Nuke, Bio, Chem: Iraq, #WMD & Terrorism

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As the liberal media recovers from its hard-pressed “Iraq war fatigue”, all sarcasm intended, the attached video depicts Bill Clinton laying out the reasons for his bombing Iraq. It was just a few short years prior to 9/11 & the World Trade Center attack. Clinton justified his bombing Saddam Hussein for his WMD and link to Al Qaeda.

WMD-HalabjaPictured right are some of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that the Democrats seem so hard pressed to locate regarding Iraq. It is a live action photo of the city of Halabja being attacked with chemical & biological weapons of mass destruction. His use of WMD is one of the reasons that Saddam Hussein was tried, found guilty of war crimes, found guilty of genocide and subsequently put to death for the protection of the “global society”.

Not since Adolf Hitler has the world seen the likes of Saddam Hussein. Like with Hitler, the modern world also tolerates genocide by way of willful ignorance, isolation or non-interventionism, leading to hundreds of thousands (millions in the case of Hitler) of dead civilians. The same genocide is playing out across Syria, as both Bashar Assad & Al Qaeda rebels continue to attack the civilian population.

Everyone recalls TIME magazine’s infamous headline from 2003, “Follow the Yellowcake Road“, and most are still waiting for their follow-up investigatory report, “Yellowcake Road Located in Iraq & Retrieved”.

2003: Greenpeace finds Yellowcake in Iraq

NBC News certainly reported the fact that Yellowcake — used to quickly enrich uranium for nuclear capability — was indeed located and retrieved from Iraq. It was 2003, after George W. Bush invaded with resounding support from Democrats in 2002. First broken by Wikileaks, even libertarian leaning Fox News reported the retrieval of yellowcake used to produce nuclear weapons. The report was even supported by Snopes: a somewhat left-leaning fact check organization.

Greenpeace, of all the far left organizations, reported locating yellowcake in Iraq circa 2003. Together with Special Force Operations, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) went onto confirm the report of its retrieving yellowcake in Iraq.

Going all the way back to the 1980s, Iraq has not only possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, but led by radical Sunni’s of the Baath Party, Saddam Hussein used his WMD on his own population because of religious difference — much like Hitler’s Holocaust against the Jewish people during World War II.

Would Hillary Clinton say to Jewish people that “Hitler was their problem & they better get serious about it“, like she recently said of the genocidal Taliban-5 who were released from GITMO by the Obama administration? In Iraq, the minority Sunni population was represented by Saddam Hussein, who killed in mass the northern Kurdish population and Shi’ites as well.

2003 CIA confirms Yellowcake in Iraq

The genocidal attacks were carried out under the direct orders of Saddam Hussein by “Chemical Ali”, Saddam’s cousin. So the reader understands, one of the results of American soldiers liberating the Iraqi people was the trial of Chemical Ali & Saddam Hussein, both of whom were found guilty by their own people.

And like the Nazis of Nuremberg, Saddam HUSSEIN & Chemical Ali were both hung for “crimes against humanity”. The Left Wing continually points their accusatory-finger at the Right Wing. They howl bloody-murder over the Iraq War. Below-right is a picture of Halabja, Iraq being attacked by Chemical Weapons (WMD) under the direct command of Saddam Hussein.

“It was Bush’s War. He only did it for his daddy”!!

“There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction & Iraq wasn’t linked to Al Qaeda”!!

“The war wasn’t even about terrorism — it’s about Iraq’s oil! ‘No More Blood for Oil”!!


Saddam Hussein’s WMD used on Halabja

These are the basic tenants of a thoughtless liberal, anti-military, blame-America-first modus operandi. It’s how the far-left vies for public support, but none of their statements are based on any fact, whatsoever. These anti-American arguments made by careless radicals are only made to serve their own political agenda and done so despite our military, who are selflessly serving overseas.

Radicals shout these accords at the sake of the men and women serving to protect their rights, when more often than not, most radicals never served a day in uniform and wouldn’t know about military affairs anymore than they know about 1040 IRS forms — ask Timothy Geithner.

Let the below two videos do most of the talking. The first one is Bill Clinton admitting to bombing Iraq in the 1990s during the Monica Lewinski scandal, when President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for false official statements, and obstructing justice



President Clinton refutes every sonnet of the far-left’s anti-war, blame-America, electoral battle-hymn. Let’s be perfectly clear, there is nothing humane about using human-suffering only to further a political agenda. After all, America did not attack or collude against itself. To believe Bush used the vehicle of war to drive his own political career is as communist-far-left as Van Jones’ belief in a 9/11 cover-up.

Clintons and Morsi

Bill Clinton greets Mohammed Morsi, and Hillary Clinton welcomes him into power

Let’s not forget about this little tid-bit of information from the Global Security Organization, citing the UN Inspector’s report on December 4, 2002

“UNMOVIC inspectors found mustard-gas filled artillery rounds at Muthanna, Iraq”.

If the question is, “after 9/11 did Iraq have Weapons of Mass Destruction ,” than the answer is yes. Scroll down to see what mustard gas looks like when used on a population — like Saddam Hussein used on his own.

1) Bill Clinton bombed Iraq in December 1998 because of Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Program.

2.) Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, testified under oath that al-Qaeda’s chemical weapons plant manager met in Baghdad with Iraqi nerve gas expert, Emad al-Ani. Iraq aided Bin Laden in producing chemical weapons (WMDs) and the plant was subsequently bombed in July, 1998.

To summarize, first Clinton took-out Bin Laden’s plant and then he bombed Iraq, much like President George Bush. Bill Clinton also failed to take out Usama bin Laden in 1999. When given the chance in Afghanistan, and snipers had bin Laden in their cross-hairs, Bill Clinton said, “stand down” — this was just two years prior to 9/11, and subsequent Iraq War.

Below is the 9/11 Commission following the Islamic terrorist attack on America in 2001, demanded by Democrats and honored by Republicans. It recounts actionable intelligence about bin Laden while Clinton was President. The same “9/11 truthers” are nowhere to be found regarding the Islamic terrorist attack on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi.


“Bush’s daddy” moved Iraq out of Kuwait after a Democrat Congress once again voted to invade. “Bush’s Daddy” was in & out in three months time. The most recent ‘Iraq War’ was not done for his daddy’s benefit at all, because in fact, after Hussein invaded Kuwaitt in 1990, Desert Storm/Shield was considered the greatest invasion in military history. It was not a defeat and nothing in need of “vengeance” from his son. What a weak & utterly selfish argument from the far left & once again, at the sake of those serving to protect our freedom in uniform.

Soldiers sacrificed during the Persian Gulf, and now the radical far-left says it need be avenged? 9/11 need be avenged, dear left. Some call it Justice, while others call it “providing for the common defense”.

Furthermore, IF there were no weapons of mass destruction, then who was Saddam’s cousin, Chemical Ali, and why were there 7-10 mass graves uncovered in Halabja, Iraq? Of course they had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hussein used them to kill 1 million Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War.

Does the Left actually expect people to continue to believe their proverbial smoke-screen about the war, when Iraqi Courts– comprised of the Iraqi people — found Saddam Hussein guilty of genocide? As a Sunni radical — who also comprise the Taliban & are radicalized throughout Pakistan — Hussein was hanged for “crimes against humanity”. He was indeed a terrorist during a war proclaimed on terror — voted for by Democrats.


Soldiers uncover another Iraqi mass grave: genoicde

Not too mention, Saddam Hussein circumvented worthless UN inspectors for nearly a decade, including post-9.11 when the International Community demanded Hussein be forthright. Instead of cooperating, Hussein demanded a televised debate with President Bush — much like Ahmadinejad did with Barack H. Obama throughout 2010.

The 9.11 Commission also uncovered that Hussein was funding suicide bombers in Palestine to the tune of $25,000 per family. The total amount spent by Saddam funding terrorism carried out on Israel was $10 Million.

Finally, if the war(s) with Iraq were really about oil, then why would Democrats block America from producing its own to begin with, and instead favor reliance on radical Islamic countries? Can we please, for the sake of our honored military sons & daughters being killed, at least begin producing our own fossil-fuel in America? Going back to the 1980’s, the far-left has always limited the American production of oil to only 2% of OUR natural resources. If the war is really because of oil, then it is the direct result of Liberal policy which blocks our own production. Hint: the war was never and is not about oil.

Iraq only contributes 5% to OPEC‘s total & are very weak in refining. If America was going to attack a nation for it’s oil then it would be Venezuela — who contributes 17% to OPEC — the most of all other contributors, and they are run by a radical dictator right in our own hemisphere.

Of course using facts always seem to get in the way of the Left’s own selfish, political opportunity. The only conclusion to draw is the Left is only serving themselves and governing its people with an iron fist while deriding its loyal military sons and daughters.

Below is another video of top ranking Democrats, everyone from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi admitting that in fact Saddam Hussein did possess Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chem, Bio & Nuclear and underneath is a recent Conservative Report Radio show.

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