Chuck ‘Checkmate’ Johnson

While other right-wing news outlets & so-called Conservatives have gone silent about the Mississippi Senate race, biting their neatly manicured nails & anxiously biding their precious time before reality sets-in this November


Tom Graves & Mike Lee: Transportation Reformers

The nightmare that is the Highway Trust Fund. It’s over-bloated and instead of offering solutions congress along with the President and his Transportation department are desperate  to find another bailout to stop the bleeding. If…


God Less America: Todd Starnes Joins Conservative Report

Todd Starnes is an award winning journalist & radio host appearing daily on FOX News Radio. He joins Conservative Report June 12th at 7pm

D-Day 70 Ronald Reagan Honors Rangers of Pointe du Hoc

D-Day: Ronald Reagan Honors the Rangers of Pointe du Hoc

Hesitating before he left the podium, President Ronald Reagan insticitvely knew the occasion called for a salute from the Commander in Chief of the United States of America to the Army Rangers of Pointe du Hoc, who smartly retuned the gesture of honor, as did many others.


Steve Deace Talks with Conservative Report Radio

Steve Deace of the Steve Deace radio show joined Will Stauff to talk about his new best selling book, “Rules For Patriots.” Time is running out on American exceptionalism. The light of liberty is flickering….


What Works: Cal Thomas on Conservative Report Radio

Cal Thomas is one of America’s most popular syndicated columnists, the author of the new book, “What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America”, and he recently joined Will Stauff on Conservative Report Radio. His…


Richard Viguerie Joins Conservative Report!

RICHARD VIGUERIE, called the “Funding Father of the Conservative Movement”, transformed American politics, pioneering the use of direct mail as a means to bypass the main stream media. The author of a number of political…


CODE BLUE: Veterans Opt-Out Choice, STAT

After the scandal broke, the number of dead Veterans kept by our government on intentional wait list is growing & Eric Shinseki still has a job

Harry Reid2

Harry Reid: The Nevada Senator High On ‘Koch’

Good old Harry Reid continues to amaze but not in a positive way. This man who came to Washington as a modest soul has amassed a fortune through his “government service”.  So just how does…