Pushing Back the Narrative: Illegal Immigration

For weeks now, the news is that we are being inundated with a new wave of illegal immigration and border crashers, many of them children. The number of these intruders is unknown, but one estimate…


God Less America: Todd Starnes Joins Conservative Report

Todd Starnes is an award winning journalist & radio host appearing daily on FOX News Radio. He joins Conservative Report June 12th at 7pm


Steve Deace Joins Conservative Report Radio!

Steve Deace of the Steve Deace radio show joined Will Stauff to talk about his new best selling book, “Rules For Patriots.” Time is running out on American exceptionalism. The light of liberty is flickering….


What Works: Cal Thomas Joins Conservative Report!

Cal Thomas is one of America’s most popular syndicated columnists, the author of the new book, “What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America”, and he recently joined Will Stauff on Conservative Report Radio. His…

Normandy Cemetery

Memorial Day 2014: Honoring Our Veterans & Their Sacrifice

On Memorial Day, Americans comes together to honor our Veterans for their timeless sacrifice. John was a hero at Guadalcanal, saving many from death and leading his men to victory in a battle that seemed…

The Robertsons

Media Mob Shouts, Crucify! Phil Robertson & Benhams STAND

Phil Robertson stood his ground amid a growing backlash for having the nerve to quote the bible. Now the Benham brothers face the same test

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints

Culture War, NFL: Another Victim of Thought Police

Until recently, visualization of the NFL was likely to result in a picture of a Tom Brady pass threading the needle or Jimmy Graham showing his goal post dunking prowess following another amazing touchdown reception….

Neal Rauhauser

Twittergate 2.0: OFA, Daily Kos, MMFA & Posers Target Conservatives

With the 2010 tidal wave election, a sociopath sprang from the Daily Kos, wreaking havoc on citizens using social media, in an exposé called Twittergate

Margaret Sanger

Marsha Blackburn & HR 863: Advancing the Abortion Industry

It’s time to take the gloves off on this one, folks. How can someone be a pro-life conservative while honoring the queen of racism, the champion of Eugenics & Founder of Planned Parenthood — Margaret Sanger?…