#CTgov: Media Compares Self Defense to Terrorism

Connecticut has recently passed a very strict set of gun laws.  The backlash is coming from  a gun manufacturer based in the state.  But do the citizens of Connecticut know the truth or are they being fed ideology by the press?

Here are some articles running in the press. In an editorial in the New Hartford News the paper attacked gun owners aggressively and in a shocking statement attacked a victim of violence. Here is an excerpt from that editorial.

Over and over again, “gun rights” organizations and the gun and ammunition manufacturing companies that bankroll them have used the term “law-abiding citizens” to argue against new restrictions on assault-style rifles, high-capacity ammunition magazines and even closing loopholes in the country’s background check laws.

These regulations only harm “law-abiding citizens,” they argue, not the “criminals” who are causing the gun violence in America’s cities and in mass shooting murders such as Aurora and Sandy Hook.

The overwhelming majority of gun owners, including those who testified before the Connecticut General Assembly earlier this year, respect the law, are the “good guys with guns,” and shouldn’t be given a bad name due to the law-breaking actions of a few, they claim.

The problem, of course, is that everyone is a “law-abiding citizen,” until they are not. That includes Nancy Lanza and her son. That includes the people who bombed the Boston Marathon last week and murdered a police officer (who was not saved by being armed, nor by 9,000 “good guys with guns” who were after the “bad guys with guns”).

This from the paper of record in Hartford.  Nancy Lanza is a law breaker?  The woman who was killed by Adam Lanza, her very troubled son, is far from a criminal or law breaker.  And for the New Haven News, for the New Hartford Editors, to even imply this shows the bias they have against guns, in general.

New Hartford News then goes onto lump the Boston bombers into the group of law abiding citizens, even though the only way they could have acquired their guns is by breaking the law!

 The men who set off bombs in Boston acted solely with evil intent, and to insinuate they were “law abiding gun owners” could be not be further from the truth & serves as more evidence of how low the far left will stoop to drive their false narrative. In fact, it should be called a lie, one intentionally perpetrated against the people of  Hartford, Connecticut.

If you are  a gun owner, this might be a good time to go to the article located here and leave a respectful comment.  But that is just one paper.

In an article published under “NEWS,” the New Haven Register “discussed” a company that makes guns in Connecticut. Now, imagine you are an employer doing business in a state that just outlawed your product.  You have two choices, either adapt or leave.  Actually, per the genius of the New Haven Register, you may still leave and you can also adapt to conform to the law. 

Here is an excerpt from the article titled “Stricter Gun Laws Shake up Connecticut’s Firearm Industry.

Each time tougher gun laws are enacted, the firearms industry responds by retooling to get around a weapons’ ban (emphasis added) and this time is no different.

They did it to serve the huge California market by offering a “featureless” centerfire semiautomatic weapon built on the AR-15 platform, and the “bullet button” to get around restrictions on military style components and detachable magazines.

Mark Malkowski, president of Stag Arms in New Britian, where all his AR-15 rifles are on the expanded assault weapons ban just adopted by the state as part of its attempt to lower gun violence, said he is looking at a prototype that can possibly be sold in Connecticut and New York in light of their new restrictions.

So, to Mary E. O ‘Leary of the New Haven Register, the people who make firearms are evil & try to evade the law — the tool & tool-maker are evil, but not the tool’s operator? What makes her asinine opinion so egregious is that the newspaper published her radical rant, containing purely left leaning and subjective commentary debase of fact, as “news.” Had this been a letter to the editor, it would be a decent point of discussion, but “the story” is instead being framed as news.  You can read the whole article here.

As it were, the only thing newsworthy of O’Leary’s hit job, is that her editors allowed her insidious injustice of the vast majority of Americans to slide as “news,” or even newsworthy.

Sandy Hook was a tragedy, people died, and it happened at a place we assumed our kids would be safe.  But “more” Gun Free Zones are not the answer, especially since almost every mass shooting has one thing in common—they happen in Gun Free Zones. Forcing citizens to register a clip (as Connecticut is doing) is just another stupid idea. Dumb laws come from knee jerk reactions to tragedy, and they survive due to the misinformed public who has been trained to think a piece of paper will protect them from bad people.

In the end the press in Connecticut is selling a Pig in a Poke to the people.  I sure hope they aren’t buying it.