#Conservative Beats McCain, Romney

John McCain (Sen. R-AZ):: Obstructionist Republican Clown

It’s been just over one week since the Republican National Committee (RNC) allowed Virginia to be taken-down by Libertarians & Democrats, who are now fully engulfed in a massive Obamacare controversy & trying to defend its outright fraud by blaming Conservatives. There are lessons that Chairman Reince Priebus need learn, along with the squishy entrenched-establishment, who clearly don’t know their left from right.

Last week, with Bill O’Reilly as their lead spokesman, the establishment continued to falsely lay-blame for Ken Cuccinelli’s loss upon the “partial government shutdown.” Without coming-out and directly saying it, various other Fox News contributors also began parroting that the Cuccinelli loss was due to Conservative stalwart Ted Cruz, whose filibuster-like maneuver affixed the nation’s eyes strictly upon the Obamacare nightmare.

“The shutdown cost Cuccinelli any and all government union support,” RINOs cried. What they don’t say is that Northern Virginia, where government union employees populate, are full of progressives who always vote Democrat, just like they did when McDonnell won four years ago. RINOs also neglect to mention that government-union employees received back-pay, so never even missed a paycheck result of the shutdown. Instead, they enjoyed a 3 week long paid vacation.


Still, the establishment falsely claims that the attempt spearheaded by Senators Ted Cruz & Mike Lee, to avoid the calamity of Obamacare by defeating the mammoth socialist program before allowing even more wasteful spending, was the primary reason Cuccinelli lost.

To the contrary, and as the below research more than proves, the shutdown is the primary reason Cuccinelli almost pulled off the impossible: a victory against all odds while opposing two parties—Democrats & their ever so socialist-issue-friendly LIBertarians—with nary an ounce of support from his own party or the RNC.

Now, the slow train-wreck of Obamacare is being witnessed around the world as more than 5 million plans have already been altered by Obamacare, and therefore discontinued. Again, Obamacare already changed the insurance plans. The ACA gives older people & men maternity coverage, gives younger people geriatric coverage and gives women prostrate coverage, all while robbing you blind. All the additional coverage mandated by your government comes at a much higher price. The plans that were altered by Obamacare & subsequently canceled are non-existent, even if the President is asking for a do-over. Just imagine that for a moment—the same government now in charge of your very life, is asking you for a do-over regarding your care while simultaneously asking for your blind trust, once again.

Typically more than one person is covered per individual plan. Multiple people under one plan are what we in America call, “a family.” An employee doesn’t require an additional plan to cover their spouse and children. So in fact, more than 5 million people were not allowed to “keep their healthcare plan,” even though they liked it so much that they chose their plan. Additionally, more than 5 million people were not allowed to “keep their doctors.” Instead of “saving Americans $2,500 per year,” more than 5 million people saw their premiums sharply increase and now, even more people have skyrocketing deductibles.

Yet the establishment on Fox News is now hiding the same Conservatives responsible for the massive groundswell of support in opposing Obamacare. Instead, show after show on Fox News is thrusting forward the very same RINOS who once endorsed socialized-medicine, to now “lead the charge” against Obamacare, which was started by Cruz and Lee on one lonely day in September.

Fox News insisted on blaming Conservatives for actually using the leverage afforded the people by the Constitution, in keeping their promise to DEFEAT OBAMACARE. After being blamed by RINOS, Ted Cruz returned to a Texas convention sponsored by the “Concerned Women Voters” and received a solid eight-minute long standing ovation. Then Cruz went onto appear on late night television with Jay Leno, and received rousing applause in California of all places, while talking about the failure and outright lies of Obamacare.

Where did Sebelius go other than directly before a Congressional hearing to “not really answer” the pressing questions asked of her by the nation.

And now Conservatives are seemingly being told to SIT DOWN and SHUT-UP as their claims about Obamacare have all been realized, right before the very eyes of every American. The best advice for the ever-so-soft Republicans & the centrist Moderates is simple: step aside and let Conservatives lead this charge. Moderates are so successful at winning that they lost when running Bob Dole, they lost when running John McCain, and lost when running Mitt Romney. On the other hand, Conservatives like Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush not only won their elections, but also won their re-elections. It is time for the RINOS to step aside, especially considering the importance of getting this Obamacare-fight done right.

The shutdown was about Obamacare, which has been front & center ever since, especially in the wake of its collapsed website on October 1st—right in the middle of the shutdown, when all eyes of the nation were already affixed on Obamacare, thanks to Senator Ted Cruz.

Fox News seems to be too proud to place the blame for the Cuccinelli loss where it belongs, which is squarely on the shoulders of LIBertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis. Watching the results announced on Fox News was downright embarrassing, as host after host refused to even mention the LIBertarian’s name, or the impact of yet another LIBertarian candidate had in handing another election to Democrats. Note: Cuccinelli is not the first candidate to get Ross Perot’d in recent years.

Pro Life TeaSome rightly point-out that LIBertarians are classic-liberals. In other words, yesterdays Democrats are todays LIBertarians. And like yesterday, Libertarians & Democrats still refuse to accept the essential liberties of our Charters of Liberties: “that all are Created equal and are Endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights, and among these rights are Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness.”

These unbreakable rights are only what Abraham Lincoln relied upon in order to realize the Declaration of Independence, and attain liberty & justice for all.  These unalienable rights are also what separates LIBertarians from Conservatives. It is strictly a matter of Government force, as represented by Democrats & LIBertarians, versus Freedom & Justice for All, as best represented and secured by Conservatives.

Like centuries past, modern Democrats & LIBertarians (or Democrat-lites) believe that by Government force, they have every right to preside over God-given rights. Now Democrats & Libertarians contradict the First Amendment, while promoting laws with respect to establishments of religion. They selfishly support the Government abridging the free practice thereof. Clearly, Democrats & LIBertarians want to test history with their attempt to repeat the totalitarianism from whence this country was founded. And they selfishly now submit that states do indeed have the authority over a person’s life, remaining as they did 150 years ago, still standing in staunch opposition to the 14th Amendment.

On the other hand, Conservatives understand that even Born Again Christians, Baptists, Lutherans, Evangelical Christians and Catholics are Created free & equal too. Free to practice their God given rights without government mandates and without government intrusion over their faith. We celebrate life, as opposed to its destruction. Conservatives do not promote reforming religions using government force. And while some Libertarians believe that smaller government is always better, they fold like cheap-suits when it comes to “socialist-issues.” Then it’s “government has every right to preside over one’s faith, especially in the name of fairness.” Is it somehow considered fair by Democrats and Democrat-lites to use government force to reform religions? Keep treading down that path, and you will find how unfair reforming religions by government-force really is.

If, as some Fox News Contributors claim, “LIBertarians are the wave of the future,” then you may consider this Conservative a screaming falcon, soaring high above the frothy discontent from down-under of those hypocritically sharking for their big-government way, while forcing their so-called *morality onto everyone else.


A little research and some critical thought about the Cuccinelli race serves to clear the air & set the establishment lies to rest, as promoted by the CEO of Fox News,  Rupert Murdoch. The Australian native slams the UK’s radical left-wing BBC & Guardian, but simultaneously agrees with them. In most American quarters, this practice is called hypocrisy.

Murdoch is proudly LIBertarian, which is why LIBertarians have taken over Fox News. It’s also the reason why Conservatives have left the Fox News audience in droves, opting instead for the crossfire of CSPAN, talk radio and the internet. A Lefty now defines what the lunatic-left and progressives call, “extreme right-wing news.” The Labour Party advocate, who backed Obama & Clinton, has also all but placed a muzzle over the mouths of any Conservative remaining on Fox News.

Considering that Murdoch’s daughter, who is slated to takeover the operations of Fox News, did fundraising for Barack Obama in 2008 makes clear the “new direction” of the News-Fox. Elizabeth Murdoch charged $1,600 per plate and raised $400,000 for Obama’s campaign on America. It shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, after all, Rupert Murdoch himself endorsed Hillarycare Clinton in 2006, citing her ability for “fairness” for some groups of people, but not all groups. Murdoch also has a long history within the Labour Party, both in Australia and in England.

In clear denial of 2012, now Murdoch’s pigeons are singing the high-praises of another establishment Republican, Chris Christie. Yes Rupert baby, run Bernie Madoff’s former lobbyist–that’ll be sure to pick-up some votes.

It’s just more of the same. Most Libertarians cannot stand Conservatives, especially regarding the government ruling over religion (aka “socialist issues’). This is the main reason why Libertarians (classic-liberals) and RINOs (Progressive Republicans) always get stuck losing elections. One just need consider the Cuccinelli race as proof, or better yet, consider the 2012 Presidential Election.

The vote did not turn-out for Romney for obvious reason. He’s a progressive with regards to socialist-issues, like the right to life, socialized medicine, education, housing, climate change, energy etc etc Romney was a socialist-liberal on all  fronts. He even wanted Romneycare in each state, which is nothing less than Obamacare. Romney had no education reform to speak of & it was divulged in the primaries that he profited from the government fraud of mandated subprime loans via Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Romney was pro-green energy waste, he promoted a $2 per gallon gas tax, and even floated out a value added tax.

Finally, a Romney advisor also openly stated that “the GOP would never repeal Obamacare, but only try to fix it.” Even after the four-year-failure of overspending and unanswered attacks on America, Romney still got less votes than did McCain. Why? Because Conservatives do not vote for Progressives. Period.

Here is the Washington Times following the establishment suit of Fox News, falsely proclaiming “Shutdown Seen Helping McAuliffe, Hurting Cuccinelli

While the establishment refuses to accept any culpability for the malfeasance of the RNC, who pulled funding in September leaving Cuccinelli outspent by McAuliffe by a ratio of two to one, and then falsely blaming the shutdown for Cuccinelli’s loss, Conservative Report has taken the liberty of gathering the polling data to refute them.


To the right is the polling data from the shutdown through the highly miscalculated results of the gubernatorial race. The shutdown began on September 24 and lasted until October 16, 2013.

The polls show a 7 point lead by McAuliffe over Cuccinelli on September 25th (one day after the shutdown) and only an 8 point lead by McAuliffe over Cuccinelli after the shutdown. A difference of 1% and it was still well off course!

If ever there was a reason to doubt so-called “right-wing pollsters,” it came during the shutdown as Fox News & Rasmussen were caught padding the Presidential Approval Rating, doing their “level best” to convince Conservatives they were losing and dash out any hope left of defeating Obamacare.

With eyes wide shut, the same RINO cheerleaders are out front right now, trying to convince people of what a lie really is. Maybe Bill O’Reilly will even try to re-define the meaning of the word “is,” for us foolish Americans. The establishment media is trying with all its might to cover for the many outright Obamacare-lies, because deep down inside, the establishment is just as desperate to get their greedy hands on your care, to manipulate the people’s very right to life. The same big government crowd are now trying to out-liberal the liberals in many respects, especially while trying to help Democrats fix Obamacare. They do so while in firm denial that their result is a direct impact on your life. It’s your health care and nobody else. How about letting people directly deciding what kind of health care plan best suits them, instead of forcing your choice for their care onto them?

Still, moderates refuse to accept that Cuccinelli did better in Virginia than did the hand-picked establishment losers of McCain & Romney, both of whom lost Virginia by more than Cuccinelli, despite the third-party FRAUD, Robert Sarvis. The RNC spent three times the amount on McDonnell ($9 million) just four years ago, but the establishment refused to stand by Cuccinelli, who was outspent $36 Million to $19 Million.

Upending every poll worth its salt (and there aren’t many polls even worthwhile) Cuccinelli only lost the race by 2.5%. Most predicted a McAuliffe landslide, but Cuccinelli only lost by a razor-thin margin, a feat accomplished even while opposing the “socialist-issue” favoring liberal (aka RINO), Robert Sarvis. On the other hand, Romney lost Virginia by 3% and McCain lost Virginia by nearly 6%. Each of the two candidates had the full support of the RNC, and neither had to run against a third party fraud. Yet, Cuccinelli lost by a more narrow margin than both RINOs, even as the RNC bailed out on him while he was in a three man fight.

Lessons Learned from the Cuccinelli race

Recall the first debate, when McAuliffe only led by 4% over Cuccinelli. After the shutdown and vast amount of attention shown to Obamacare, Cuccinelli picked-up more support and only lost by 2.5%. Regretfully, moderates have tried to excuse Sarvis’ role in handing McAuliffe the race by pointing out that Sarvis took 3% of Democrat votes and only 4% of Republican votes, which would seemingly leave Cuccinelli 1.5% short of winning. However, their analysis falls short of stating how many Democrats would have voted for Cuccinelli without Sarvis on the ticket. Democrats like College age voters, who Cuccinelli won by 6 points. Cuccinelli could have also picked up more moderate votes too, of whom Sarvis absorbed 10% of the vote. Cuccinelli easily won the independent vote over McAuliffe 47% to 38% — but again, Sarvis syphoned another 15 %.

How could so many pollsters have gotten it so-wrong, regarding an Executive Race in a purple state that has huge implications for 2016? It’s simple. The pollsters refused to see what was happening right in front of their very own eyes, as Cuccinelli was lifted upon a Conservative tide. As McAuliffe gained more and more money from outside the state, including the tainted funds of the Teachers Union, Conservatives boldly took their message of honesty to the streets, and more importantly to social media.


While Mitch McConnell was busy helping himself to $3 Billion dollars worth of Kentucky Kickback and simultaneously promoting to do away with the need for future debt limit extensions, Conservatives were busy working. And while McConnell relies on the most moderate of all social media sell-outs, Conservatives more than proved their power.

It seems that Freedom is a pretty easy sell to most people who appreciate the truth and not mere campaign rhetoric.

While he is fully entrenched with the moderates of the National Bloggers Club (NBC), Mitch McConnell not only opted for a big, fat serving of taxpayer PORK, but also made the promise of “No more government shutdowns over Obamacare.” Libertarians are not Conservative, my fair-weathered NBC friends. Instead, they are yesterdays Democrats only putting a spin on their tired, “socialist-liberal” platforms.

As the Founder of Conservative Report, and with past experience in College Student Governments, our team took the Conservative message directly to the student body of each major university in Virginia. The good thing about the student body at most colleges and universities is that they truly do have an open mind and are willing to consider all sides of an argument before settling on which side best represents them.

Another fact about college students is they are well underrepresented by so-called Student Governments and their social clubs of division.

Conservative Report decided to represent the Conservative message, not by going through a national committee, but by bringing it directly to the student body. Not only were we making calls and out shaking hands, talking about the unifying truth of the Conservative message, but we pounded the left on social media, targeting the colleges and universities with the same.

Cuccinelli-young-votersFor example: most college students were shocked to learn the truth about the plague of the public schools, although some were not. The sexual abuse of children by public school teachers, who are then defended with legal aid by their public school unions, is nothing less than deplorable. Outrage became determination, as more & more students learned the truth and shared the same with many more friends and neighbors. Even as the word got out, McAuliffe accepted another $3 Million dollars from the NEA (public teachers union) which fueled even more fire. The Democrat was funded by the guilty party, still abusing public school children.

For one of the first times in recent history, a Republican who was not even contesting college campuses, overwhelmingly defeated a Democrat who was desperately trying to keep the youth vote. Cuccinelli won 18 to 24 year olds by six points and wasn’t even vying for their vote, which is traditionally Democrat. How did this happen?

While Cuccinelli was busy rallying his base, Conservative Report rallied the collegesVirginia TechUniversity of VirginiaGeorge Mason UniversityVirginia Commonwealth UniversityGeorge Washington University, and the College of William and Mary.

Ken Cuccinelli was merely painted by unrelenting, left-wing attack ads as “too conservative,” but for a guy who pledged to protect Virginia’s current abortion laws, which are quite liberal & out of touch with most of the world, Cuccinelli did not fight back when attacked with McAuliffe’s “war on women” mantra. Cuccinelli would sheepishly say, “Yes, I am pro-life and I don’t back away from it.” But he also failed to defend his pro-woman position, which is disappointing especially for a proud Catholic whose religion acknowledges our Blessed Lady, who is none other than a woman. He also failed to point out McAuliffe’s anti-woman record of supporting Obamacare, which only leaves women with less choice over their health.

Hopefully, this is a lesson learned for Cuccinelli and any other Republican candidate: You cannot merely absorb outrageous-attack after attack being mounted by such a vulnerable adversary, without returning a volley of rebuttals, refuting the false-allegation and making clear the hypocrisy projected.

So Conservative Report starting rallying the woman vote, too. Many fine ladies of the Old Dominion were shocked to find out that Obamacare neglected first payment coverage for Mammograms, unlike the insurance plans that they had, that they chose and they wanted to keep. Shock turned to anger when even left-leaning women learned that not only did Obamacare’s author, Elizabeth Fowler take a job with the same pharmaceutical industry that Obama made a $80 billion dollar closed-door deal with, but the breast cancer medication AVASTIN was also banned under Obamacare for no good reason, per the Inspector Generals report.

Cuccinelli-Surprise-Wins-Youth-VoteCuccinelli didn’t mention this fact one time, but rest assured, Conservative Report more than made women aware of the result of trusting Obamacare to make their health care decisions for them.

So while the committed left-wing try to convince each other that the pro-choice vote is what cost Cuccinelli the race, the fact is the pro-choice power was all but cancelled out by the Obamacare-lies and its neglect. Many polls claimed McAuliffe was leading Cuccinelli with women voters by 20%, but McAuliffe’s lead and the false narrative was quickly whacked in half. Cuccinelli gained more than half of that support back. In fact, according to the NY Times, a majority of independent voters and a majority white-women voted for Cuccinelli. Meanwhile,  New York Magazine proudly professed an end to the power of  “single issue, pro-choice voters,” which is hardly a crushing defeat for Conservatives.

Conservatives were begging Cuccinelli to drop the Romney playbook of 2012 and start fighting back. For the longest time, the only word that Cuccinelli would mention is “jobs.” There are more issues facing the nation and the great state of Virginia than just “jobs.” If the only thing people cared about was “jobs,” then Mitt Romney would have won in 2012 instead of turning out a lower vote than McCain.

The smart Conservative does not bend, nor bow when it comes to our founding principles and the freedoms they allow all Americans to enjoy. Instead, the smart Conservative has a backbone made of slowly tempered, cold hard steel. Let’s hope the Republican Party is more like Ted Cruz, who Cuccinelli should have begged to come rally with him in Virginia, instead of trying to out-liberal a liberal. When liberals attack a person as much as they have Ted Cruz, then its a key-indicator of who to rally along side with while stirring up the vote.

The smart Conservative will always show stark contrast to their progressive adversary, and base their candidacy on Freedom vs Government Force.

Recently, Cruz replied to McConnell’s promise of “no more shutdowns’ by saying another shutdown over Obamacare is entirely possible. After all, Democrats shutdown the government on Ronald Reagan six times, and did so while he was trying to end the Cold War against Communism. Is socialized medicine less important? I think the obvious answer is of course not.

DEMS-NEA-Public-Teachers-Union-Child-Sex-AbuseAll hands are on deck to defeat Obamacare, and have been since it first went unread by Nanny Pelosi before passing the mammoth socialist-program.

And as Democrats scramble to “fix” the unfixable, in order for people to keep their health care plans if they want their health care plans, please recall what Bill Clinton actually said, “Even if it means changing the law, I believe Obama should keep his word and let those people keep their plans.”

Obamacare already changed the policies of over 5 Million insurance plans, which have now been discontinued because Obamacare changed the policies of over 5 Million insurance plans. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be corrected by REPEALING OBAMACARE, which should have required two-thirds vote to pass, but the Democrats overlooked the Constitution while ramming it down America’s throat.

As our representatives feverishly try to figure a way for their political lives around the wreck that is Obamacare, the most simple and pure solution is to allow the individual-market to compete across state lines.

“It’s kind of like car insurance.” 

Foster a vibrant and diverse environment in each state, by allowing Health Insurance Companies like CIGNA, AETNA and even Blue Cross – Blue Shield to take advantage of the inter-state commerce clause. Lifting the state over-regulation that bans inter-state trade, and allowing the people the right to choose their own care would actually drive down cost, and wouldn’t cost a single red cent.

When allowed to compete across state lines (as opposed to merely propping up in-state monopolies) you will find that the more insurance opportunity is supplied in each state, the demand for insurance will be driven down along with the cost. Thus you will have successfully lowered the cost of health insurance, and done so by relying on free market principles, as opposed to relying on socialism.


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