Ted Cruz: Defeating the Media

How many times have you watched a left wing anchor host a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news, and as the interview proceeds you grow more & more angry or uncomfortable?  I’ve been there a million times.  We…

Proven-Conservative-Ted- Cruz

The Mainstream Myth: Ted Cruz Can’t Win

“Ted Cruz can’t win”. So are the many myths forced on society by a weakened establishment and liberal media regarding Ted Cruz’s chance at presidential politics. These silly myths are parroted by those who have been evangelized by establishment Republicans,…

Dick Morris-Conservative Report

Power Grab: Dick Morris Joins Conservative Report, Will Stauff

Noted political strategist and author, Dick Morris, joins Conservative Report Radio with Will Stauff to discuss his latest best seller “Power Grab”. There is an ominous mesage and dire warning for America from best-selling author and political insider Dick Morris,…


Ferguson & NYC: The Post-Racial President?

America was supposed to be living in a post-racial society by this time, six years ago. Foreign policy problems were to be minimized as well, seemingly as simple as hitting a button for those so inquisitive, and with some initiative….

Plan B

Christmas Grinch Scrooges US Voters: #FireBoehner!

Many of us who call ourselves Conservative Patriots are a little bit blue and down in the dumps this Christmas. After all, we recently celebrated electing the largest majority in the House of Representatives and also received a clear majority…

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John Boehner: Con-Artist Supreme

The only way we can speak about the disaster that was orchestrated by Speaker John Boehner and his leadership weaklings in the House Thursday night is to simply call it what it is, so here goes. All Republicans in the…

Boehner Grinch

More Debt! John Boehner’s #Christmas Gift to Exiting DEMS

Shortly after winning such a historic mid-term election in 2014, Speaker John Boehner promised the American voters that he’d fight Democrats, “tooth and nail”, on President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty & resulting legislation.


Attention, GOP: Kill the Lame Duck Congress

Thanksgiving is over. By now all the leftover turkey is gone, but the sweet memory of a great American Holiday with family & friends remain. Meanwhile, an ugly duck also lingers about & now is the time for a post-holiday…