Neal Rauhauser

OFA, MMFA & Posers Target Conservatives

With the 2010 tidal wave election, a sociopath sprang from the Daily Kos, wreaking havoc on citizens using social media, in an exposé called Twittergate

Neal Rauhauser

Social Engineer Extremists

Neal Rauhauser is a Co-Founder of Progressive PST (now Progressive Congress on twiter as PCN), which is a group of radical left bloggers who represent the social media needs of far left political campaigns. The conflict of interest should not be understated. So-called writers…

anon thumb

#Anonymous: Big-Bro 2.0 & Gov Surveillance

Washington D.C. Conservative Report Radio interviews  “Thesius”, an Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous insider.  Thesius is on Twitter here and spoke about the roots of Anonymous, 4Chan and the growing political-split within the group, which is being exposed by more and…

Neal Rauhauser

#Soros Infiltrates Right Wing Media

by Patrick Read Meet a social media friend of George Soros. One completely hostile to the right-wing media, and even abusive to private citizens on social media. Neal Rauhauser the Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST); a website that represents the social-media needs…

stop rush

#StopRush Exposed: OFA, MMFA & DailyKos

Washington D.C. By Patrick Read Above is a 2010 photo album containing a list of the militant thugs connected to the now “banned by Daily Kos” (here), Neal Rauhauser. Daily Kos is owned by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (NRO: Two Worlds…