Cold War 2.0: Putin, 4G Political Warfare & Your Online Data

In May 2010, Conservative Report published Cold War 2.0, which started with Putin’s invasion of Georgia. It regards your online personal data, social media & how that data can be used by governments, corporations or other third parties to manipulate you & your personal network


Neal Rauhauser: Social Engineer, Extreme Environmentalist

By Patrick Read — Neal Rauhauser is a Co-Founder of Progressive PST (now Progressive Congressonal News, on twiter as PCN), which is a group of radical left bloggers who represent the social media needs of far left…


Allan Brauer: CAUTION! Left-Wing Language Ahead

“Allan Brauer was elected as the Communications Chair of the DPSC (Democrat Party of Sacramento, CA) on June 14, 2012, managing the DPSC’s internal and external communications, including our website, social media accounts, e-mail lists, and…


Rand Paul: A Prelude to the Past

Last night Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) led the charge (see CSPAN video) for the Constitution and bucked the status quo of the GOP dinosaurs. For 12 hours and 52 minutes the junior Senator from Kentucky…


Interview with Anonymous Insider: Govt Surveillance & Big Brother 2.0

Washington D.C. Conservative Report Online (CRO) welcomes Greg W. Howard to the show. Greg joined Conservative Report Radio last week, and aired his inaugural Thursday broadcast last night. And what a bombshell Greg’s first show…


Radical Anonymous Leader Infiltrates Right Wing

by Patrick Read Meet Neal Rauhauser the Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST); a website that represents the social-media interests of Progressive Candidates running for office. Rauhauser is also a former writer for the radical Daily Kos…


EXCLUSIVE! Stop Rush Linked to Daily Kos & MMFA

Washington D.C. By Patrick Read PPST: Neal Rauhauser’s List of Volunteer Social Activist & E-thugs Above is a 2010 photo album containing a list of the militant thugs connected to the now “banned by Daily…


G-MAN & the Tidal Wave: Ending Corruption of Obamacare

The Conservative Report founder joins G. Gordon Liddy ”Live From DC,” after American Patriot Ken Blackwell, beginning at 18 minutes & 22 seconds. Scroll to the half-way point on the audio bar, and listen to Agent Liddy & I discuss Obamacare…