Gen Boykin

Boykin: Allies & Kurds Can #CrushISIS

29 May 2015 by Patrick Read Shortly after another successful Delta Force raid; this time taking-out Abu Sayyaf of ISIS in Al-AMR on 15 May 2015, two pieces of information were made public leading members within the community into believing Barack…


More Debt! Boehner’s Gift to DEMS

Shortly after winning such a historic mid-term election in 2014, Speaker John Boehner promised the American voters that he’d fight Democrats, “tooth and nail”, on President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty & resulting legislation.


Tom Graves & Mike Lee: Transportation Reformers

The nightmare that is the Highway Trust Fund. It’s over-bloated and instead of offering solutions congress along with the President and his Transportation department are desperate  to find another bailout to stop the bleeding. If you could even believe this,…


Global Cooling: Where’s Al Gore Hiding?

So where is good old Al?  We haven’t seen or heard from him much this season. Is it because of all of the snow and ice? No, that’s not it, because if that was the reason he would be fuming and emitting all…

Manchin Coal

Manchin: UN-American #WarOnCoal

Yesterday, President Barack Obama proudly reaffirmed his War on Coal by reassuring militant, environmental special-interest groups that he would “(tax) the carbon dioxide produced by power plants.” And once again, the President took a bold step into an economic brick…


Chavez & #Socialism: Champs of More Poor

As we mark the passing of Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, we are besieged with Leftist portrayals of him as a “champion of the poor.”  In fact, like most of his “ilk”, Hugo Chavez was the champion of Hugo Chavez. While…

Greenpeace boat

Green Energy FRAUD: A Useless Congress

While America is listening to the news about the fiscal cliff, the United States Congress–both the House of Representatives & the Senate–quietly passed another green energy bill, almost unanimously. This Department of Energy power-grab comes with a very deserving name,…