Govt Gone Wild: Limiting Private Property Rights

Americans who love the Constitution, and sadly that number is receding, know the right to private property is an essential liberty. Property rights are important. In fact, property rights are God-given rights in their foundation and America was founded with…

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, Always on Offense

Ted Cruz never punts, he’s too busy staying on offense. Senator Cruz’s offensive strategy never allows the liberal media to control the narrative, and instead forces them to follow his own. I think the best example of this was a…

only govenors can win

Ted Cruz: GOP’s Governors Only Myth

Over the weekend, the case was made by Fox News that Scott Walker can be president despite lacking a college education. Likewise, the case can be made that Ted Cruz is just as strong, if not stronger, than a governor…

sen ted cruz 2016

Crony Capitalism: Walker Helps Cruz 2016

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is helping conservatives coalesce behind Ted Cruz 2016. After all, Walker has a lot of explaining to do regarding his past statements and positions on Common Core, amnesty, marriage and abortion. There’s no escaping the issues at hand,…

Pope Francis

Pope Rejects Gay Marriage: Churches Under Attack

It’s as if radical proponents of “gay marriage” are purposefully ignoring the natural order of humanity, specifically the process of creating babies. Instead, the feverish faction of those promoting same-sex marriage demand all of society convert to atheism or die….

edu choice

#EduChoice: Child Sex Abuse Rampant in Public Schools

Ten percent. Every time the phrase, “law of the land“, is spoken regarding “gay marriage”, a reminder that 10% of all public school children fall victim to sexual abuse, perpetrated by public school teachers (breaking story, Seattle) should be foremost in the…

ted cruz versus jeb walkerbee

Ted Cruz vs Jeb Establishment Walkerbee

We heard an incredible speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit from Scott Walker about his fight over Public Unions in Wisconsin.  As Scott Walker put it, he went “Big and he went Bold”.  Despite people on the ground and the…


Conservatives Fill the Gap Despite GOP Retreat

In following up on a January 2015 article entitled, “Conservative #Victory & Future: Defeating Republicrats”, the new Republicans in Congress held a retreat at a plush resort hosted in Pennsylvania. An event reported to be a fence-mending effort to get all Republicans on board…