#DDay: Obama Celebrates Surrender

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Early June is a historic time in American history, when our country pays honor to an earlier generation who secured major victories leading to the retention of global freedom through the Allies victory in World War II. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s actions with the Bowe Bergdahl scandal has cast a pall over our celebratory plans for D-Day, the invasion of Normandy & Liberation of France. What’s more, is Obama’s practice of trading terrorists for deserters is likely to make every American abroad a target for prisoner exchange, risking serious consequence in the future.

Seventy-two years ago on June 4, 1942, American Naval forces scored an amazing victory at sea. It was the Battle of Midway. The Japanese Admiralty never fully recovered from the heavy loss of ships, especially aircraft-carriers, and the brutal air war over the island created sea battle-zones that quickly became an advantage for our forces. It was the turning point that allowed American forces on land, at sea & in air, to finally go on the offensive as the slow slog toward the Japanese mainland continued.

USA-FreedomPerhaps just as important as the strategic, situational change; was the improvement of troop morale in the Pacific theater. Our troops had been taking one beating after another. With the difficult climactic conditions and the requirement to make do with limited equipment until the war machine was fully functional, the victory at Midway gave America hope for better days to come. And hope was just what the doctor ordered.

Moving the time machine forward two years, to June 6, 1944; the successful liberation of France was a calculated gamble that would have been disastrous if not successful. The Invasion of Normandy opened the European theatre to Allied forces from England. For the first time in the war, Germany had to face-off against a huge influx of Americans who were closer to home, while Hitler simultaneously battled Russia on their eastern front. Incurring heavy losses, it took nearly a year for the Allies to sweep across France and the Benelux countries before entering Germany. The momentum of the war shifted and was on clearly on our side.

Now let’s move forward seventy years to the current time, early June of 2014. What a difference time makes and what a sad change we find in the way America handles her military matters. From a position of strength, victory and honor, America has gradually regressed to the point of today, as the President of the United States honors a soldier who is a military deserter at best, or possibly a traitor, while giving the enemy in return five of its most vicious killers who were held at GITMO.

How long will it take for these ruthless, amoral killers to strike again? After all, it’s reported that they are being treated as heroes in Qatar and that they have freedom to go wherever they want. It can’t be long before they show up back in Afghanistan or anywhere in the world that Islamic terrorism rears its ugly head, hungry for vulnerable Americans to snatch-up towards the next terrorists swap.

In the meantime, the plan is to leave 9800 military personnel in Afghanistan in support and advisory roles. Will they be given the authority to defend themselves when they find themselves, as they surely will, in harm’s way? Or is it more likely that an Obama compliant Pentagon will assign a staff lawyer to track their every move for possible discipline for doing what they have been trained to do?

This week is a time to honor those of the greatest generation, who gave their all in the fight against encroaching tyranny which, had it been successful, would have changed the very way we Americans live. Take the time tomorrow to honor them. Fly the American flag high in their honor. They deserve every accolade that they have been given and are truly heroes.

Obama-Bergdahl-NY-Daily-NewsAs for Bowe Bergdahl and the five senior Islamic terrorists released unilaterally by Obama in total disregard of Constitutional law, we can only hold them and this action in utter disdain. Obama’s surrender to radical Islam, who brought down our World Trade Center & attacked our Pentagon, is an insult to every American. Obama’s surrender is especially egregious to those brave troops who who were either killed in action or spent months searching for a man who wanted to disown his country. A man, who by all accounts from his platoon, sought out the Taliban in order to help them. Hopefully, the sergeant will be investigated and brought to justice. With justice served, hopefully the families of those who died searching for Bowe Bergdahl can at long last find some peace and begin a difficult healing process.

It is ironic that this dastardly action is best represented by a slight change of that famous quote of Obama’s “spiritual advisor”, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Instead of the “chickens coming home to roost”, we now find it is Obama’s anti-military chicken coming home to roost.  When Obama celebrates Bowe Bergdahl instead of those who have fought and died for this country and our freedom, he is disgracing the entire country. The one he is supposed to lead.

God bless America and may He help us to get our great land back on track in the tradition of the real America, the one we remember and love. And may officials who have taken part in this dishonor to America, either repent of their heinous action or be replaced by those who honor her. Nothing less will restore the dignity and honor she so rightly deserves.




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