Diversity of 2016 GOP and Yesterday DEMS

2016: Rich Diversity of #GOP Vs. Yesterday DEMS

Even with leaving some big names off of the list of 2016 primary candidates, taking a lot for granted & exposing their own prejudice, the mainstream media continues questioning “what party has a more diverse field for the Presidential Election?”…


Iran, Cuba, Russia: DEMS Foreign Policy Betrayal

Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely; whether in a theocracy like Iran, a communist dictatorship like in Cuba, or with a socialist thug refusing to relinquish temporary control, like modern-day Russia. What defeats them is freedom, an unalienable right…

Jesus resurrected

Easter 2015: Fear Not Christians, He Lives!

Christians today find ourselves the bulls-eye of various groups. Led the LGBT activists in America, the left wing wants to silence us. Claiming that Christians are bigoted & hateful, they reverse the very definition of those terms, trying every vile action conceivable,…


Eric Holder: Nationalizing the Police Force

Eric Holder has a giant credibility problem. Remember early in his term as Attorney General when he said, “America is a nation of cowards?” Well, its six years later and today it is Holder himself who is proven to be…


Obamageddon: Nothing but Fear Itself?

Leaving a few things out, can the left wing understand why some Christians fear what they are witnessing today? In addition to a host of domestic problems; including loss of freedom, unemployment, a depressed national outlook & border security issues, America…

derek jeter

RE2PECT: Derek Jeter, Class Act of Pro Sports

Having announced his retirement from baseball just over one year to the date, Derek Jeter didn’t lead the most successful franchise in professional sports, bar none, by bashing his own teammates when things weren’t going well for the New York…

Pope Francis

Pope Rejects Gay Marriage: Churches Attacked

It’s as if radical proponents of “gay marriage” are purposefully ignoring the natural order of humanity, specifically the process of creating babies. Instead, the feverish faction of those promoting same-sex marriage demand all of society convert to atheism or die….