb) Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The breaking news is available at the end of this article and was offered to the nation complete with background information as made available by the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, Russia Today (, Reuters, and Al-Jazeera. Less […]

North Korea Test-Rocket Recovered From Ocean

Jeffrey Lewis, of Arms Control Wonk, has obtained exclusive photos of North Korea’s most recently failed test rocket. While some photos hit the press immediately and drew all of the real rocket scientists out of the woodwork, they did so prematurely before pictures of the engines had been published. Lewis’ set of photos includes those […]

Helping Hands: CHINA Expediting Nukes For IRAN

The claim that China is helping Iran in anything arms related, including nuclear, should not be much of a surprise to anyone. But a new report by CENTRA Technology, a private security firm, has shed light on the arms being exchanged between the two nations. The category that should be of concern to all is the […]

IAEA, @UN & #Russia Kept Iran’s Nuclear Mega-Bomb Secret

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which reports directly to the United Nations (UN) & the Security Council, has kept documents on Iran’s nuclear mega-bomb a secret for more than a year. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that IAEA-documents show calculations of Iran’s massive nuclear bomb blast, and it is estimated to be three times […]

LEAKED! Obama’s Cyber-Security EXECUTIVE ORDER

A White House draft Executive Order regarding Cyber Security policy has been leaked & subsequently obtained by Conservative Report. The draft memo is embeded below the article and details just how the Executive Order on Cyber Security will be structured, and details the process by which cabinet members & appointees shall implement the new law. As […]

#Benghazi LEAK! Jill Kelley Attended Army VIP Ball in 2011

Today, a draft document labeled FOUOS (For Official Use Only-Sensitive) has confirmed that Jill Kelley, a central figure in the David Petraeus scandal, attended a high-level VIP Army Ball in 2011. The document was sensitive because it contained, not only the names of the VIP’s, but also their personal phone numbers and home addresses. Conservative Report has obtained […]

RUSSIA Busted in Nuke Ring – FBI INDICTS 10

The exclusive Conservative Report article exposing an Iranian-Chinese nuclear ring shocked the blogosphere, and put partisanship on hold in order to focus on Iran—who has said without equivocation their intent is to “wipe Israel off the map.” And now, there is yet another proliferation-operation involving a Russian national. Alexander Fishenko was caught shipping dual-use-electronics for missile guidance, […]

FBI Bust IRAN & CHINA in Nuke Ring — 2 Arrested

Iran is rapidly moving towards achieving legitimacy as a nuclear power, yet absent from President Obama’s campaign speeches, and mainstream media coverage is the recent Department of Justice break-up of a “nuclear smuggling ring.” An Iranian-national was arrested and detained in the Philippines—a country known for being a hot bed of Al Qaeda terrorism—along with […]

Anonymous Bloggers Exposing OpSec SEALs Unmasked


Co-Authored by Patrick S. Read – The Op Sec Team are former American Special Force Operators, who banded together to curb top-secret leaks for personal gain and they’ve now been targeted by radical left, anonymous bloggers who criminally exposed their personal information on several public websites. Per the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, passed by Ronald Reagan […]