Cold War 2.0: Putin, 4G Political Warfare & Your Online Data

In May 2010, Conservative Report published Cold War 2.0, which started with Putin’s invasion of Georgia. It regards your online personal data, social media & how that data can be used by governments, corporations or other third parties to manipulate you & your personal network


Lesson: Cuccinelli Beat McCain & Romney despite Lib Sarvis

It’s been just over one week since the Republican National Committee (RNC) allowed Virginia to be taken-down by LIBertarians and Democrats, who are now fully engulfed in a massive Obamacare controversy & trying to defend its…


Disgruntled Libertarians: Time for Eeyores to Wake Up, Now

We have all seen them. Disgruntled Libertarians & Conservatives on social media, who have all but given up on America. With so many making a daily-effort, fighting from the grassroots to restore our country’s founding…


Neal Rauhauser: Social Engineer, Extreme Environmentalist

By Patrick Read — Neal Rauhauser is a Co-Founder of Progressive PST (now Progressive Congressonal News, on twiter as PCN), which is a group of radical left bloggers who represent the social media needs of far left…


Allan Brauer: CAUTION! Left-Wing Language Ahead

“Allan Brauer was elected as the Communications Chair of the DPSC (Democrat Party of Sacramento, CA) on June 14, 2012, managing the DPSC’s internal and external communications, including our website, social media accounts, e-mail lists, and…


Rand Paul: A Prelude to the Past

Last night Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) led the charge (see CSPAN video) for the Constitution and bucked the status quo of the GOP dinosaurs. For 12 hours and 52 minutes the junior Senator from Kentucky…


STOLEN VALOR: From Social Media to the Supreme Court

Fraud is fraud, whether you’re only trying to get more followers on Social Media (like Twitter), trying to get a free meal at a restaurant, or mandating government sub-prime loans based on no credit, lying…


LEAKED! Obama’s Cyber-Security EXECUTIVE ORDER

A White House draft Executive Order regarding Cyber Security policy has been leaked & subsequently obtained by Conservative Report. The draft memo is embedded below the article and details just how the Executive Order on Cyber…