Chris Christie: Anti-Christian Moderate

Fox News Radio personality Steve Deace is one of the best spokesman for social conservativism, and speaking-out against the hypocrisy within some evangelical circles who have been duped by the media and its culture war. This includes Karl Rove’s attack dog, Ann Coulter, who Chairs GOProud and endorsed Chris Christie in 2012. Coulter then rejected the base continually during the 2014 primaries, yet the election led to a Conservative landslide giving the GOP the Senate & more House seats.
Deace gave his opinion on the Culture War against Christianity quite clearly when he posting on his facebook page:

“The most pathetic thing I’ve seen on social media today (and in while, which is saying something):

Christians are defending and lauding Chris Christie, a man that signed a bill into law that would put you in prison for sharing the Gospel with same-sex attracted people. There are plentiful reasons why the GOP establishment, who have betrayed us time and time again, want this guy.

If/when this country sadly collapses, it will be we Christians — not the statists,not the liberals, not the atheists, nor those dreaded libertarians — that will owe history and the future an apology. For it will be on our watch this happened, because we refused to put Christ and His Word ahead of our worldly entanglements and attachments.

And because too many of our churches chose worldly affirmation and acceptance over justice.Do not be deceived. God will not be mocked. A man (a culture as well?) will always reap what he sows.”

Below is a video of Pastor Cary Gordon and I talking extensively about this awful, unconstitutional law that effects the church and all Christians:

Can you imagine if all social-conservative evangelicals were on the same page, calling-out corruption for what it is, regardless of who’s party a politician belongs to? Can you imagine what all Christians would be able to accomplish politically, by holding politicians to the same standard as their pastor or their own kids? Set aside the self-professed moderates and professional Establishment shills. The Christian vote in politics is the strongest voting-block in America boasting over 70% of all Americans. It only makes sense to stand firmly by the Christian ideal.


I’m talking about a great-sea of conservative Evangelicals, Christians and Catholics who buy into the “evil of two-lessers” argument, as promoted by moderates on Fox News.  Erick Erickson has used the term “clapping seals” for voters who are fooled by their Congressmen, telling their voters how conservative they are on symbolic votes .

Politicians use this approach to cover up their terrible voting records. Let’s take the“clapping seal” analogy even further to the Social Conservative evangelicals who make all their political decisions by listening to Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, George Will and other Establishment mouthpieces on Fox News.

Consider Karl “Kevorkian” Rove, who certainly does his part to help the GOP commit suicide was on Fox News Sunday.  He made the odd statement that somehow Chris Christie taking responsibility for this scandal gives him street cred for the TEA party.  Unfortunately there are enough clapping-seal, Fox News viewers who check their brain at the door and agree with him. They don’t even realize that Rove is running interference for Chris Christie. Did you see how Rove jumped down Bob Woodward’s throat, whining about the media double standard for Obama?

TEA Party conservatives could give a flying crap how the media is covering this Christie scandal compared to Obama. Newsflash, as it stands Chris Christie is just as corrupt and self-serving as Obama and the media is doing it’s job and should be applauded. Oh this is just a political bunch of nothing It’s not criminal. Oh really? then why are indictments coming down the pike and people involved in this are pleading the fifth? Crying about the media handling this is largely irrelevant in regard to Chris Christie being accountable and responsible for his actions. The grassroots are sick and tired of conservatives letting Republicans off the hook. If Obama did this you would be howling like rabid dogs.  This waa waa waa about the media actually fuels the left’s suggestion and narrative that those that oppose Obama are racists.


The “clapping seal” analogy also goes to people buying into evangelical leaders like James Dobson and Max Lucado who have spiritually convoluted reasons for supporting amnesty.  This is how the decision making goes for most who fall into this group; “I watch a panel on Fox News and whoever sounds the most reasonable and smart on any given political topic I agree with.”

Chris Christie is the latest terrible example. The same Christian conservatives who were quick to say, “There’s no way Herman Cain is not fooling around with these women” (based on absolutely zero evidence) are quick to come to the defense of Chris Christie with overwhelming damning evidence that he is responsible for traffic-gate.    “Oh but what happened in New Jersey is just politics it’s a bunch of nothing.” Really? Is that why Christie hired a criminal defense attorney, and people involved in this are pleading the fifth?

If you support Chris Christie, then you are whitewashing his terrible attitude, corrupt ethics, liberal politics, and his abusive treatment of fellow Republicans while undermining conservatism which the “midwestconservative” does a great job of explaining in his redstate article. 

When Christie was elected in 2009 his Jersey attitude was refreshing now it is only hurting everyone that represents the Republican party.  I was ready to join Ann Coulter hand in hand in seeing Christie run for President when he took on the teacher’s unions in all those classic youtube videos. What a difference a full term and a romantic walk on the Jersey Shore with Obama makes.  What genius put Chris Christie at the head of the National Governor’s Association? His attitude only causes tension within the party.

Erick Erickson gave a ton of examples how King Christie and his minions treat others.

“He and his staff operate as divas. I have had congressmen, governors, and the staffers of congressmen and governors tell me horror stories about dealing with Christie’s people.  All of them seem to dread it. One congressman told me he wanted to talk to Christie about a matter and the staff would not put him through and would not even give him the Chief of Staff to talk to.  A governor told me that Christie’s staff treats incumbent governors as if they are low level staffers there to serve as Chris Christie’s advance team.  A Chief of Staff of a governor once told me that Christie’s staff began lecturing the Chief of Staff’s governor about the set up of an event and what that governor needed to say . Both the Chief of Staff and governor were rather hacked off by the arrogant tone.  Another senior staffer told me that after dealing with Christie for an event, they decided they ’d rather focus on drawing celebrities for instate functions because the riders and demands of celebrities tend to be much easier to deal with.”

MidwestConservative from RedState also does a great job of documenting even more of these offenses:

“ Christie has a long record of being rude even to those of his own party.

a) He was fairly rude to the Romney campaign team ( though they were also rude back) and this goes back to long before the election and the “Obama hug.”

b) He was douchetastic towards any Republican who even suggested we had fiscal responsibility when passing the Sandy Aid Bill.

c) Quite recently I came across and article about how he forced Jindal to be the RGA chairman of this year ( Christie had originally been scheduled for 2013, while Jindal would’ve been 2014′s chairperson). 2014 is a better year for someone to make connections nationally. There are only two Governor’s races in 2013, one of which was Christie’s, The midterms have the most Governor’s elections out of any election year.

d) He recently tried to remove the Republican Senate Floor Leader and replace him with someone else at the behest of the Democrat Senate Floor Leader. The Minority Leader had spent a lot of resources targeting the Majority Leader ( who narrowly survived reelection) some blamed this for the fact that the NJGOP didn’t make any gains in the State Senate ( they were expected to make as many as 3) 3 other incumbent Democrats survived. However this wasn’t the whole story behind the removal attempt. You see the Republican Floor Leader had been getting into fights with his Democrat Counterpart for some time. Christie, in order to appease the Majority Leader, backed a challenger to State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. Junior is the son of former Governor Tom Kean Sr. who is also Christie’s “mentor.”

Now the removal in this case failed, but the reasons behind it were petty. It wasn’t because Kean Jr. was too conservative ( he’s less conservative then Christie) or because he was too much of a moderate ( he wasn’t attacking Christie the same way Lincoln Chafee attacked Bush) he was in fact simply doing what any opposition party does. Oppose. Christie didn’t like it. The way Christie behaved is certainly not how someone ( regardless of whether or not they’re in politics) treats a friend. And since Tom Kean Sr. is considering Christie’s “mentor” and confidant, I assume his son is a friend, or was a friend. ( Christie has known Kean since the early 80s).”

Christie’s politics for the most part on many issues is in lock step with liberalism.  He is in no-way a right of center Republican. Wouldn’t you love to see the Establishment mouthpieces on Fox News make the comparison between Chris Christie and Nanny Bloomberg regarding gun control (which would never happen).  Oh Will, now your just taking it too far, there is no way you can make that comparison! Well, why not?  He’s been for similar gun control measures passed in New York and Colorado.  He believes in the false religion of Global Warming and he’s not one of these Republicans who just says this to appease the left and the media. He’s a true believer.  He’s no friend of those who would like to expand energy.

It’s not just one issue or two when it comes to politics, Christie runs the whole gambit: Common Core,  Support for Obamacare, supporting same-sex marriage by refusing to appeal the unconstitution law in his state, Amnesty and as Steve Deace put it, signing a bill into law that would put you in prison for sharing the Gospel with same sex attracted people.

Christie has done absolutely nothing to advance conservatism or even Republicanism in his own state especially when he makes underhanded political decisions to advance the Democratic party.   Look at how Chris Christie helped Cory Booker in the open Senate seat in New Jersey by setting a shorter primary and election schedule that favored Cory Booker when it was in his power not to.  Look at how Christie accused Republicans when they questioned all the pork in the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill.  Christie is about Chris Christie and Chris Christie only.   He is self serving and a cancer in the Republican Party.  Look at how Chris Christie the chair of the Republican Governor’s Association  refused to campaign for Cuccinelli in Virginia.

Chris Christie an enemy of Christ, Christianity and Conservatism.  Do not be fooled because God will not be mocked.



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66 thoughts on “Chris Christie: Anti-Christian Moderate”

  1. Want to know about Fat Boy RINO? This was from three years ago and every word stands true today.

  2. You lose me on this one.
    A moral equivalency comparing Chris Christie with Obama: calling Christie, “The Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative Governor”?
    Christie is not my number one choice, neither was Mitt Romney, but I voted for Mitt. Would it have been better not to vote? Many did, and we have a socialist in a full sprint to transform America within the next several years and a Republican Leadership of Eunuchs!
    I could support Cruz, Walker, and a few others. I would totally support a third Party Conservative.

    If Christie should win (not, God forbid Jeb Bush), sorry..but the “devil you know’…trumps, in my view. Peace.

  3. ann1895Carol says:

    NewJersy has 100s of thousands of people who owe 10s to 100s of thousands in child support and NEWJERSEY won’t go after them. Yes these people are as old as 80 and were never enforced to pay back. Check the records!

    1. What happened to this messed up generation? In New York, we always called child support, “Mom and Dad” – not government.

  4. god says:

    Christie is pro life for one’s entire life. And BTW, the picture of Lincoln on the top of the main page is stupid. You nutjobs love to talk about Christianity so do as Jesus says, give to the poor etc. instead of having us pay taxes so the ultra rich collect subsidies and get billions in tax breaks that leave the middle class with the bill. You’re all being used by the Nazis. Nationalization, kill unions, lower wages, religion etc are all Fascism.

    1. Patrick Read says:

      Christie is a progressive – but the more the merrier – let Romney, Christie & Jeb Bush all run.
      We don’t need lessons on socialism, national socialism or fascism. Freedom – including economic freedom – is just fine with us.
      PS: Obama run health care,
      Obama run Finance,
      Obama run Auto,
      Obama run Real Estate,
      Obama run Education,
      Obama run religion & charity.
      What’s left, knucklehead?

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