DEM POTUS & Terrorist Attacks

01 Benghazi terrorist test run in June
With a focus on Foreign Policy, everything will be on the table: from the Benghazigate murder of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods; to an Iranian-Chinese Nuclear Smuggling Ring involving the US & Philippines, to the most recent FBI indictment of 10 in conjunction with Russia caught exporting US Missile Tech.  One can safely assume, the Obama’s Rules of Engagement for prosecuting the War in Afghanistan will be touched on as well.

Most could be surprised when the economy is debated, especially since America’s lack of producing its own energy (see the Gulf Coast moratorium) has led to both parties saying “our dependency on foreign energy only helps finance countries who don’t like the U.S. very much.” With Obama “investing” $90 Billion dollars of tax payer money into the whims of his favored Green Energy failures—while at the same time sending billions to Brazil for off-shore drilling—expect Mitt Romney to capitalize on the administration’s poor excuse for halting both the Keystone XL project & its resulting high-paying jobs.  For which the Construction Unions are not happy with the Obama Plan.

Detailing a list of terrorist attacks below brings clarity to the situation under a Democrat Controlled Senate & Presidency. Each were carried out by Radical Islamic Jihadist on the United States from 2009 through October 2012.  While reading the list, please keep in mind the question—do you feel safer now then you did four years ago?

Attacks on America since President Obama took office:

1  Vinas  2008 – Bryant Neal Vinas  was an American citizen who converted to Islam and became radicalized. He travelled to Pakistan in 2007 and eventually joined an al-Qaeda training camp where he plotted with terrorist leaders to bomb the New York commuter system

Bronx synagogues  The plot began when the alleged ringleader, James Cromitie, then 44, met with an FBI informant at a mosque in Newburgh, New York.  Four men, with crucial aid from an informant, plot to bomb synagogues in Bronx, NY,  and shoot down a plane at a military base.

3  Little Rock  On June 1, 2009 around 10:20am,  Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a convert to Islam, fired an SKS semiautomatic assault rifle  at soldiers outside an Army recruitment center in Little Rock, Arkansas, killing Private William Long  and wounding Private Quinton Ezeagwula in a self-professed jihadist attack.

Boyd and Quantico  On July 22, 2009, Daniel Patrick Boyd (39), his two sons Zakariya and Dylan, as well as five other men were indicted by the court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  The indictment states that between the years of 1989 and 1992, Daniel Boyd visited Pakistan and Afghanistan and participated in military training for the purpose of “engaging in violent jihad.” All of the men were charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and to murder persons abroad.   On September 24, 2009 a superseding indictment charged Boyd and one of the men, Hysen Sherifi, with conspiring to murder US military personnel at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.

Zazi  Najibullah Zazi’s plot to explode bombs on the New York subway was disrupted with his arrest on September 19, 2009, terrorism analysts and officials called it the “most serious” terrorism plot uncovered in the United States since 2001 and one that elevates the  domestic terrorism threat to a “new magnitude.” Bruce Riedel, an Obama administration terrorism adviser, proclaimed that the plot was evidence  that “al-Qaeda was trying to carry out another mass-casualty attack in the United  States” like 9/11  and that the group continues to pose a threat to the country that is “existential.”

Springfield  2009  Loud mouthed jihadist plots with informants to set off a bomb in Springfield, IL.

Dallas  2009  Jordanian on a student visa rouses interest from the FBI in internet postings and, together with three agents, tries to detonate a fake bomb in the basement of a Dallas skyscraper.

Mehanna  2009  Well‑educated Muslim jihadist plotted to shoot up a shopping center in the Boston area and tried to join insurgency in the Middle East, but is arrested for spreading jihadist propaganda.

Killings at Fort Hood  2009  Military psychiatrist, Nidal Hassan attacked a military deployment center in Ft. Hood, TX,  killing 12 soldiers and one civilian. The Obama Admin purports the killing as a “workplace violence incident” and not a terrorist attack, avoiding Combatant Status and the benefits thereof, to the victims.

10 The underwear bomber  2009  Nigerian man caught attempting to blow up a US‑bound airliner with explosives in his underwear, but is subdued by passengers and crew.

11 Times Square  2010  Pakistani‑American gets training in Pakistan and on his own attempts to set off a car bomb in Times Square, New York City, New York.

12 Alaska  2010  Muslim convert in a remote Alaska town plots the assassination of 20 with the aid of an informant

13 Parcel bombs on cargo planes  2010  An effort by al‑Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to set off parcel bombs implanted in printer cartridges on cargo planes bound for the United States is disrupted

14 DC Metro-bomb plot  2010  Pakistani‑American aids FBI operatives posing as al‑Qaeda in a plot to bomb the DC Metro

15 Oregon  2010  Teenaged Somali‑American jihadist, unable to go abroad to fight, works with FBI operatives, apparently alerted by his father, to set off a van bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, OR.

16 DC Metro-Facebook  2010  Virginia man brags on a Facebook correspondent that he will bomb the Washington Metro soon, and is quickly arrested for making interstate threats, receiving a light sentence.

17 Baltimore  2010  Baltimore man seeks allies on Facebook for violent jihad, and the FBI supplies him with an informant and with a fake SUV bomb with which he tries to blow up a military recruitment center.

18 Texas  2011  Saudi student in Texas is arrested after buying bomb‑making materials and considering potential targets including crowded streets in distant New York and a local residence of former President George W. Bush.

19 Manhattan’s pair of lone wolves 2011  Upset with how the US treats Muslims around the world mentally ill American citizen, with accomplice and undercover officer, purchases weapons as the first step in a plot to blow up synagogues, the Empire State Building, and other targets in New York and New Jersey

20 Pentagon shooter  2011  A US marine reservist with jihadist literature shoots at military buildings in the DC area and is arrested as he seeks to desecrate the graves of U.S. veterans

21 Seattle  2011  Two financially‑destitute men, exercised over US foreign policy, are arrested in Seattle after they purchase an FBI‑supplied machine gun that they plan to use to attack a military recruiting center after they save up enough money to purchase bullets and other material

22 Abdo  2011  A US Army Private, unwilling to wage war on Muslims, is arrested after he buys ammunition and bomb materials to explode in a restaurant popular with soldiers

23 Model planes  2011  Seeking to “decapitate” the US “military center,” a hobbyist plots with police operatives to attack the Pentagon and Capitol with remote‑controlled model planes bearing explosives and then to assault the buildings

25 Iran and Scarface  2011  An Iranian‑American used‑car salesman from Texas, nicknamed “Scarface” from the results of an earlier street brawl, is arrested for engaging in a plot with another man (still at large) and with members of the Iranian government, and with a police operative to hire a Mexican drug cartel to blow up Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in a Washington D.C. restaurant for $1.5 million (wiring the operative $100,000 as a down payment) and to bomb the Israeli embassy in that city

26 Pimentel’s pipe bomb  2011  A naturalized US citizen and Muslim convert, hostile to US military ventures in the Middle East, seeks to make pipe bombs using match heads to attack various targets

27 Tampa 2012  Under suspicion after he walked into a store seeking to purchase an al‑Qaeda flag, an Albanian‑American loner plots in Tampa with a police operative to detonate a car bomb, fire an assault rifle, wear an explosive belt, take hostages, and bomb nightclubs, a police center, a bridge, and a Starbuck’s coffee shop in order to avenge wrongs against Muslims and to bring terror to his “victims’ hearts”

28 Capitol bomber  2012  A Moroccan man who had overstayed his visa for years and had been thrown out of his apartment for non‑payment of rent, concludes that the war on terror is a war on Muslims, plots with FBI operatives, and is arrested as he seeks to carry out a suicide bombing at the Capitol

29 Benghazi Attack in Libya kills four and destroys US Embassy.

30 Time Square Islamic Extremist arrested by FBI while carrying out a bomb plot on the Federal Reserve in NYC.

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