On Good Friday: Why Do Progressives Hate Christianity?

by 03) James Dick on April 18, 2014

Today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ was put to death for living up to the task assigned to Him by the Father. It’s hard to think of a mortal man as God, but for Christianity, that is the case for the Son of God and Christ suffered all of the pain and […]

Hank Aaron took the opportunity to chastize “lily white Americans” who oppose socialism, calling Republicans the equivalency of the Ku Klux Klan, now “dressed in suit and ties” for their oppostion to Barack Obama. Capitalizing on the racial hysteria, Eric Holder then blamed racism for his having to provide documentation to Congress regarding the funding of terrorism.

Obama Appeasing Russia: A Dangerous Signal to Israel & Ireland

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While Vladimir Putin marches the Russian military across sovereign borders, annexing territories in both Georgia and Ukraine; while intervening in the Syrian Civil War, some reflection on recent American foreign policy must be recalled, because borders matter.

The Movie Noah is an Epic Failure.

When I first heard about Noah I was fairly optimistic.  Like Erick Erickson, I really wanted to see this film but there was a lot of buzz in Evangelical circles that this film was going to be about Environmentalism and not God’s judgment and evident biblical themes in the movie.  Where was this buzz coming from?  Apparently almost […]

Pope Francis Praying for Family & Priests for Life on SCOTUS Fast Track

It is not too difficult to locate the great immorality and injustice that is running rampant throughout America, and worldwide. Afterall, society is making up “fake rights,” while ignoring the unalienable rights guaranteed us in our Declaration of Independence; the same rights “endowed by the Creator.” These unalienable rights (Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness) were reaffirmed with the Fourteenth Amendment. With this in mind, Pope Francis is calling on all Churches and the whole world to pray for families (man, woman and child) just as the Priests for Life are “on the fast track” in defending the right to life before the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS).

Some have tried to stir-up controversy over a recent interview that Pope Francis seemingly gave about civil unions, however, it is important to note that the Pope defended the definition of marriage as between one man, and one woman (a natural relationship). The word “civil” does not pertain to ecclesiastical matters (religious matters) and therefore, one can conclude that no government has a right to legislate marriage, that does in fact pertain to religious matters.

King Obama’s Declaration at Monticello: Disgracing Hallowed Ground

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Several days ago, Barack Obama stood on the steps of a magnificent historical shrine in America, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and responded to a reporter’s question with a comment that was one of the few truths to come out of his mouth, ”There’s one thing really good about being President. I can do anything that I want”. […]

America’s War On Christians & Catholics: Redefining Religious Rites

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Conservatives are no longer willing to sit-back & take America’s War on Christians & Catholics anymore, especially when a protracted war is being waged as genocide against Christians in Syria and persecution against Coptic Catholics in Egypt. This War on Christians & Catholics has found its way to our shores and each of the established parties support it, both Democrat & Republican. To allow a government, whether state or federal, to infringe upon religious freedom and alter biblical rites (like marriage) is to support and endorse a government-religion.

Obamacare-Shutdown: McConnell & Rove Targeting Conservatives

In breaking news last week, reported a townhall-style conference call between Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell and GOP PAC Exec/Foxnews Contributor, Karl Rove. The two were talking among a group of campaign contributors with deep-pockets & Crossroad PAC advisers, who only won 7 of 21 races last election, which is hardly a winning record.

According to Breitbart, the subject of the partial government shutdown & subsequent Obamacare debacle was raised, and Mitch McConnell exclaimed, “The Tea Party movement is nothing but a bunch of bullies. You know how you handle a schoolyard bully? You punch them in the nose and that’s what we’re gonna do”.

Really, does Mitch McConnell now plan on punching everyone in the nose? Given his latest approval ratings, one could understand why…

Catechism: Catholic Church Rejects Socialism & Communism

There are 1.2 Billion Catholics in the world today and 25% to 28% of Americans consider themselves Catholic, composing one of the largest minority groups in the United States of America. But some Progressive Catholics in America fail to understand that the Catholic Church directly rejects socialism, and communism. If they do understand that the Church […]

Lesson: Cuccinelli Beat McCain & Romney despite Lib Sarvis

It’s been just over one week since the Republican National Committee (RNC) allowed Virginia to be taken-down by LIBertarians and Democrats, who are now fully engulfed in a massive Obamacare controversy & trying to defend its outright fraud. There are lessons that Chairman Reince Priebus need learn, along with the squishy entrenched-establishment, who clearly don’t know their […]

Conservative Vs. Progressive: Freedom or a Socialized, Govt Economy

Last Thursday, Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe squared off in their final debate live from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The debate was lived streamed by WDBJ7 news from Virginia Tech’s Haymarket Theatre. The candidates began with opening statements and quickly moved into the economy. The first issue that the gubernatorial candidates sparred over […]

Freedom from Obamacare: Conscientious Objector

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While Americans rally across the country over a partially shutdown federal government, Republicans & Democrats are ready to “kick the can down the road” for yet another day. Maybe another day when there’s not so much turmoil facing the nation. With the failure of Obamacare to properly launch & its shutdown website, turmoil is not […]

Obama at 38%: Obamacare CUTS Jobs, RAISES Cost, EXEMPTS Biz & Govt

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Barack Obama’s approval rating is in a free-fall plummet in the wake of the *Affordable Care Act’s failure to launch this past week. With no regard for the Constitution, news spread like wildfire that Obama illegally & unilaterally amended the law without a vote. Obama’s amendment leaves Congress & their staffers “exempt”

Public Students Subjected to Co-Ed Bathrooms: Equality?!

Back to school time typically means new backpacks, new clothes, new friends and new teachers, but for California public school students, this year it also means new gender identities for kids who’ve decided their feelings no longer match their genitals. Set aside the obvious fact, that elementary school children are absolutely not coming to the […]