Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz & the Media: Always on Offense

Ted Cruz never punts, he’s too busy staying on offense. Senator Cruz’s offensive strategy never allows the liberal media to control the narrative, and instead forces them to follow his own. I think the best example of this was a…


Obamageddon: Nothing but Fear Itself?

Leaving a few things out, can the left wing understand why some Christians fear what they are witnessing today? In addition to a host of domestic problems; including loss of freedom, unemployment, a depressed national outlook & border security issues, America…

Israeli flag

#Israel: Obama Reveals DEMS Anti-Semitism

An interesting event took place last week, one that the liberal media is desperately trying to ignore. The childish behavior of President Barack Obama to John Boehner, regarding the Speaker’s invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister…

Pope Francis

Pope Rejects Gay Marriage: Disfigurement & Betrayal

It’s as if radical proponents of “gay marriage” are purposefully ignoring the natural order of humanity, specifically the process of creating babies. Instead, the feverish faction of those promoting same-sex marriage demand all of society convert to atheism or die….

edu choice

#EduChoice: Child Sex Abuse Rampant in Public Schools

Ten percent. Every time the phrase, “law of the land“, is spoken regarding “gay marriage”, a reminder that 10% of all public school children fall victim to sexual abuse, perpetrated by public school teachers (breaking story, Seattle) should be foremost in the…

Martin Luther King DC Speech

What Would Martin Luther King Jr Do?

The celebration of the birthday and the life of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. on the national holiday honoring him is the perfect opportunity to ponder what Dr. King would say about current day American race relations. The man…

happy new year-dove

Happy New Year, 2015: Let’s Pray for Pres Obama

As we begin our journey into 2015, hoping for another happy new year, we are prayful that this one will be better than 2014. We all know that there is something terribly wrong with the state of our government. Politicians…

Christmas manger scene

Source of Freedom: Jesus Christ is Born

Christmas is a very special day for Christians, and in the opinion of this writer, second only to Easter. It is the day that we celebrate the birthday of our Savior, Christ the Lord. Jesus Christ, part of the Living…