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Pope Francis: DEMS Attack Christians as ISIS Beheads Them

Ocotber 06, 2014

Join Conservative Report with Patrick Read & the Conservative Party’s 1st Chair of Jefferson County, William Read.

Tonight’s Topics:

“Plurality & Split Votes: A Conservative Tidal Wave” by James Dick

Veterans Opt-Out Choice, STAT” by Patrick Read

Progressive’s War on Christians: Redefining Religious Rights” by Patrick Read

“Pope Francis: DEMS Attack Christians as ISIS Beheads Them” by Patrick Read

Trust in Mainstream Media Hits All Time Low” by David Howe

Obama Armed & Trained ISIS in Syria, Storming Baghdad” by Patrick Read

“Obama Ignored ISLAMIC STORM Before Benghazi Attack” by Patrick Read

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May 20, 2012

GOP Primary, VA Scandal Rocks Admin, Freedom Agenda & Dems Ignore Benghazi

Conservative Report Radio with Patrick Read & Keith the Ranger

Super Tuesday: Third Party & Split Votes Rules the Day, Again: McConnell Wins, Conger (OR) & Smith (ID)

VA Fire Shinseki

VA OIG Aware of Wait List MONTHS Before Scandal

Freedom Agenda

Benghazi: State Dept Funded & Trained Ansar Al Sharia

Special Forces Denied Cross Border Authority


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May 15, 2014

Inteview with Steve Deace on Rand Paul Voter ID & Heritage on Feminist Museum


Join Will Stuff as he interviews Catherine Rosario from Heritage Foundation speaks with me on how to stop the Feminist museum endorsed by Marsha Blackburn: Yes, pro-life issues do make a difference.

Steve Deace addresses Rand Paul’s contradiction on Voter ID, marriage and abortion.

Matt Unger from Iowa discusses his latest piece on regarding Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz and how the GOP ruling class fights the grassroots.

James Dick from Conservative discusses his latest piece about Plurality and why Conservatives in primaries must unite behind one candidate.

Finally, a chat with D.A. King from the Dustin Inmann Society on the latest issues regarding Amnesty in Georgia, and the USA.

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May 14, 2015

Benghazi Select Committee – MMFA, OFA, Right Wing Posers & Blog Wars

Join Conservative Report Radio tonight with Patrick Read and Keith the Ranger.

On tap is the Benghazi Select Committee.

State Dept Funded & Trained Ansar al Sharia

Special Forces Denied Cross Border Authority in Benghazi

Arming Al Qaeda in Benghazi: Videos, Drones and Valerie Jarrett

And Twittergate 2.0: OFA, Daily Kos, MMFA & Right Wing Posers Targeting Conservatives on Social Media

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Daniel Horowitz of Madison Project, Common Core Fight in OK & House Approves Benghazi Select Committee

May 6, 2014

Many topics and interviews tonight!

  • Catherine Rosario from Heritage Foundation explains why we must pressure DC to stop the Export Import Bank.
  • Daniel Horowitz from The Madison Project exposes the lies and game Ruling RepubliCrats running in GOP primaries.
  • Jenni White from Oklahoma leads the charge in stopping Common Core in Oklahoma and discusses the latest bill to do just that.
  • Matthew Ung is a GOP operative in Iowa who’s been harrassed by fellow GOPers for his stances on life and abortion.
  • Walter Jones from Morris News Service breaks down the U.S. Senate race for us.

Finally in the 2nd half of the show, the Benghazi Bombshell with Patrick Read: the House finally moves on a select committee.

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April 30, 2014

Obama Admin Orders Benghazi LIES, Israel & Ukraine Cry, US Veterans Die

Join Conservative Report tonight with Patrick Read in a father-son special with William Buckley appointed Chair of THE Conservative Party, Mr. William Read. Tonight’s topics include:

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April 23, 2014

Ex-CIA Morell THUNDERSTUCK by USAF Veteran & 20 Year Army Ranger for Benghazi

Join Patrick Read on Conservative Report Radio with Keith the Ranger to discuss the lack of security and military repsonse to the terrorist attack on 9/11:

Morell Thunderstuck by Veterans for Benghazi

The Video: Obama, Moris Blame US, Coptics & Israel for Benghazi

Outsourcing Terror: The Purpose for Benghazi

State Dept Funded,Trained Benghazi Terrorist Ansar al Sharia

Benghazi: Videos, Drones & Valerie Jarrett

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May 1, 2014

Faith, Family and Freedom with Will Stauff

Tonight’s top guest is Syndicated Columnist Cal Thomas to talk about his brand new book, “What Works”  Cal is always entertaining and always compelling to what is going on in politics and the Culture.  Cal will be joining me in the 7pm Hour.

– C Edmund Wright author of the book, “WTF How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost Again” stops by to talk about his latest article in The American Thinker about John Boehner 

– John Stone will be joining us once again to talk about his candidacy for the GA12 race and The Bundy Ranch Fiasco.

– Jordan Debbink a 23 year old guy who works at his local Pregenancy help center in Wisconsin joins me to talk about his new book aimed at Millenials called “Heros of Faith”

 Dave Pennington is running against Nathan Deal for the GOP primary for Governonr of Georgia.  He’ll stop by to talk about his race and candidacy.

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Breaking Benghazi at House Intel: Ex-CIA Morell Gets Confronted, Michelle Bachmann and Mike Rogers 

April 2, 2014

Today, Conservative Report attended the House Intelligence Committee in order to cover Mike Morell’s testimony regarding the terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi, for which there still has yet to be a military response (1 year, 7 months and counting). We were able to quesiton Mr. Morrell, who is now working for a private consulting firm linked to Hillary Clinton, and ran from our question.

Chairman Mike Rogers and Representative Michelle Bachmann were kind enough to provide some answers regarding outsourcing military ops to foriegn countries and their militias, who went onto kill Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Ty Woods.

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Pro-Life Youth Marches for Children on DC with Patrick Read

January 21, 2014

Mere days before Americans took their annual stand for the equal right to life, and descended on DC to March for Life, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that “Pro-Lifers, Pro-Second Amendment & Pro-Traditional Marriage people have no place in New York.” So, now the sign reads No Christians & No Catholics?

Wendy Davis’ false narrative imploded as she was proven to be a liar. She lied about being a mother (she lost custody of her children) and even lied about paying for school (her rich husband footed the bill).

In 2013, the good guys who were standing up for the equal right to life won major victories, and whether or not politicians & pundits choose to ignore the overwhelming polls and people that support the right to life, we look forward to even more victory in 2014!

Features the Director For @ProLifeYouth

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Faith Family and Freedom with Will Stauff on Conservative Report Radio. We will be discussing my latest article on Chris Christie on why he’s anti-Christian and anti-Conservative.

Guests joining me in the first hour will be:

Patrick Read CEO of ConservativeReport.Org

Pastor Cary Gordon from Conerstone World Outreach Church. 

Rick Shafton New Jersey political consultant from Neighborhood Research/Mountaintop Media.

In the second hour guests joining me will be:

Author and Columnist C. Edmund Wright

Former DEA agent and author Robert Mazur 


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August 9, 2013

The Veterans Show featuring Conservative Report Founder & Host Patrick Read joined by Featured Conservative Reporters: Chip Jones, Andrew Amedee and Doug Matthew Stewart. Tune-in & listen to Conservative Report drop a proverbial bombshell regarding the Benghazi scandal. And a first for Conservative Report Radio, as 3 generations of Veterans appear on the show, including (yes, my father) the first chair of the Conservative Party (Jefferson County. NY) and Korean War Veteran, Bill Read. Below the radio player are the articles featured in the show.


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SAMs Proliferated in Libya by Doug Matthew Stewart (3/26/2011) Article states 20,000 surface-to-air missiles (SAMS) were being sold from Benghazi. This revelation was supported at the very first Oversight Committee on Oct. 10, 2012 by Eric Nordstrom’s testimony.

Obama Denies Benghazi Hit Despite State Dept Testimony by Patrick Read (10/10/2012) The first article written about the cover-up of the Benghazi Terrorist attack, published on the day of the first Oversight Hearing

The Video: Obama & Morsi Blame USA, Coptics & Israel by Patrick Read (10/22/2012) No one can explain the attacks on Chris Stevens prior to the YouTube video & Mohammed Morsi’s subsequent, deceitful blame-game. If the attack on 9-11 was really result of “a hateful YouTube video,” as Hillary Clinton & the Obama administration contends, then explain the attacks on Stevens by Ansar al-Sharia prior to the video being posted.

Protecting a Traitor: Mainstream Media’s Refusal To Cover Benghazi by Andrew Amedee (Oct. 29, 2012) The media are full of lap-dogs who subvert the truth for their own benefit.

Benghazi Gun-Running Linked to Russia, China, Iran & Syria by Chip Jones (11/16/2012) The Geopolitical issue, supplying Russia & China with natural-gas via a pipeline running from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey; and into Georgia (which Russia still “occupies”). How it involves Benghazi: the “gun running” center for radical Islamist.

Outsourcing Terror: The Real Purpose of Mission Benghazi by Chip Jones (12/6/2012) Details the small arms trade between Qatar, the United Arab Emirates & the US at Special Mission Benghazi. This is also the first article that correctly states that Benghazi was not an Embassy, but was a CIA annex.

Critical Benghazi Question: ‘What Caliber Ammo?’ by Chip Jones (Jan. 22, 2013) Following up on the small arms dealing, the question is asked, what type caliber ammunition was retrieved from the bodies, after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

State Dept Funded & Trained Benghazi Terrorist,  Ansar Al Sharia by Patrick Read (Jan. 22, 2013) Per Regional Security Officer (RSO) Eric Nordstrom testifying to Rep. Dan Burton, “the Libyan Government considered Ansar al Sharia to be part of the Libyan militia.” Ambassador Charlene Lamb then testified to the “State Department ‘backfilling’ (outsourcing) US Special Forces” responsible for protecting Chris Stevens with the Libyan Militia — which includes Ansar al Sharia, who is comprised of Al Qa’ida in Mahgrib (AQIM) — “the military arm of the Kurds” (terrorist).

Benghazi: The Sound of Silence by Andrew Amedee (Feb 8,2013) The media continues to ignore the Benghazi terrorist attack

Cross Border Authority: Congress, Ask the Right Benghazi Questions! by Chip Jones (June 9, 2013) Clearing the air, the difference between a “stand down order” & “cross border authority.”

BREAKING! Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief  by Chip Jones (8/05/2012) Featured by Rush Limbaugh as his lede story, the day after its release, the responsible party for denying “Cross Border Authority” finally comes to light. FOUR independent sources now confirm that it was Valerie Jarrett who denied authority, leaving our valiant fighting men there to die, alone on a lonely rooftop in Benghazi.



Fiscal Cliff, Newtown Prayers, Arms Control & the Benghazi Bust

Patrick Read

Join Conservative Report founder Patrick Read, and featured writers Chip Jones & Andew Amedee from 7-9pm.  Fiscal Cliff History & the American Revival – A plan for Newtown & Education – Gun Control & The 2nd Amendment (don’t just illegally arm criminals)

Benghazi Breakout as State Dept Reps resign in disgrace & dodge hearing

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Artur Davis, Vernon Parker (R-AZ) & John Grant join Wayne Dupree on Conservative Report Radio 

Artur Davis, Vernon Parker (R-AZ) and John Grant join Wayne Dupree on Conservative Report Radio to analyze the 2012 Election. And Conservative Report helps a caller from Chicago, who has had enough of Big Govt and red tape.

Listen-in as she calls out Gov. Emmanuel for ignoring the housing dilemma—the sub-prime economy has failed her and her child.

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Douglas StewartOversight Hearing: Obama Admin DENIES 9-11 Benghazi Blowout!

Today the country finally got some insight into the killing of Amb Stevens. In addition, Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) were stolen from munitions depot in Benghazi by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahrgreb. Originally reported in March of 2011, it was verified by Eric Nordstrom that 20K missiles went “missing.”

The State Dpt is back-paddling, claiming to have never blamed the attack on the film, “The Innocence of Muslims.” But Pat Read has audio that makes Hillary a laughing stock regarding her denial of the video-link. Following news from Egypt, Libyan security contractors relayed intel back to the US. By Sept 2011, we confirmed the models of the SAMs as Russian made IGLA-S capable of taking down civilian jet liners with ease. As a guest on the Strictly Right show with Ben Swenson and Andrew Lawton I attempted again to warn the world of extremely dangerous events happening under the radar in Libya.

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Producer of Run Away Slave, Reverend CL Bryant: Barack Obama Destroys Black Families

Conservative Report: Join Rev. CL Bryant, producer of “Runaway Slave” the movie, as he shares his thoughts on freedom from the Democrat Plantation. K. Carl Smith, Founder of Frederick Douglass Republicans, will also join us and speak of the original Republican roots and history of Black Americans. Noted Twitter users and celebrated bloggers @NewsNinja2012 and @DieselLady will share their experiences and trials as they have tried to spread the message of conservative values. Join us to hear a message that few can ignore. The only path to real freedom and equality is the conservative path.

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The Veterans Benghazi Terror Attack: Stalling, Treason, Murder & Cover-Up

Hosted by Patrick Read with CW Jones III and Andrew Amedee. Join Conservative Report Radio as we uncover NEW INTEL. The Veterans will source the untold story, discuss routine ops, uncover the geo-politics involved & ask: After Benghazi, can the US Military still trust its leadership? Call (914)338-1776


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ALL Taxes Over a Cliff: Lincoln, Liberty, Unity & George W. Bush


Join Conservative Report Radio today as Benin Brown (@BeninB) discusses the newly passed Fiscal Cliff deal. We’ll also be looking at how the US tax policy came to be the tug of war that it is today and perhaps most importantly Benin poses the question, “What’s next, for conservative Americans?” Listen in as Conservative Report Founder, Patrick Read chimes in on the subject with Benin & the two have a great discussion relative the future of the Republican Party. Links to research: Dems Led Astray byFalse Ideology: A History of Economic Demise, America Teeters on Fiscal Cliff: Doing Right for Freedom’s Sake & Show Notes

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April 3, 2012

The Battle For Liberty with K Carl Smith and Rev. CL Bryant

Conservative Report Radio! Patrick Read welcomes back Rev. CL Bryant (of Runaway Slave – the movie here) and K Carl Smith (author of Frederick Douglass Republicans here) to discuss the radical left (history here) & the growing racial tension surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. Asia Reeves, a rising social-media power player, will also appear to talk about American values. Abraham Lincoln quote here

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