Foreign Policy-Trump-Hillary

Foreign Policy, #Benghazi: Stand With Cruz

If you’re in a dog fight, there’s no one more trusted to have on your side than a United States Air Force pilot. One with training in both the T-37 & T-38, who then graduated to become a captain of…


#Hillary & Obama Can’t Dodge #Benghazi

20 May 2015 by Patrick Read. Months after former cabinet members to the administration published memoirs regarding their tenure under Barack Obama; including Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton & Leon Panetta, the general public is learning the administration is still stone-walling…


Cruz Fights Obama: ISIS Refugee Crisis

Ted Cruz won’t remain in exile when erroneously called-out by inciting politicians & professional members of the Washington Cartel. They place politics above all else & remain woefully in denial over the one religion forcing all others to convert or die….

1aa - lynch tax evasion vs grimm

#14A: DOJ Ignores Organ Cartel

Last week, in the wake of Planned Parenthood (@PPact on twitter) being exposed for organ trafficking & its grotesque motive of unfettered profiteering, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated, “cyber crime is what keeps (me) up at night.” Not pre-planned…

Gen Boykin

Boykin: Allies & Kurds Can #CrushISIS

29 May 2015 by Patrick Read Shortly after another successful Delta Force raid; this time taking-out Abu Sayyaf of ISIS in Al-AMR on 15 May 2015, two pieces of information were made public leading members within the community into believing Barack…