GOP to Pass Obamneycare With Kickbacks

This has been over six years in the making, for the Republicans to break almost every campaign promise regarding the defeat of socialized medicine. To instead, follow their constituents demand for the free-market solution of inter-state trade. Making insurance available to consumers across state lines, limiting government control over the health care industry, and assuring health decisions remain between a Doctor, the patient & their families. We don’t want more failed government panels, pork laden politicians or their nonsensical policies effecting our health. As networks like CNN & Fox News are distracting the public with “such important topics” as Marco Rubio’s background with speeding tickets, or the latest public official forced to resign over their mishandling a misdemeanor; the RINO Congress is about to pass ROMNEYCARE.


How to Change the GOP

3 June 2015 by Will Stauff In his farewell address in 1796, our country’s founding father; a member of the Whig Party that eventually became the Republican Party or GOP,  George Washington stated, “The basis of our political systems is…


McConnell & #Rand: Unfortunate Duo

Originally posted 17 March 2014; Updated & released 31 May 2015 by Patrick Read. Whether or not the typical American cares, the primary politics of today will become the legislation of tomorrow. Legislation in which we demand will provide a…

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Cuomo’s #FightFor15: Raising Cost to Feed Poor

22 May 2015 by Patrick Read Governor Andrew Cuomo not only has a messaging problem, one promoting division instead of unity in America, but also has a bad habit of crashing the free market for political gain & personal power,…


RINOs Pull Lynch Pin for #KingObama

Today Loretta Lynch, who directly said she supported Barack Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty, was sworn in as the first African American female Attorney General of the United States. Already contradicting the Constitution, which forbades a Legislator in Chief, she is…

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Go Fund Me NOT Bans Christians for Govt Religion

Alms-giving is considered an essential duty for all Christians. No matter what branch one adheres to; whether Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical, Baptist, Free-range, Episcopalian or Lutheran, we are called on to give at least ten percent to charity. But what happens…


Rich Diversity of #GOP2016 Vs. Yesterday DEMS

Even with leaving some big names off of the list of 2016 primary candidates, taking a lot for granted & exposing their own prejudice, the mainstream media continues questioning “what party has a more diverse field for the Presidential Election?”…