Gov Martinez: En America Todo Es Posible!

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Washington D.C.

Like so many of us, Governor Susana Martinez grew up living pay-check to pay-check. The 1st female Governor of New Mexico, and 1st ever Latina Governor in US history, Gov Martinez was raised in a small town along the southern border. Martinez’s parents were Democrats and she was raised as a Democrat.  But something changed when she was confronted by a time for choosing, and she understood at heart–she is Republican.

My father was a boxer in the Marines and didn’t make a lot of money. When he was discharged, he became a Deputy Sheriff. My mother put in long hours as an office worker. And then relying on the breadth of their experience, our family opened a own small business, a security firm. I was his first employee and helped guard the bingo hall for the Catholic Church. I worked my way through college as the security firm grew to an interstate business, and then I attended law school.

Susana Martinez described the very epitome of the American Dream at the Republican National Convention to a rousing round of applause. For centuries, American families have pulled together in order to achieve individual success instead of relying on a over burdensome government, and its rules & regulations–which always come with government entitlement checks. Over the last century, a hand-up was provided to those inspired enough to achieve success through hard work–it was never meant to be a hand-out or way of life.

After graduating from law school, Martinez became an Assistant District Attorney and had the privilege to represent those who literally have no voice at all–victims of child abuse.

She was then called to testify in a case against her boss, and was later fired for making full disclosure.  Instead of crumbling because she was let go, she fought back and ran against him for State Attorney General and won in a land slide. Soon afterwards, she received an invitation to lunch by a few Republican collegues:

I knew they wanted me to switch parties, but thought my husband and I would just enjoy a free meal and then go home without a second thought. But they talked about issues without using the term ‘Republican and Democrat’ nor ‘Liberal and Conservative.’ Is welfare supposed to be a way of life, a hand-out instead of a hand-up? Do I respect the Right to Life for every human being? After spending about an hour or so talking about issues, my husband and I left. When we got into the car, I said to Chuck, ‘I’ll be damned. We’re Republican!’

Governor Martinez understands that success is built on courage, hard work and individual responsibility. Not on resentment and fear.

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