The Berardi Brothers: Creative Innovation

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting the Berardi brothers.  They’ve had an incredible career and influence in the music industry and have used their creativity to  change people’s lives for the good.  Here’s my Interview with Michael and Richard Berardi Hi…


Fight Domestic Abuse: Bricks From The Ashes

Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, used Ronnie Kimball’s song “Bricks From The Ashes” as a rallying cry for those affected by domestic abuse. “Bricks from The Ashes” written by Michael Berardi and performed by Kimball received over 1,500 messages…


Fox News Zombies Fight #TedCruz

INFORMED CONSERVATIVE:  Hey listen, Ted Cruz is my choice for president. He’s the most articulate movement-conservative since Ronald Reagan gave the speech in 1964 and went onto grace the Oval Office. FOX NEWS ZOMBIE:  Yeah but we need a Governor….


@WillStauff: Paula Deen’s Humble Resilience

You’ve probably heard about Paula Deen being on Dancing with the Stars this week. Paula Deen is one of the most resilient women you will ever meet in your life. She came from humble beginnings and a tough background and beat…

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#NFL, Rock Thompson: Tackle Your Dreams!

Ricardo Thompson was born and raised on the west side of Cincinnati, OH. He attended Withrow High School, where he was an outstanding four-year starter at linebacker and was highly recruited with scholarship offers from the University of Minnesota, Indiana…


Rock Bottom to Living the Dream

From Kyle Douglas’ website:  “I have spent 12 years of my life bound by the chains of addiction of substance abuse. At one time in my life, I had burnt every bridge and destroyed every relationship with family, friends, and everyone I had come…


War on Drugs: Temple’s ‘Ghostly Shade Of Pale’

I had the chance to sit down with an acclaimed author regarding the war on drugs this week.  Merle Temple is a native of Tupelo, MS; where he received a BPA and a Master’s of Criminal Justice at Ole Miss….