boehner cries

John Boehner: Con-Artist Supreme

The only way we can speak about the disaster that was orchestrated by Speaker John Boehner and his leadership weaklings in the House Thursday night is to simply call it what it is, so here goes. All Republicans in the…

Plan B

More Debt! John Boehner’s #Christmas Gift to Exiting DEMS

Shortly after winning such a historic mid-term election in 2014, Speaker John Boehner promised the American voters that he’d fight Democrats, “tooth and nail”, on President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty & resulting legislation.


Attention, @GOP-2014: Kill the Lame Duck Congress

Thanksgiving is over. By now all the leftover turkey is gone, but the sweet memory of a great American Holiday with family & friends remain. Meanwhile, an ugly duck also lingers about & now is the time for a post-holiday…

perfect storm

The Perfect Storm: Amnesty, Ferguson & NObamaCare

Everyone remembers the movie, “The Perfect Storm”. It was based on the real tragedy faced by the fishing trawler, Andrea Gail, who pushed her luck in the path of a southern warmfront feeding a tremendous hurricane that collided with a fast…

Obamas America

Game On, CONGRESS! Stop Obama & DEM’s Abuse of Power

While Conservatives are gratified that Republicans now have control of both Houses of Congress, it is certainly not time to sit back and assume things will get better in Washington. Republicans have a propensity to turn a major victory into…

WW2 Vet

Veterans Day 2014: Thank & Champion a Veteran

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the Year of Our Lord 1918, the guns in the trenches fell silent in France. The men of the Allied Expeditionary Forces including a huge contingent of…

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Countering $18T National Debt: Spending Cuts for Extension

First published in 2011, when Republicans were the minority & Harry Reid blocked any and all legislation, the following includes Conservative ideas toward negotiating the many debt limit extensions and failed continuing resolutions over the past three years. After surging…


From ISIS to Ebola: Obama’s Deadly Transformation

With ISIS and Ebola both threatening America, each with their own deadly transformation, it is important to remember how we arrived at this point in order to understand where we are going as a country. Just five days before his…