WW II Redux: Russia Invades #Ukraine

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The year was 1933 and Franklin Roosevelt was in his first of four-terms in office. The downtrodden passers-by no longer even paid attention to the dead bodies lining the streets of Ukraine. Joseph Stalin was the Socialist Dictator of the Soviet Union, and had food storage “for the masses” (like wheat) rotting away in warehouses, while millions of Ukrainians lay starving on the street, literally dying from malnutrition and yearning for freedom.

The genocide of forced starvation upon the Ukrainians came to be known as “Holodomor,” death by extreme hunger and intentional starvation. Ultimately, seven to ten million Ukrainians were starved to death by Russia and they consisted of a variety of different religjons: Orthodox, Jewish people, Muslims and Roman Catholics alike.

“The most fertile land & richest soil — the best harvest — the biggest lie — the best kept secret.”

The world found out, and did nothing.

Now I know what my Ukrainian ethnic wife meant when she uttered to me one day, “I can wait.” It still breaks my heart to this very day. Americans have no idea about this history because real history isn’t taught in our foul public education system, and I have an eerie feeling that there is a lot more to learn.

Karl Marx was the author of the Communist Manifesto. He despised all religion, and often said, “Religions are the opiate of the masses.” So, with his lack of morality, motivated by his atheist ideal and fueled by fake-science, Joseph Stalin thought it appropriate to limit the masses so that the noble-few of “mother Russia” could have a better quality of life. Prior to 1932, the Ukrainian farmers began questioning the futile system of redistribution of food. They were being forced to send their crops to an enslaving government, who ruled the farmers with an iron fist. The government told its farmers what to grow, when to grow and how much of it to grow, because ultimately socialism is about government control — they will tell you what to think, what to believe, what to say and how to say it.

In order to squash the rumors of Independence, Joseph Stalin then killed the movement by forced starvation. The Soviet (translated to Socialist) Dictator had the people “depend” on his evil government.

Herein lies the great socialist-myth in a nutshell. Socialists make promises while using propaganda of their want to “care for the poor,” when in reality, they only enrich themselves and their cronies as more & more people get more & more poor. It’s not the first time a population suffered mass starvation to the benefit of others. Only through acknowledgement can a society forgive the sins of the past and move onward with respect for human life, for which no monetary amount can possibly ever rectify. Life is an invaluable gift endowed by God — not by government, nor by its feeble minded men.

The early nineteen-thirties gave way to the late, and another despondent dictator was infuriated over his so-called loss of land during World War I. Adolf Hitler came to power through the German Worker’s Party, a militant Labor Union. Hitler was a National Socialist (translated directly to “Nazi”). The militant labor union went onto to become the Nazi Party.

The National Socialist Party planned to offer “authentic socialism,” or socialism for only certain groups of people. Contrary to European propaganda, it is far-left from what is “right wing” in America, who believe in the independence of people: not dependence on others, especially not on government, and for obvious reason: when the government revenue runs out, so does the life of its people.

In 1938, Hitler began his reign of terror by invading what he considered to be German territories. “The people in Austria speak German and are loyal to Germany,” submitted Hitler without reprisal.

Note the above: it is eerily reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s excuse to take Austria, and more to the point, the world let him do it.  Vladimir, you are certainly more than welcome to open your borders and allow any “Russian” living in Ukraine to return to their “mother.”

Hitler’s invasion didn’t end in Austria. He and fellow socialist, Joseph Stalin, signed a Non-Aggression Pact in 1939. Not only did Stalin accept Hitler’s plan to invade Poland, but he occupied part of Poland as well, before and after World War II. Russia went onto invade and conquer Finland, Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia. Germany went onto conquer Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France.

Germany and Russia were taking over all of Europe, with an eye on the rest of the world, and but for the Greatest Generation the two tyrants may have well found their mark.

Misery and suffering wasn’t over for Ukraine, not by a long shot. Hitler went onto invade Ukraine in 1941 and sent Roman Catholics, the Jewish people and Orthodox Ukranians alike off to Auschwitz, while crammed into trains like sardines. The Nazis murdered millions of Ukrainians and 10% of those killed in Auschwitz were Roman Catholic and Orthodox Ukrainian.

See Into Auschwitz for Ukraine by Stefan Petelycky (detailed in pdf at the end of this article).

With a sense of poetic justice, and perhaps contrary to some belief, it was a Roman Catholic that plotted to kill Adolf Hitler. Although Claus von Stauffenberg was not successful in the Valkyrie plot, the Catholic Church continued their opposition to National Socialism and Hitler. See the Virtual Jewish Library and how Catholics saved 860,000 Jewish lives. Quote: After the war, the Chief Rabbi of Israel thanked Pope Pius XII for what he had done during the war. The Chief Rabbi of Rome went one-step further and converted to Catholicism, taking the name Eugenio. It is a shame that we are not taught this in our public schools, nor are we taught many other historical events.

Sarah Palin predicted Vladimir Putin’s invasion on Ukraine in 2008 when she said, “If Obama is President, Russia will invade Ukraine, just like they did Georgia.”

To put the current socialist propaganda back into proper perspective, the “Euro Maidan” protest began November 2013, when Victor Yanukovych turned down a trade pact with Europe and instead courted Russia for a deal. Given the above history between the Russian government and Ukrainians, it is not too hard to understand why Ukrainians have an aversion to trading with Russia (especially if trade included food-stuff grown by Ukrainian farmers).

See Vladimir Putin’s “Nashi movement” (translated: Nazi movement). Putin’s Nashi are a group of thousands of hackers and bloggers that launched a cyber attack on Georgia before their invasion in 2008. Russia has been occupying Georgia ever since, with hardly a whisper of disagreement by any in the media.

Soon, people assembled in Independence Square, and began expressing their disagreement with the Russian friendly, Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine has only been free from Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, brought on by President Ronald Reagan, and his refusal to negotiate with tyranny. Ukraine declared their independence, developed their own constitution and formed their own representative government. They agreed to allow Russia to leave military bases, especially in the Crimea area (southern Ukraine). With part of their population still loyal to Russia, it was only fifteen years until ruthless politics entered the picture.

Viktor Yushschenko was loyal to Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) and was finally elected in 2004 after a repeated run-off election featuring massive voter fraud. His opponent was none other than Moscow loyalist, Viktor Yanukovych. During the election, Yushschenko’s appearance became noticeably troubling (pictured right). His health was rapidly deteriorating. When examined by physicians, it was found out that he was poisoned, almost to death.

Yushchenko served as President of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010, and his Prime Minister was a so-called oil tycoon, Yulia TomenschenkoYulia was named on Forbes list of most powerful women in the world, and she went onto run for President in 2010 against – once again – Moscow loyalist, Yanukovych. She lost the run-off election and was then imprisoned for so-called embezzlement, a charge leveled against many-a-businessmen in Russia. “If you have money, you didn’t earn that, it’s not your money” — might ring a bell.

On the other hand, she may well have been imprisoned for “slamming Yanukovych” over his remarks belittling Holomodor, and excusing Russian responsibility for 10 million dead Ukranians.

Yulia opposed being in trade unions with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Instead, she favored entering into a trade pact with Europe. Thus, the Euro Maidan Protest (protest for free-trade with Europe in Independence Square — Kyiv, Ukraine).

As we know, people have a right to assemble and address their government with grievances. The protest began in November of 2013 as mostly peaceful demonstrations, with very little controversy. Ukraine Police would go onto use tear gas & batons on protesters, who would throw the tear-gas canisters back in their direction.

Day after day, month after month, Ukrainians gathered in Independence Square in protest on the weekends, demanding Yanukovych accept the European Union free-trade offer, which included a demand for Yanukovych to make democratic reforms. The EU also demanded Yulia and other political prisoners be released from jail, understanding that business is not run by the government, nor should it be.

Month after month the Ukraine people’s call went unanswered by Yanukovich, who refused to release his prisoners nor make democratic reforms. The crowds swelled to over 800,000 on some weekends, and is now noted as the largest Pro-Europe rally in history.

Much like other countries wrought by socialism, Ukraine is in financial throws, but unlike most others, Ukraine only needs $20 billion: a relative drop in the bucket considering America’s debt of over $17 Trillion. Russia offered Yanukovich $15 billion and cheaper gas prices, because in Russia, the government controls the price of gas; not the people, who are the only ones driving the free-market.

The one thing that the Ukrainian people want, especially the large number of college students, was not offered them by Putin: A Representative and Democratic-Republic.

People don’t need to be good enough for freedom, they are just naturally Created free, and no amount of government intrusion can snuff-out the independence that burns in every human soul.

Some of the more isolationist in America report that they have no national interest in Ukraine, “we have no dog in this fight.” They would rather do nothing, and perhaps, Know Nothing too. To those reports it would be wise to remember that we are also in Syria, supporting Al Qaeda-backed rebels. We definitely have no dog in that fight, yet there we are, regardless.

Does America have an interest in our allies of Europe, or is the progressive ideal of mutually assured destruction worth the toll of an enslaved people, dependent on an uncaring and murderous government? Once again, the socialist-myth may lead some to think it okay for others to die, as long it’s not themselves and there’s money to be made. How long before that kind of evil visits your home? In America, we believe that all persons have an equal right to life, as stated in the 14th Amendment, passed by the Father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln.


Europe has a massive interest in Ukraine because 80% of all oil is supplied European countries through Ukraine, especially the North-West, where an oppressed people are demanding freedom in Independence Square. They demand freedom in Kyiv, through where most of the nurturing oil is supplied Europe.

Realizing the EU didn’t want to provoke Russia, they waited for months for a deal to be struck. Finally, in February 2014, Viktor Yanukovich turned down the offer from Europe. Yanukovych turned down the democratic reforms demanded by his people, and instead began negotiating with Vladimir Putin.

This is when the protest picked up energy. The above-right map is an example of the geopolitical element of Russia’s power grab in Syria, the reason they are still in Georgia and now trying to rule Ukraine with an iron fist.

Upon the news that Yanukovich was selling his own people back to the same country responsible for murdering their grandparents, now led by an ex-KGB officer, the Ukrainians rose up. Hundreds of thousands lined the streets of Kyiv — this time the Ukrainians are indeed paying attention to each other lining the streets, and are steadfast in determination for their right to Independence.

The first day of real violence came about on January 22, 2014. While Americans were marching for the equal right to life, Ukrainians were being brutalized by Yanukovich’s government forces.

One man heralded Americans while facing down the tanks of Communist China. Now, one man is heralding the free world, taken hostage for protesting against his tyrannical governor, loyal to Moscow, its oppression and atheistic will.

Thank God I’m alive,” said Dmytro Bulatov (Article continues below video)

Dmytro is one of those protesting his government, demanding independence. He works at a nearby auto shop in Kyiv, and was taken by an “unknown” group of men, speaking Russian on February 1st. He was held and tortured at an unknown location for more than a week, “they crucified me,” Dmytro said, “they drove spikes threw my hands, and sliced my face open.” He was brutally beaten, had his ear cut off, and was finally left for dead in a nearby forest.

There are several other stories just like Dmytro’s — unarmed civilians taken hostage, tortured, beaten and left by an unknown group of Russian speaking men. Throughout the last week in January there were multiple acts of violence. An unarmed population was fired upon, journalist were assaulted and arrested, even medics were beaten. Reportedly, the assailants were wearing Special Force uniforms.

Yet the protest for Europe, for the release of Yulia, and for independence did not end. Finally, on February 20, 2014 sixty unarmed civilians were shot and killed by snipers atop buildings, firing down on an unarmed population. Did their cry for freedom scare you, Vladimir?

All told, there are about 100 dead civilians, killed by their government with another 550 injured.

The world reacted and demanded an end to Yanukovich’s reign of terror against the civilian population. He stepped down from power, and went underground, only to reappear in Russia claiming that the protesters made him do it. The unarmed protesters that had been speaking for democracy for over three months, speaking for freedom, speaking for the release of a political prisoner “made him” kill unarmed civilians. That is not a representative government.

Yanukovich then declared that he had not stepped down from power, but only left for mother Russia for his own protection. He was not-so concerned about the protection of his citizenry.

Then Putin formed his military on the Ukrainian border for a so-called “military exercise.” Barack Obama warned him to stay out of Ukraine, “or there will be a cost.” Obama then went to a Democrat fundraiser and declared, “it is time for a Democrat ‘Happy Hour.” We should have seen it coming, it was deja vu all over again, just like he did when going to a fundraiser mere hours after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Soon afterward, Vladimir Putin ceded to Yanukovich’s constant begging for his hot support. Putin invaded Ukraine claiming he was “only invading to protect Russian speaking people of Ukraine.” It is eerily reminiscent of another national socialist, who also set out to take back what he considered to be “his property”–not only entire countries, but the people inhabiting those countries. He believed they were his property.


One must wonder, will Vladimir Putin also seek to protect Russian speaking people in America, too? How about another sovereign country in Europe? He has been occupying Georgia without resistance for six years, and now also occupies Ukraine. Citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia would be wise to be weary of the future repeating the past.

Russia then sent a Navy spy ship to Cuba, where America certainly has an interest. Vladimir Putin is running roughshod over Eastern Europe and is now boldly 90 miles from the shores of Florida, no doubt supporting another socialist dictator who is murdering an unarmed population in Venezuela.


One can certainly hope for a peaceful end to Putin’s madness, but giving into tyranny is not how John F. Kennedy and then Ronald Reagan were able to stop Russia in the past.

Since when does America negotiate from a prone position?

Taking the military option off the table, as Putin only surges his military action, is not a sign of the America most have come to love, honor and respect. Ukrainians might have no problem allowing Putin to retreat back to the property that he pays rent for — his military bases. If they are little worried about allowing his stay, one can certainly understand given the history.

If the world is too scared to stand-up to a tyrant like Putin, blaming others while killing and imprisoning his own, then the world and her people are already owned by Putin.

Sanctions are a good start to a diplomatic end of oppressive violence, however, there still remains over one-hundred unarmed people who were murdered by a tyrant. Yanukovich’s cowards atop a rooftop taking shots at an unarmed population, deserve justice — those who have been saying the same thing for over three months, “We want freedom. We want independence. We want political prisoners released. We want to join Europe.”


Ukraine remains as one of the largest pro-European protest in history. Let’s pray their call does not go unanswered by those isolationist too afraid to stand-up to a tyrant. My wife, my unborn kicking-baby daughter (Sarah Margaret) and I send our love to the freedom loving people of Ukraine.

We will never forget.

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