#Benghazi: O Denied Military X-BORDER AUTHORITY

01 Left there to die

Editor’s Disclaimer: The below report by Chip Jones was originally released October 2012, after the very first Benghazi Oversight Hearing. On Sept 5 2014; Fox News anchor Bret Baier presented a special report entitled 13 Hours in Benghazi. Named for the soon-to-be-released book, it covers the span of time between the terrorist attack beginning at 9:30pm (Benghazi time) until the time a Recovery Op from Tripoli finally picked-up the injured & dead at 10:30 am — the next morning. The report adds breaking testimony from “boots on the ground” security operators assigned to the CIA annex, adjacent to the State Department’s “diplomatic facility” in Benghazi. Undoubtedly, the report gives the Chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee, Trey Gowdy, important information from first & only responders, but a more complete picture is still absent — specifically, information regarding the military command & Washington DC’s lack of response.

benghazi sec teamThe security contractors (Mark Geist, Kris Poronto & John Tiegen) were stationed at the CIA Annex, which was only mere blocks away from Chris Stevens & Sean Smith. They report being told to “stand down” a minimum of two times — verbatim. They were also told to “wait” to respond to the cries for help out of the “diplomatic facility”, which was subsequently set ablaze by Ansar al Sharia, killing Sean Smith. The part that is a bit misleading is that the CIA Field Chief “delayed the response” to the cries for help. This maybe true, but its also a very incomplete statement. Afterall, the CIA Field Chief — which goes to the absent military response — cannot authorize an attack on a foreign country without approval. That approval is called the order for “Cross Border Authority”, which can only come directly from the President of the United States of America. In the case of the raid on Usama bin Laden, cross border authority was given before the aircraft took-off from Afghanistan. In the case of Benghazi, cross border authority was not given upon initial request at 9:30pm, which would have saved Stevens & Smith (per the security team) — instead, cross border authority was delayed until the next morning.

This information has been made available to political representatives for two years. Where were the media reports, when Obama was lying to the country while seeking re-election? Conservative Report’s primary concern is the “active duty” military response & has been reporting on the same. We’ve even completed several three hour radio shows about the difference between Cross Border Authority and a “stand down” order, and done so with “boots on the ground” experience. We’re no longer willing to press Democrats for the truth about Benghazi. They’re more interested in protecting their “brand” than they are about protecting American lives. Liberals are more interested in protecting the one who failed others by initially refusing cross border authority to the MILITARY and security personnel, than they are interested in getting to the truth.

With this in mind, Conservative Report will now begin pressing Republicans — the sort who seem satisfied with the lacking military response to a terrorist attack against America, as long as they can keep their Chairmanship.

Conservative Report Radio will feature Chip Jones and Keith Rogers to talk about the above exclusively this Friday night at 7:00 pm Eastern.

Partrick Read — Editor in Chief

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The Benghazi investigation is mired in misinformation and inaccurate questioning. While the Congress pursues the question of a mysterious “stand down order”, the pursuit of administration responsibility remains dead in the water, and lazy pundits continue to write about a cover-up that pales in comparison to this administration’s abandoning two warriors to die on a lonely rooftop in Benghazi.

Are our Congressional investigators naïve, or are they part of a vast conspiracy to hide a simple truth from the American people about the decisions made & not made that fateful night?

You see ladies & gentlemen, in order for a “stand down” to be given, an order has to be given to ready those soldiers to “stand down” from. Here lies the crux of administration’s failures the night of Sept. 11, 2012.

Washington DC reports that “no stand down order was ever issued to the military”, because the request for an order to engage in a foreign land was refused to begin with!

To initiate offensive military operations in a foreign country, law requires a Presidential order commonly referred to a Cross Border Authority or CBA. In the absence of cross border authority being granted directly by the President, no military operation could be initiated, including the commitment of troops to secure or rescue personnel from Special Mission Benghazi.

01 Hicks-JetsIt is well known that a distress signal went out from the facility in Benghazi before it was attacked. That distress signal, Tango Mike Mike, is used universally by our special operation forces and is used in remembrance of Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez, who received the Congressional Medal Of Honor for gallantry single-handedly rescuing an embattled and overwhelmed Green Beret detachment during the Vietnam War. He was known, fondly, as “That Mean Mexican”, and his call sign was “Tango Mike Mike”.

It is a matter of honor for our Special Forces to respond to “Tango Mike Mike”, and this author has no doubt that Special Forces troops were prepared to go on the offensive in Benghazi.

It has been sparsely reported that a Special Forces Alpha Team bordered a AC-130 Spectre and awaited “authority” to commit to Benghazi. It is likely they were staged at the order of SOC-AFRICA (Special Operations Command for Africa) with the approval of AFRICOM (The geographic Combat Command for Africa).

I am personally challenging the Congressional investigators to ask the following  three questions:

01 Predator Armed1.) Was Cross Border Authority requested by our operation commanders assigned to North Africa & other military assets?

2.) Which particular Officer(s) requested it?

3.) Was Cross Border Authority granted & if so, when?

The answers to these three questions lead responsibility directly to the Commanders in Africa, and ultimately to the President, who is the only one tasked with issuing cross border authority.

And to those same Congressional investigators, I am issuing this warning:

If you fail to ask these three simple questions, you are each as guilty as this President of leaving Ty Woods and Glen Doherty dead on that lonely rooftop so far from home.

You are equally as guilty of cowardice.

You are equally as guilty of dereliction of duty.


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Tango-Mike-Mike: History of Special Force Operations & Inaction in Benghazi


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