DHS: America’s New Gestapo

DHS Police2

In the shadow of a near flawless post bombing investigation in Boston lays a haunting image of the subtle, steady and pernicious “creep” of government police powers. As three more suspect were arraigned at the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston, the subtle, yet haunting vision of press microphones being guarded by DHS Police struck the most concerned amidst us, those who are watching our central government grow in its ability to control a populace otherwise left defenseless but dramatically at risk from itself.

Conservative Report Online has written in the past about the not-so-subtle creep of DHS’s enforcement powers, noting that it has four armed enforcement agencies under its purview: the Border Patrol, ICE, the Secret Service and the Coast Guard. Today we see a new subdivision called DHS Police. That report also correctly reported that the DHS was being used to enforce laws routinely enforced by other pre-existing Federal agencies. Reported there:

Now let’s go to a tidbit reported at Conservative Reports Online earlier, in a discussion of the arming of Libyan rebels in Benghazi. As was stated, US arms merchant Marc Turi had been legally supplying arms to both Qatar and the UAE. What we also, at that time, reported was:

‘It is of no little interest that a scant two months later, Marc Turi’s home in Arizona was raided by agents of the Department of Homeland Security. (emphasis added)  Mr. Turi stated that he believed that this raid, and the ongoing investigation into his arms dealing, is in direct response to his legal supply of US weapons to Qatar, and the fact that the Qataris “handed them out like candy”, with little concern about what factions received them.’

Why not ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) or the FBI? Wouldn’t these agencies be more logical to investigate this? Which of the 7 agencies under the DHS umbrella has the purview to raid a home for a firearms investigation?”

Yet, two days ago, this reporter awaited a news conference held by the lawyers for the three new suspects in the Marathon Bombing, and witnessed the entrances to the Federal Courthouse in Boston being guarded by armed members of the DHS Police, with their cruisers parked in front of the entrance, each protected in up-to-date body armor with the “DHS Police” emblazoned on the front — not “Border Patrol” agents — not “ICE” officers (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) — not “Federal Marshals”  —  not “FBI,” but DHS Police.


DHS Police2

At all times in the past, what one would have seen was federal suspects being transported to a federal courthouse by armed US Marshals. It’s what they do. You would have also seen, in an instance like this where the suspects were at greater risk of harm from the general public, was an enhanced presence from the Boston Police and the Massachusetts State Police on the sidewalk and in the general area.

In fact, even in those instances where the President of the United States visits Boston, like he did for the Interfaith Prayer Service a couple of days after the bombing, you see him guarded by Secret Service, but you find the areas outside the event his attends guarded by local and State Police.

This haunting image raises the question again, whether the Dept. of Homeland Security is truly a federal agency tasked with protecting the country from immigration threats from without, or whether is is being morphed into a superagency to protect government from the very citizens it is tasked to serve.



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16 thoughts on “DHS: America’s New Gestapo”

  1. George says:

    DHS should be defunded. Formerly the FBI could not get involved in criminal cases that did not cross state lines. There was a reason for that.

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