Obama’s Islamisation of America

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There is a looming question for the left-wing, who might consider the ramifications of re-electing Barack Obama, and please consider the following carefully prior to casting your vote in November. Think long and hard; not about skin color, not about redistribution of wealth, or ‘social justice’ but about the coming era you may usher in, altering American society as we know it.

For your consideration, there are some candid facts you need to understand, only truth and please consider all exponents before making a decision, and share your thoughts once you have read this, but not before you have evaluated everything.

If you don’t believe these facts, please, feel free to research for yourself. Read, Know, Understand. On page 261 of of the paperback edition of his book, Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama states:

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Islam - women slave tradeIn his book, Dreams of My Father, Barack Obama further said:

I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites… I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance, and animosity against my mother’s race.

President Obama continued about his sense of reverse racism in Dreams of My Father:

There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe.  And white.

Consider the 9/11/2012 attack on America, which culminated with the death of four Americans–one was Navy SEAL,  Sean Smith & one was Ambassador Chris Stevens (who was appointed by Obama). Both were in Libya promoting genuine democracy, and were killed by a group of Islamic extremist reportedly linked to Al Qaeda. One can deduce that ‘the political winds have indeed shifted in an ugly direction.’ But Obama met first with the Muslim Brotherhood before any consideration given to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu–whose country is a close US ally and who borders Egypt–where another Embassy was attacked.

So, let’s take compare the extreme Islamic way of life, verses our American values, American society, and the American way of life. Keep in mind, the Obama administration blamed the massacre carried out in Libya on a movie. The ‘producer’ of the movie was then put in jail, despite Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric about freedom of speech. The administration found his movie appalling, but said nothing about the fact that the producer is an Egyptian born Coptic Christian.

Is a movie more appalling then Islamic extremist in Egypt murdering Coptic Catholics by the thousands? Below is another movie that upset Islamic extremist in Iran. It’s about the appalling, extreme-Islamic practice of stoning women to death for attempting to practice rights found in America’s First Amendment, such as freedom of speech.

For those in the music industry, you pride yourselves on your videos, music, your hard earned money, and it matters not whether you’re black or white–these facts are universal. The Muslim way of life is to ban all forms of music, and dance. To only listen to music chosen for you, so no more videos displaying your God given talent, nor the women in your videos, and no freedom of expression–your thinking, desires, and reflections would not matter–they’d be outlawed. The only permissbale music is what is handed to you by your captors. No choice. Your music would be forbidden in the Muslim faith, therefore, your money and your fame would be gone.

The porn industry? Well, well, well! There is no sexual display of women in th e Muslim faith, your videos are finished. We know this industry would end. Single Islamic women are not even allowed to be seen in public without a male escort, preferably a family member.  In fact, there is documentation of Islamic women being stoned-to-death for merely appearing promiscuous. If you’re in this filthy industry, it is possible that more than your career is at risk as soon as the would-be-tyrants takeover of HollyWeird.

As for HollyWeird itself, you parade naked bodies around at will, you call it ‘art,’ and you persistently fawn over the ‘anointed one.’ Have you considered there will be no need for you, your services, or much of anything else if all falls into place for those that would change America forever? Have you considered that the vast wealth you have amassed, and how it will be taken by those in charge? Don’t say you’re so infamous, it wouldn’t happen to you. You would be stripped of all that makes you feel holier than the rest of the nation, and the world. Alas, your egos are so inflated, you’ll forever be obedient to anything you feel you’ve encouraged. Heaven knows, you already feel  your word is final in all things, and ‘your adoring fans’ are such that they would do your bidding, no questions asked.

For the people around the world, watching, salivating at the opportunity to watch the US fail, please remember two things:  1)  We are THE United States of America, and we do not fail, we do not fall, and we do not cower. 2) When many of  you have been overrun with tyrants, and their armies who are hellbent on enslaving you over the past two centuries, you have called on us to come save you. But do not think for a minute that we will be calling on you to save us. It is not in us, we are not the type to ask for help, we are the ones that help each of you regardless of the situation. We stand for those who want freedom and genuine democracy.  And each of you will suffer greater failure if this country falls, so please keep that tidbit close to your heart.

Whether you are conservative, liberal, independent or non-participants in your own demise, when push comes to shove, are you willing to forfeit all you have in this country? Are your families willing to be enslaved because you would choose a life of government handouts over the ability to be free, make choices, suffer consequences, and simply enjoy the comforts of the nation of dreams achieved? Or, do you want to become the memories passed on to children who may never know those same dreams? Are you willing to forfeit your chance at happiness,  to live a life of laughter, making memories to share in your later years? Are you so eager to have the government control every aspect of your lives, those of your children and grandchildren if you are so blessed as to have them?

What is the cost of freedom? It can be great, it can be overwhelming to some, but in the end, it is a price paid for everyone to have the right to life. It is not the price paid for others to live at the expense of those lives lost protecting your rights.

What my son gave with his life–what other fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers have given–is not a price paid for you to ‘take from society’ what is not yours. If you have given nothing, no blood, no sweat, no tears, then it is not yours to have until you are willing to do for yourself what no one else can.

Take pride in yourself. Take pride in your country. Stand up for freedom, or surely we will fall to what government determines to be our live’s value.  And we see a government that does not value human life at all.

Attached you will find a copy of the Constitution of the United States, and I ask you read it carefully and consider what is at stake for America, for our way of life and our unalienable rights.

God Bless America



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