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Are Blue States Getting the Gun Control Blues?

by 03) James Dick on April 15, 2014

Remember back in Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign, when a video surfaced of him telling the San Francisco intelligentsia that flyover Americans were all “Bible thumpers hiding behind their guns and their religion?”  Well, it’s kind of interesting how some of that sentiment is today even surfacing in some of his favored locales, the bluest of […]

Send Jeb Back to the Bushes

by 03) James Dick on April 9, 2014

Jesse Jackson is a man with whom Conservatives have absolutely nothing in common.  He generally stands for all things that are opposite of what we believe.  When he used the quote in the 2004 Presidential campaign, “Get out the Bushes”, it seemed unlikely that a similar sentiment might be used sometime later by Conservatives. Perhaps the statement […]

A Tsunami of Bankrupting Debt with More Dependents & Less Revenue

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On February 4th, 2014; the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its non-partisan report detailing the economic outlook for America over the next ten years. The next day, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified…

What Would Ben Carson Do?

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As we slowly draw closer to the upcoming November elections, Americans will soon start postulating about what this means for the future of the country. While all signs point to a potential big win for Republicans, particularly with the impending total collapse of Obamacare and the horror stories heard about its impact on citizens, never […]

A Tribute to a Conservative Mentor: Jim DeMint

The American public in general is often very shallow in its thinking.  It is easily convinced by talking heads that things are not what they seem and except for sports and Hollywood it often pays little attention to the things that impact us most directly, our finances.  After all, we continue to elect the same […]

Sarah Palin: The Republican Establishment’s Worst Nightmare

Tracking the doings at the annual CPAC conference which concluded over the weekend, it was certainly appropriate that Sarah Palin was the closing speaker.  While there were several other excellent speakers such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who clearly displayed their animosity for the direction of our government, no one can rouse a crowd from […]

Pope Francis Praying for Family & Priests for Life on SCOTUS Fast Track

It is not too difficult to locate the great immorality and injustice that is running rampant throughout America, and worldwide. Afterall, society is making up “fake rights,” while ignoring the unalienable rights guaranteed us in our Declaration of Independence; the same rights “endowed by the Creator.” These unalienable rights (Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness) were reaffirmed with the Fourteenth Amendment. With this in mind, Pope Francis is calling on all Churches and the whole world to pray for families (man, woman and child) just as the Priests for Life are “on the fast track” in defending the right to life before the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS).

Some have tried to stir-up controversy over a recent interview that Pope Francis seemingly gave about civil unions, however, it is important to note that the Pope defended the definition of marriage as between one man, and one woman (a natural relationship). The word “civil” does not pertain to ecclesiastical matters (religious matters) and therefore, one can conclude that no government has a right to legislate marriage, that does in fact pertain to religious matters.

GOP Compromised: Republican Majority Myth Vs. Tip O’Neil

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We saw this past week House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell do what they do best, cave to Democrats. They promised a fight on the debt-ceiling, yet wound up giving Barack Obama everything he wanted. They negotiated an unconditional debt surrender, and got nothing in return, yet Boehner & McConnell cry foul because Ted Cruz forced them to put […]

The Real Deal: Ted Cruz Exposes Debt Surrender by GOP Elites

An interesting game of politics was played out this week in Washington, and although the outcome was not one favored by Conservatives, the truth has clearly changed the dynamics of the situation and brought more transparency to what the elitist Republicans currently in power are really doing. When John Boehner sold-out the overwhelming majority of his caucus […]

John Boehner, Cantor & McCarthy: The House Leadership Vacuum

Speaker of the House John Boehner, a man who doesn’t inspire the overwhelming majority of his caucus for many reasons, has taken the vacuum of leadership to a new level.  After ultimately bowing and caving on nearly every conceivable issue for Democrats, this time Boehner didn’t even make an attempt to stand and fight.  The […]

Debt-Ridden McConnell: One Ruthless Son of a Mitch!

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his surrogate ‘Sons Of Mitches’ are at it again. With an ever soaring national debt in sight for the near future, McConnell cannot stand on his own record in Senate, so it’s “the all-out attack mode” for his campaign. Thus begins the negative ad-campaign. The reason is Matt Bevin […]

Obamacare, John Barrow & the Weak Republicans of Georgia

I’m from Southeast Georgia, and reside in John Barrow’s district.  This “so called” blue dog Democrat has enough people fooled in the Distrcit’s southern tier that he’s a conservative.  Barrow might be a conservative if he joined the fight to repeal Obamacare, but he voted against doing so. He might be a conservative if he […]

Chris Christie: The Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative Governor

Radio personality Steve Deace is one of the best spokesman of social conservativism, and for speaking-out against the hypocrisy of some evangelical circles who have been duped by the media and its culture.  Mr. Deace nailed it this past week when he posting on his facebook page: “Most pathetic thing I’ve seen on social media […]

America’s War On Christians & Catholics: Redefining Religious Rites

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Conservatives are no longer willing to sit-back & take America’s War on Christians & Catholics anymore, especially when a protracted war is being waged as genocide against Christians in Syria and persecution against Coptic Catholics in Egypt. This War on Christians & Catholics has found its way to our shores and each of the established parties support it, both Democrat & Republican. To allow a government, whether state or federal, to infringe upon religious freedom and alter biblical rites (like marriage) is to support and endorse a government-religion.