Cruz Fights Obama: Say It To My Face!

Ted Cruz won’t remain in exile when erroneously called-out by inciting politicians & professional members of the Washington Cartel. They place politics above all else & remain woefully in denial over the one religion forcing all others to convert or die….


Police & Airbone: Honor, Protect & Serve

Taking a solemn moment to reflect on those honored service members of the US Army’s Airborne division, Special Operations Command, and to police officers serving our communities with valor, it is a time to remember & pay respect to those…

Jesus resurrected

Easter 2015: Fear Not Christians, He Lives!

Christians today find ourselves the bulls-eye of various groups. Led the LGBT activists in America, the left wing wants to silence us. Claiming that Christians are bigoted & hateful, they reverse the very definition of those terms, trying every vile action conceivable,…

Pope and children

Pope Francis Rejects Gay Marriage*

It’s as if the radical proponents of “gay marriage” are purposefully ignoring the natural order of humanity, specifically the process of creating babies. Instead, the militant faction of those promoting same-sex marriage demand society convert to their demand or perish. We…


Scotland #IndyRef: What the Vote Means

The vote for Scotland Independence has inspired the free world. Scotland’s lively and often wild past has always enamored many Americans, whether by way of William Wallace or Rod Stewart. After all, a large number of us have Scottish blood…

1 IMG_20140729_232824

IDF Finds US Arms in HAMAS Tunnels

Israel Defense Forces uncovered a cache of US-made M-16, A-2, A-3 & M-4 military rifles while destroying Hamas tunnels used to attack Israel

war on women 5


With few exceptions, the sound of indiscriminate rocket-fire by Hamas, intentionally aimed at civilian targets, has been non-stop screaming down on Israel since soon after two Palestinians with lengthy criminal records were arrested for kidnapping and murdering one American & two…