Common Core: Very Common, and Rotten to the Core

Common Core slipped through and Conservatives are just beginning to realize how dangerous it is to freedom. Opposition is now mobilizing…


Send Jeb Back to the Bushes

Jesse Jackson is a man with whom Conservatives have absolutely nothing in common.  He generally stands for all things that are opposite of what we believe.  When he used the quote in the 2004 Presidential campaign, “Get…


Common Core in Georgia: Debunking Media Narratives

There’s a lot of media narratives and boogie men being created by state and national media during the fight over Common Core being waged in Georgia.  One of the tactics being used by the media…


Voter Responsibility: It’s Up to You, Not the Government

Americans hear a lot these days from liberals claiming that voting rights are constantly being abused and the nation must take many more steps to make it “easy” for citizens to vote.  Not only that but…


World War II Redux, Europe Invaded: Get Your Hands Off Ukraine, Putin!

After invading and annexing part of Georgia in 2007, Russia is now reliving World War II history with Vladimir Putin borrowing Adolf Hitler’s playbook, and now invading and annexing Crimea, Ukraine. Who’s next?

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CBO: Minimum Wage Hike Adds 1M to Unemployment

The non-partisan CBO reported in February that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would result in the loss of 500K to 1 million jobs, at a MINIMUM!


Hillary Clinton: Unbeatable or Unelectable?

America is still almost three full years out from the next Presidential election grind and we’re already hearing tremendous noise to the effect that Hillary Clinton is a lock.  While we expect this propaganda from…


RINO’s Republican Majority Myth Vs. Tip O’Neil

We saw this past week House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell do what they do best, cave to Democrats. They promised a fight on the debt-ceiling, yet wound up giving Barack Obama everything he wanted. They negotiated…