Chris Christie Rallies 2012 RNC for Mitt Romney

On August 28, 2012; Governor Chris Christie rallied Conservatives on day one of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Although he spoke mostly in the first person, he meant to be a big asset to Governor Mitt Romney in his quest to become President.

Christie set the tone for the Republican Party Platform going forward, reminding Republicans that the courage to lead is ultimately what sets the party apart, “tongiht we begin a new era of truth-telling.”

He recalled the recent success conservatives had in New Jersey — a traditionally blue state — where Democrats raised taxes 115 times over the previous 8 years, while accumulating a $11B budget deficit.  Christie didn’t raise taxes to pay for government’s irresponsible spending. Instead he cut taxes to make New Jersey once again competitive, he cut spending & waste, and did it all while balancing the budget.

See Mr. Obama, the answer to the debt crisis is not raising more taxes to give a pass to your failed policies & crony capitalism. The answer is to cut spending, and to let Americans keep more of what they earn. Imagine that, a government that actually lets their people keep more of their own money!

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“Yes, Mr. President. We built it!”



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