Neal Rauhauser

Neal Rauhauser: Social Engineer, Extreme Environmentalist

by 09) Conservative Report on July 16, 2013

By Patrick Read — Neal Rauhauser is a Co-Founder of Progressive PST (now Progressive Congressonal News, on twiter as PCN), which is a group of radical left bloggers who represent the social media needs of far left political campaigns. The conflict of interest should not be understated. So-called writers directly work for politicians, advise them on messaging, and promote […]

Washington D.C. Conservative Report Online (CRO) welcomes Greg W. Howard to the show. Greg joined Conservative Report Radio last week, and aired his inaugural Thursday broadcast last night. And what a bombshell Greg’s first show was, as he interviewed “Thesius,” an Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous insider.  Thesius is on Twitter here and spoke about […]

Radical Anonymous Leader Infiltrates Right Wing

by Patrick Read Meet Neal Rauhauser the Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST); a website that represents the social-media interests of Progressive Candidates running for office. Rauhauser is also a former writer for the radical Daily Kos (here). Apparently, even the far-left Daily Kos found Rauhauser offensive, one who needed to be taken down, because they banned […]

EXCLUSIVE! Stop Rush Linked to Daily Kos & MMFA

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Washington D.C. By Patrick Read PPST: Neal Rauhauser’s List of Volunteer Social Activist & E-thugs Above is a 2010 photo album containing a list of the militant thugs connected to the now “banned by Daily Kos” (here), Neal Rauhauser. Daily Kos is owned by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (NRO: Two Worlds of Lib Blogoshpere here) (Townhall: […]

Alaska: Lisa Murkowski Flip-Flops & Scott McAdams Goes Radical

               McAdams (Far Left) & Murkowski (Rino) fit in the same frame        Patrick Read Washington  DC As the desperate politics of character assassination sinks to a new depth in the Alaska Senate race – one thing remains clear – Joe Miller is correct. He is running against two liberals, and both Scott McAdams and Lisa […]

Texas Candidate Hires ‘Perma-Culture’ Radical, Neal Rauhauser

Washington DC By PS Read Hank Gilbert is enveloped in controversy, running for Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture. Gilbert hired a radical-environmentalist for his campaign, who is hell-bent on re-engineering US Agriculture and the US energy supply.   It is already public knowledge that Gilbert has failed to report his taxes to the […]

Hired by Dems: Rauhauser Uses Death Threats, Bigotry & Racism

Warning:  The linked information contains screen-shots from Twitter relative Progressive PST (now “Progressive Congressional News or PCN”), its co-founder Neal Rauhauser and his band of radical-activists. Rauhauser and his group engage in everyday assaults on the base as a means to deride & derail Tea Party members using social-media. The links & slide show (at the bottom) contain graphic language: extreme racism, bigotry, pedophilia, sexism, violence […]

Democrat Cyber-Stealth Revealed

Washington D.C. By Patrick Read   Some media outlets find it funny for radical cyber thugs to threaten Americans with death, rape, sexual abuse and violence while making incendiary racist & religiously bigoted epithets that are motivated solely by the progressive agenda. But when the coordinating affront is an organization hired by National Democrat Candidates, it reveals […]

G-MAN & Conservative Report: DEMS Busted Hiring Thugs for Election

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After the first article linking Progressive PST & Neal Rauhauser to several, national Democrat Candidates – the findings were reported to The G-Man on his radio show dated October 4, 2010. Previously being discussed on the G. Gordon Liddy show – live from DC – was the War on Terror and the nation’s so-called, “energy crisis.” Listen to Conservative Report founder, Patrick Read discuss “Desperate Democrats […]

Desperate Democrats Hire Progressive Thugs for Elections

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Washington, D.C. With November’s electoral battle rapidly approaching, masses of Progressive-Democrats are furiously banging about their keyboards on social-media sites and engaging in a well-organized, systematic & desperate attack on the grassroots members of the Tea Party. They are also linked to nine National Democrat candidates and pine for their transformational heroes – whose petty change […]

Desperate DEMS Hire Neal Rauhauser & Radical Thugs For Elections


With November’s looming electoral battle rapidly approaching, Progressive Democrats are pulling out all the stops to stave off their pending political defeat. And as election day draws closer, progressive masses are banging about social media networks and provably engaging in a systematic attack on average Americans, who are now resoundingly rejecting their radical transformation of America. Detailed documentation makes clear that Progressive E-Thugs have been […]