McConnell’s $3B #ACA Kickback

This has been over six years in the making, for the Republicans to break almost every campaign promise regarding the defeat of socialized medicine. To instead, follow their constituents demand for the free-market solution of inter-state trade. Making insurance available to consumers across state lines, limiting government control over the health care industry, and assuring health decisions remain between a Doctor, the patient & their families. We don’t want more failed government panels, pork laden politicians or their nonsensical policies effecting our health. As networks like CNN & Fox News are distracting the public with “such important topics” as Marco Rubio’s background with speeding tickets, or the latest public official forced to resign over their mishandling a misdemeanor charge; the RINO Congress is about to pass ROMNEYCARE.

Just in case the Supreme Court actually does its job & overrules Obamacare, which would demand it to rule according to the letter of the law & not just the poll of the day, the GOP is about to pass “subsidies” to extend Obamacare; breaking their campaign PROMISES to defeat the not-so Affordable Care Act. Mandating and then subsidizing health care is what led to RomneyCare bankrupting Massachusetts, and skyrocketing rates for paying consumers, whome are the vast majority of Americans. Like the Unaffordable Care Act, RomneyCare’s effect led to higher unemployment because of the burden of compliance with business. It also uses “independent panels” to afford abortions with tax payer money. Why wouldn’t the GOP keep its promise, especially when the country is still against nationalizing health care, and given so many campaign promises? The simple answer is that the GOP has once again sold-out the people in return for more campaign money, leading to more campaign lies.

From 2013

In breaking news last week, reported on a town hall-style conference call between Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell and GOP PAC Exec/Foxnews Contributor, Karl Rove over the Obamacare Shutdown. The two were talking among a group of campaign contributors with deep-pockets & Crossroad PAC advisers, who won only 7 of 21 races last election, hardly a winning record.

According to Breitbart, the subject of the partial government shutdown & subsequent Obamacare debacle was raised, and Mitch McConnell exclaimed,

“The Tea Party movement is nothing but a bunch of bullies. You know how you handle a schoolyard bully? You punch them in the nose and that’s what we’re gonna do.”

ObamaCare Train Wreck

The Blaze quickly tried to correct Breitbart, stating that “McConnell didn’t call-out the Tea Party, nor Senators Ted Cruz & Mike Lee. That McConnell only called-out the failed shutdown (led by Cruz & Lee) and the Senate Conservative Fund,” who happen to represent Cruz, Lee & the TEA Party. The Blaze fell rather short of providing any cover for McConnell & Rove, especially considering the reason for the shutdown, which is why McConnell is so defensive. The Blaze also neglected to identify the primary reason that the IRS is targeting the TEA Party. Conservatives are a threat to socialism, and are also the “REAL Republicans,” unlike Karl Rove and his moderate buddies appearing over at Foxnews.

McConnell continues to fail the country with weak leadership, just like he did when undermining the effort to defeat Obamacare before it crushed over 7 million insurance plans. The result of Mitch McConnell’s RINO mea culpa compromise with Harry Reid had the negative impact of cancelling insurance for more than 7 million Americans. It was a bill regarding revenue that also originated in the Senate, and not the House, which is Unconstitutional. But screw the rules and the people, right Mitch? After all, you have money to be made…

McConnell is sending out the Rockefeller Republicans to sell a full repeal and the free-market solution to Obamacare, that does not cost the American taxpayer a thing other than getting government out of the way. Simultaneously, McConnell has seemingly forced our Conservative friends to try to promote replacing Obamacare with Romneycare (featuring taxpayer subsidies to counter ever-increasing government premiums).

For the love of all that is holy, if you are a Conservative and value your oath, do not ever try to sell people on even more government to repair a government induced problem.


John Boehner must have been furious knowing that his efforts to avert the disaster of Obamacare were sold to the highest bidder and not-so quietly carted off as the “Kentucky Kickback.” The House measure would have averted the pending doom of Obamacare before its visiting destruction was realized on “chosen healthcare plans.” The branch of government directly responsible for representing the people proposed to fund the entire government with the exception of Obamacare, whose negative impact has played out across America ever since enacted. Consider the failure of Obamacare’s website, or the fact that 4 to 1 enrollees of Obamacare are non-payees (registered with Medicaid), who only add to the need for even higher cost, to cover all the government mandates that come with socialized medicine.

One can hardly imagine selling-out the people for all this pork-slop, but for McConnell, it is an election year. Boehner’s tactics collapsed so much that even CNN was blasting Harry Reid, who actually said, “Why would I fund children who are cancer patients?!” Anger only mounted as Obama sent out the brown-jackets to try and man-handle our veterans for returning his barry-cades to their rightful owners, at the White House, who unnecessarily defunded death benefits for active duty soldiers and shut down the World War II Memorial.

No one in their right mind can possibly say “preëmptively defeating Obamacare for the good of all people wasn’t the exact right thing to do ‘for the people.” With rampant reports already revealing massive lay-offs result of Obamacare, a reduction in work hours also played-out as companies were sent scrambling to avoid the financial-fallout of Obamacare.

If some thought health insurance was too costly prior to Obamacare, they were shook violently awake when notified they were being cancelled result of Obamacare. Their premiums are now skyrocketing to more than double-on-average, and most have a vastly higher deductible under Obamacare. All of this leaves every American better suited for the Individual Market, if only one existed.

National-Republican-Senatorial-CommitteeWhen acknowledging the complete failure to “drive down cost for every American,” and outright fraud of taking taxes while denying service, there is not an American alive that thinks Obamacare is a good idea. The website first crashed on October 1st, 2013,  the very day Obamacare took its nasty-effect on people. The Unaffordable No-Care Act and its $600 million dollar failed website continues to wreak havoc and bad news mounted everyday during the shutdown. Yet Mitch McConnell showed no leadership whatsoever, in trying to stave off Obamacare. And now we know why.

Mitch McConnell did not lead America, instead he and his band of mush took a $3 billion taxpayer funded kickback, while simultaneously promoting to do away with the need for future debt limit extensions. McConnell only led his own way, all the way to the bank. And as McConnell was wetting his own beak, which is consistent of a man trying too hard to hold onto power, Conservatives were busy working. While McConnell relies on the most moderate of all social media sell-outs, Conservatives more than proved their power.

It seems that Freedom is a pretty easy sell to most people who appreciate the truth and not mere campaign rhetoric.

While he is fully entrenched with the moderates of the National Bloggers Club (NBC), Mitch McConnell not only opted for a big, fat serving of taxpayer PORK, but also made the promise of “No more government shutdowns over Obamacare.” Moderates are not Conservative, my fair-weathered NBC friends. Instead, they are yesterdays Democrats only putting a new spin on their tired, “socialist-liberal” platforms.

Make no mistake, there were leaders in the Senate not willing to fold. Leaders like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, David Vitter, Jim Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, Marco Rubio & others, desperately trying to warn Americans before it was too late. And as more time marches on, more & more Democrats are opposing Obamacare too.  It is plain to see, moderates spend far too much time attacking Conservatives for doing the right thing, then they do attacking Progressives for doing the wrong thing.

Rather than drawing attention to a government that would close down war memorials, barry-cading entry to Honor Flights of World War II veterans, Mitch McConnell whined about fake polls. Instead of focusing on a Commander in Chief, who disrespected his own troops by denying death benefits to our honored fallen, Karl Rove Republicans were upset that “there was no grand strategy in place.” As if its somehow the new-guy’s fault that the old-guys haven’t been able to pass a budget in 5 years?

The same weak Republicans, led by Karl Rove, were those protesting against Bush’s Iraq Surge, promising him from behind the scenes that bolstering our military in Iraq “wouldn’t play well in the mid-term election cycle”. It was their politics before our soldiers and their security.


Mitt McConnell and his mopie moderates are more interested in playing games than they are in actually serving to represent the people, and for good reason: Progressive Republicans agree with Progressive Democrats. They want their greedy-hands on your health care too, especially if it means a kickback three-years in the making to some good ol cronies.

The govern-mitt sausage making was divulged during the 2012 general election, when insider politics revealed Mitt Romney-adviser, Norm Coleman who said, “the GOP would never repeal Obamacare, but only try to fix it.” The very same Progressive Republicans that endorsed Romneycare have not gone away, either. In the face of the very train wreck that is Obamacare, the soft middle still wants ObamneyCare.

Newflash my big govern-mitt, moderate friends: Romneycare is not going so well in Romneyville, otherwise known as Taxachusetts.

As of 2011, Romneycare cost Massachusetts 18,500 jobs. For a state that only boasts 6.5 million people, 18.500 jobs is the equivalent of a major city filled with unemployed people. The same job loss of Romneycare is now being visited upon Americans nationwide under Obamacare. All Mitt McConnell did with his mea culpa of a compromise is to kick the can down the road while adding even more debt to a government that has now tripled the highest debt in our nation’s history. Romneycare is exacting the same plague upon the towns of Taxachusetts.

Only 8,000 people populate the town of Orange, Massachusetts but they had to turn to more borrowing to pay for RomneyCare. 8,000 people needed to borrow $450,000 of taxpayer money. If 8,000 people needed $450,000 how much money would 300,000,000 million people need to bail them out of socialized medicine?


Now we know why major debt is still problem with Romenycare. This is why Romneycare was given an A for access, and a “F” for fairness and cost. Just like Obamacare, when placed on a national scale, Romneycare only spells more big government interference over the free-market with even more big government disaster. One of the reasons why the Boston Herald proclaims Romneycare as a massive failure is the wait time to see a Doctor.

Through rationing, people die waiting in lines for socialized medicine, and its lack of care in Australia, England and Canada. Yet government rulers in America seem all too eager to see it happen on the shores of this land, too. The Boston Globe chimes in saying that the Medical debt that Romneycare was supposed to fix remains a major issue. Funny, because the same progressives who supported Romneycare have yet to fix the national debt, too.

People need to know the list of Rockefeller Republicans (aka RINOs) that voted for Reid’s bill, temporarily funding the government and allowing Obamacare to play-out on over 7 million Americans thus far:

Alexander (R-TN), Ayotte (R-NH), Barrasso (R-WY), Blunt (R-MO), Boozman (R-AR), Burr (R-NC), Chambliss (R-GA), Chiesa (R-NJ), Coats (R-IN), Cochran (R-MS), Collins (R-ME), Fischer (R-NE), Flake (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), Hatch (R-UT), Hoeven (R-ND), Isakson (R-GA), Johanns (R-NE), Kirk (R-IL), McCain (R-AZ), McConnell (R-KY), Moran (R-KS), Murkowski (R-AK), Portman (R-OH), Rockefeller (D-WV), Sanders (I-VT), Thune (R-SD), Wicker (R-MS)

The list of Conservative stalwarts trying to represent the people with a free-market solution that does not cost one red cent, and is based on the inter-state commerce clause, providing more supply of healthcare insurance in each state, thus driving down both the demand and cost


Coburn (R-OK), Cornyn (R-TX), Crapo (R-ID), Cruz (R-TX), Enzi (R-WY), Grassley (R-IA), Heller (R-NV), Johnson (R-WI), Lee (R-UT)Paul (R-KY), Risch (R-ID), Roberts (R-KS), Rubio (R-FL), Scott (R-SC), Sessions (R-AL), Shelby (R-AL), Toomey (R-PA), Vitter (R-LA) Not Voting: Inhofe (R-OK)

Not only are Senators Cruz and Lee two members that the Senate Conservative Fund helped to elect, but Jim DeMint and the Senate Conservative Fund also endorsed Pat Toomey & Ron Johnson, which may make Mitt McConnell a tad-bit uncomfortable. More so than selling out the people and adding even more pork to the debt.

The problem facing Americans is not access to care.

Everyone in America has access to care. Whether your employer purchases health insurance as a benefit (soon to be taxed if no benefit is offered) or one is paid extra to buy their own on the individual market, or even if one is disabled & poor, no American is discriminated against regarding access to care. Emergency Rooms can not even turn people away based on a lack of insurance. They still have to provide treatment.

An issue facing Americans is the cost of healthcare insurance.

The most simple and pure solution to drive down the cost of insurance is to increase the supply of insurance in each state. This is achieved by lifting the over-burdensome state & federal regulations, hand-cuffing the people, and banning inter-state commerce. For now, states only “allow” people to purchase health insurance from within their own state, which only serves to limit supply & raise cost. This model is hardly free-market and it only benefits in-state monopolies. You can buy a house anywhere in the country, and likewise a car, but not health insurance. Why? Simply because of government over-regualtion.

Obama-Exempt-Obamacare-Jobs-CostRemoving the over-regulation of the insurance industry, that bans interstate trade, will not cost the taxpayers anything. Not one red cent. And as more insurance opportunity becomes available in each state, the demand for insurance is driven down along with the cost. Inter-state trade would increase the supply of health insurance, resulting in lower cost and more choice. You could personalize your plan too, because you could purchase it from an insurer in any state. Each person can directly decide for themselves whether they value more or less risk, and be charged according to their decision. Your health is not the government’s prerogative. It is your life, not the governments.

Nowaday, pre-existing conditions can also be serviced with Medicaid benefits combined with faith based & non-for-profit donations. Those organizations willing to help (and there are hundreds willing to do so) are then given a tax break, making more help even more likely. Another way of driving down cost even further is to make anything related to medical expenses non-taxable. If healthcare should be considered a human right by some, much like food, then everything from prescriptions, to treatment, to x-rays and equipment should be non-taxable. It would only lower the cost for every person in America.

There are even more ways to drive down the cost of insurance by relying on the free-market, and giving the people their authority back from the state. Liberty solutions rather than relying on even more socialism, which has proven to be a disaster thus far under the mammoth weight of both Obamacare & Romneycare.

With all the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, Mitt McConnell and Karl Rove have the nerve to call the shutdown a disaster, but cannot call Obamacare a disaster nor punch Obama’s sick tactic of maximizing pain right in the nose. Even Hillary Clinton called out Obama for his actions during the successful shutdown that focused the nation’s eyes strictly on Obamacare. But Mitt McConnell and Karl Rover could not focus any attention on the Commander in Chief, who maximized pain upon his very troops, who are the very loyal sons and daughters of liberty.

It must be easy for McConnell and Rove to target Conservatives to shut them up, just like the IRS did and is still doing. For a guy who once called Obama a bully for sicking the IRS on a people devoted to their country, McConnell has all butt-flipped now.

Now, what the Blaze also failed to report, is that the TEA party un-endorsed Mitch McConnell last month, just before he set-out to attack the Senate Conservative Fund.

For those Conservatives who claim McConnell is so pro-life, you will have a hard time reconciling how pro-life it is to push Obamneycare and not support its defeat before crushing 7 million insurance plans, with many more plans insight on the horizon. Results matter to the pro-life crowd, and the results of Romneycare are free abortions, and abortion on demand paid by every taxpayer to Massachusetts. Government care is so pro-life that faith based organizations are forced right out of participation, even as many people die waiting in line.

It must be easy to let things slide, especially when Obamacare kicked-back so much, right into another politician’s greedy pockets, feeding even more debt and proving that they are mere loyalist to the ever-expanding big government, its joblessness and all of its debt turned on its people. If they try to punch most Conservatives, they will find guts made of steel and then may have the opportunity to learn that Obamacare really doesn’t work out for people all that well, afterall.

Reagan Discredits Socialized (Nationalized or Statist) Medicine


The Battle for Liberty & Freedom from Obamacare

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