Unwinding the Cable News Tangle about Malaysia Flight 370

by 07) David Howe on March 20, 2014

It has been almost twelve days since Malaysia Flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing and then disappeared.  Since then, hundreds of thousands of words have been spoken about the incident on Cable TV News, many of them more than once.  Names of experts in the field of mystery and detection from Sherlock […]

You Can Keep Your Nukes: Iran’s Obamacare Death Site

by 05) Chip Jones on November 24, 2013

“If you want to keep your old enrichment, you can keep your old enrichment.” Were it only as true in international nuclear politics as it was in healthcare! Last night, Barack Obama announced an international agreement struck between Iran and socialist superpowers Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and their ally the United States that […]

Syria Delivers Obama to Iran: A Valerie Jarrett Victory

As President Obama’s press conference today drew to a close, recent events in the Middle East have enabled him to deliver the United States to the feet of the Iranians. Although Iran has been an arch enemy since November 4, 1979 when 44 Americans were taken hostage, and the Carter Administration was made a fool […]

Syria: Barack Obama’s White House at War from Within

While political pundits scratch their heads about the seeming Presidential about-face on Syria, a story of conflict emerges from within the White House. While heated debate rages on about allegations Bashar Assad’s Syrian government used sarin gas against rebel strong-holds, a different debate is raging within the cloistered halls of the White House, which has […]

Syria & John McCain: How Dare You!?!

Memorial Day, 2013. As a grateful nation paused to honor its fallen warriors, Senator John McCain slithered into Syria to frolic with Syrian Islamists and pledge US support for their barbaric, anti-Christian, anti-Western agenda. The default position when criticizing Senator McCain is respect for his military service. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain respect […]

RADICAL ISLAM: Obama Funding Deadly War On Women

The silence from Barack Obama is deafening. So is the silence of those carrying his water in mainstream media. Both the Obama Administration & the liberal media stand fast as radical activists against the 1st Amendment, which is the bedrock of America, allowing for freedom of religion & the separation of Church and State. It […]

North Korea ‘Re-Declares’ War on United States

As our failed foreign policy regarding a near nuclear North Korea careens toward international abyss, North Korea has declared invalid the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953, an official North Korean newspaper reports. Due to our involvement in yearly “war games” in South Korea, North Korea has taken this unprecedented move.  We have 3,000 […]

Symantec Outs Top-Secret Program: Obama’s Iran Policy

As word comes out today that internet security giant Symantec has released new details of its findings about a Top Secret joint US and Israeli program to disable the Iranian nuclear program, other issues collide to create the appearance of further clandestine Obama administration support of the brutal Islamist regime in Tehran. It appears that […]

Helping Hands: CHINA Expediting Nukes For IRAN

The claim that China is helping Iran in anything arms related, including nuclear, should not be much of a surprise to anyone. But a new report by CENTRA Technology, a private security firm, has shed light on the arms being exchanged between the two nations. The category that should be of concern to all is the […]

IAEA, @UN & #Russia Kept Iran’s Nuclear Mega-Bomb Secret

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which reports directly to the United Nations (UN) & the Security Council, has kept documents on Iran’s nuclear mega-bomb a secret for more than a year. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that IAEA-documents show calculations of Iran’s massive nuclear bomb blast, and it is estimated to be three times […]

Benghazi Gun Running Linked to Russia, Iran and Syria

While the country intellectually “channel surfs” between the Petraeus Sex Scandal, the questions of voter fraud, the imminent resignations of administration officials and the ever present pall of Benghazi, let’s put on the table the yet unexplained but critical geo-political underpinnings of the burgeoning scandal behind Benghazi. Much like everything in the Middle East, the story […]

After Multiple Terrorist Attacks on #USA, Do You Feel Safer?

With a focus on Foreign Policy, everything will be on the table: from the Benghazigate murder of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods; to an Iranian-Chinese Nuclear Smuggling Ring involving the US & Philippines, to the most recent FBI indictment of 10 in conjunction with Russia caught exporting US Missile Tech.  One can safely assume, the Obama’s Rules of Engagement for […]

RUSSIA Busted in Nuke Ring – FBI INDICTS 10

The exclusive Conservative Report article exposing an Iranian-Chinese nuclear ring shocked the blogosphere, and put partisanship on hold in order to focus on Iran—who has said without equivocation their intent is to “wipe Israel off the map.” And now, there is yet another proliferation-operation involving a Russian national. Alexander Fishenko was caught shipping dual-use-electronics for missile guidance, […]

FBI Bust IRAN & CHINA in Nuke Ring — 2 Arrested

Iran is rapidly moving towards achieving legitimacy as a nuclear power, yet absent from President Obama’s campaign speeches, and mainstream media coverage is the recent Department of Justice break-up of a “nuclear smuggling ring.” An Iranian-national was arrested and detained in the Philippines—a country known for being a hot bed of Al Qaeda terrorism—along with […]