John Stone of Georgia-12: Leading The Charge to Fire GOP Leadership

The first debate of the GA12 GOP primary was epic. The candidates introduced themselves with tales of family, faith and freedom. When it got to John Stone, he then went straight for the jugular and called-out the failings of the GA-12 candidates for not making the case to fire the disasterous GOP Leadership


Send Jeb Back to the Bushes

Jesse Jackson is a man with whom Conservatives have absolutely nothing in common.  He generally stands for all things that are opposite of what we believe.  When he used the quote in the 2004 Presidential campaign, “Get…


Will Republicans Take the Presidency in 2016?

While all eyes are focused on the 2014 Senate and House elections plus state and local races, it’s not too early to start looking at how things are likely to shape up for 2016.  After all,…


Russia & Wash.D.C: The Dysfunctional Couple of Hate & Love

The clear dysfunction of a split couple is reflected in the relationship between Russia and Washington D.C.; and is apparent in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s temporary takeover of both Georgia, and Crimea, Ukraine. After…


What Would Ben Carson Do?

As we slowly draw closer to the upcoming November elections, Americans will soon start postulating about what this means for the future of the country. While all signs point to a potential big win for…


Karl Rove: A RINO in Elephant Clothing?

Republican political consultants are a very arrogant lot.  Most have never run for office and they don’t particularly care for their base voters, out in mainstream America, who unfortunately have to listen to the drivel and…