#13Hours: DEMS Abandon Benghazi

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As the President circles the country referring to his recent scandals as “phony”, the story of another Benghazi hero is unfolding. The identity of a diplomatic security officer has been revealed, one whose role in the Benghazi raid is no less that mind numbing.

Conservative Report Online has chosen not to publish his name, because public disclosure of his identity places himself, and his loved ones, at mortal risk to terrorist. Likewise, we urge others in the media to NOT publish the regional security officer’s name, and we frown upon those who do reveal this heroes identity to the public.

delta-forceAs the story  unfolds, this hero was not only the security officer that attempted to save, and ultimately recovered the body of Sean Smith, and did so under withering fire from a force that outnumbered he and his colleagues at a rate of 10-1. It is also reported that he was gravely wounded on the roof of “the Annex,” fighting-off terrorists with the SEALS Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty,  who were ultimately killed with nary a response from the Obama administration.

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said, “when this story comes out in testimony, it will bring tears to the eyes of every American.

Ignoring the news about Benghazi, yesterday the President of the United States steered Air Force One across the country for a whirlwind-tour of speeches on the economy, the first of which was given at the very location in Illinois where Obama’s first speech was given as a freshman Senator. In that speech, he broadly called for changes to improve the economy, offered no specifics on how he might do that, yet blamed the Republicans for obstructing improvements in the economy by putting forward a series of “phony scandals”.

Is it in the realm of possibility that he was unaware that the identity of this security officer was being revealed and the story of another brave man he had abandoned for death was surfacing? Possible but remotely so.

Is it likely that the President and his handlers were well aware of this revelation and planned this speech tour to get out in front of the disclosure and brand the scandals “phony”? Much more likely.

Here’s your problem, Mr. President. You did it again. With a cold callous heart, and a lack of moral conviction, with a malice forethought, and a lack of the simple appreciation of the role courage and heroism played in the formation and preservation of our Republic, you walked away from another hero.

But this time, when you turned your back, we’ve all seen you clearly.

1 Sp Forces ThumbEditor’s Note:

Going back to October 10, 2012, with Obama denying the Benghazi hit, despite State Dept testimony, Conservative Report has been breaking Benghazi, and our sources have been proven extremely accurate. We thank them, we will continue to keep their confidence, and publish the truth about Benghazi.

Below is our fourth report regarding Benghazi on Conservative Report Radio, featuring The Veterans Show, where Chip Jones (on twitter here) details breaking news that has now been verified.

Continue to stay tuned and don’t miss a thing!

Benghazi Terror Attack: Stalling, Treason, Murder & Cover-Up

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