Cold War 2.0: Putin, 4G Political Warfare & Your Online Data

In May 2010, Conservative Report published Cold War 2.0, which started with Putin’s invasion of Georgia. It regards your online personal data, social media & how that data can be used by governments, corporations or other third parties to manipulate you & your personal network


A Tsunami of Bankrupting Debt with More Dependents & Less Revenue

On February 4th, 2014; the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its non-partisan report detailing the economic outlook for America over the next ten years. The next day, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified…


Immigration Reform: The Myth Called, ‘Coming Out of the Shadows’

Over one hundred years ago, millions of men and women from the Old World and Asia came to America, eager to become a part of the American experiment. Immigrants were willing to work hard and put up with some hardship & inconveniences to gain the American dream.


Russia & D.C: The Dysfunctional Couple of Hate & Love

The clear dysfunction of a split couple is reflected in the relationship between Russia and Washington D.C.; and is apparent in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s temporary takeover of both Georgia, and Crimea, Ukraine. After…


Karl Rove: A RINO in Elephant Clothing?

Republican political consultants are a very arrogant lot.  Most have never run for office and they don’t particularly care for their base voters, out in mainstream America, who unfortunately have to listen to the drivel and…


Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul: An Unfortunate Duo

Whether or not the typical American cares, the primary politics of today will become the legislation of tomorrow. Legislation in which we demand will provide a pathway for our children’s future, not one based on…


Dems Pull An All-nighter with Progs Over Climate Change

Imagine if you will a major issue, like the massive spending of Obamanomics that has led to a stagnate economy, and a bill was being proposed that would alter that issue dramatically, yet in the…


RINOs & Dems Fear the Conservative Tidal Wave

Only one thing is certain in politics: absolutely nothing. Pollsters sample voters and pundits rail on with their predictions and supposedly expert opinions but, in the end, what happens is left up to voters