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Doug Jones Won’t Disavow Hillary, Robert Byrd or Creepy Joe Biden

Doug Jones Won’t Disavow Hillary, Robert Byrd or Creepy Joe Biden

Everyone has seen the Doug Jones ads parroted by his adorning media, honoring himself for finally prosecuting two of four members of the KKK for the 1963 Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham. What his self-glorifying ads don’t tell his lauding media fans is that those Klansmen were also members of his own party. Fact. This might explain why he didn’t seek the death penalty for the KKK killing four innocent babies, who were primarily targeted for being “Christian.”

I know had a Republican prosecutor been assigned the case, the death penalty would have been pursued to protect society (including the Christian Church that was targeted) from more of the same. Capital punishment is certainly legal in Alabama. At times, it even surpasses the inmates on death row in Texas, a state well-known for protecting society from grave harm. So why didn’t Doug Jones seek-out the death penalty against two Klansmen that were members of his own party? Incidentally, one will be “up for parole” in 2021.

Are members of the Doug Jones adorning-media aware that Doug Jones also defended a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s, who was also a Holocaust denier? Jones defended Tom Posey when he was a defense attorney, a man that celebrated Hitler’s birthday and denied that 6 Million Jewish people were murdered during World War II. Perhaps there is more to the story on why Doug Jones refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, unlike Judge Roy Moore.

Another question that requires an answer, if the media would ever get around to asking, is why hasn’t Doug Jones disavowed Hillary Clinton, who along with her husband, is eternally linked to the Ku Klux Klan?

Here is video of Will Quigg, a grand-master Klansmen, endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. It is another thing the liberal media has failed to report, for some reason.

Below is video of Bill Clinton telling America to forgive the Klan, to forgive a grand-master of the Klan, one that opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Just like sixty-three other Democrats, the actual party overwhelmingly opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Robert Byrd remained in the warm embrace of the Democrat Party for decades. Other big name democrats opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were Al Gore Sr. and Bill Clinton’s mentor, William Fulbright.

The democrat-adorning media fans don’t seem to realize that it was the Republican Party that introduced every single piece of legislation for Civil Rights from 1865 through 1991. Fact. Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats not only opposed every single one of them, but then worked to overturn those Civl Rights already passed by the GOP. Fact. Public schools don’t teach this part of history anymore, for some reason.

Hillary Clinton accepted $20,000 from the KKK in 2016, after Hillary was endorsed by a “grand master” of the KKK, and after she went on public TV to proclaim that Robert Byrd was a patriot, her life-long friend and mentor. One that imparted his great-wisdom to her as a US Senator, when New York was attacked; continuing his council while “Benghazi Hillary” was acting Secretary of State. She actually said that a grand-master of the KKK was “the champion of Democrats in the Senate,” one of “nobility.” Maybe he was to her, but only to the noble few encrusted in the corrupt Clinton circle of Democrats.

According to sources, Hillary Clinton has a nephew that’a been very public about his Klan membership for decades, yet for some reason, the media has failed to report on the controversy.

Additionally, even while his own campaign workers were caught lying about Judge Moore, and with one accuser finally admitting that she forged the Judge’s signature in her yearbook, why hasn’t Doug Jones taken members of his own party to task for the same accusation? There is an embarrassment of “actual evidence” to support the claims against Anthony Weiner, and Bill Clinton regarding pedophilia, unlike the now refuted evidence against Roy Moore.

When there is actual proof positive, such as the case against Creepy Joe Biden (video embed), Anthony Weiner (who is currently in jail for pedophilia) and Bill Clinton, where is Doug Jones to offer his indignation? Right, because 26 Flight Logs aboard sex-slave Lolita Express to sex-slave Orgy Island is considered actual evidence, and corroborates Virginia Roberts account that a then 65-year old President had sex with a minor 13-year old for more than two years.

Article continues after the many embedded tweets regarding Creepy Joe…

Cory Gardner doesn’t seem to care about Creepy Joe Biden touching his young daughters.

Thad Cochran, a long time Senator from MS, doesn’t seem to mind Creepy Joe Biden either.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) knows just how to handle Creepy Joe Biden.

Is it easier to attack a Republican, even with all the refuting evidence, while remaining utterly silent about those in the Democrat Party, even with so much evidence present? Apparently to Mr. Jones, members of his own party get a pass. Meanwhile, his campaign against Alabama continues to be discredited by refuting evidence. Since the Democrats main strategy has been to attack Christians over the past several years, even while Christians are falling to genocide at the hands of ISIS in the middle-east, there is little left to the imagination at why the radical left has targeted Judge Roy Moore, a devout man who honors the 10 Commandments and the First Amendment.

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