#Benghazi: State FUNDED & TRAINED Ansar al Sharia


The most pressing question about the second 9/11 terrorist attack on America, this time in Benghazi, is “why did Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department fund & train Ansar al Sharia in Libya, who is responsible for murdering Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and Navy SEALs: Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods”?

Despite the urge to be dismissive, the above question must be answered, along with a reason “why Hillary Clinton & the State Department denied over 100 requests for security enhancements and fortifications, despite over 230  violent attacks in Libya over the year leading up to 9/11, including the attacks on Chris Stevens before the video was even posted on youtube“? Who suggested to the administration that the attack was about a video, and how could it be result of the video if Stevens had been attacked before the video was ever posted?

To the right is one such request documented by Regional Security Officer (RSO) Eric Nordstrom, who was stationed in Libya and assigned to Embassy Security by the State Department. Eric Nordstrom appeared to testify at the October 10 Oversight Committee and swore under oath, with penalty of perjury:

“You want to know what bothered me so much about being assigned in Libya? It’s not the hardships, it’s not the gunfire, it’s not the threats. It’s dealing & fighting against the people, the programs & the personnel who were supposed to be supporting me. And I added to it by saying, ‘Jim (Bacigalupo) for me, it’s as if the Taliban is on the inside of the building”.

Listen to Eric Nordstrom’s sworn testimony below:

According to David Petraeus & Rep. Peter King, whose city was devastated by the first terrorist attack on 9/11, RSO Nordstrom was not too far off because it was Ansar al Sharia on the inside of the building.

Led by policy directed by President Barack Obama, US State Department officials Patrick Kennedy & Charlene Lamb testified under oath, with penalty of perjury, before the Oversight Committee on October 10, 2012.

The Kennedy & Lamb testimony revealed:

“the State Department ‘backfilled’ US Special Force Operators protecting America’s Embassy & the Ambassador in Libya, and instead opted to outsource US SFO skill sets with ‘Libyan Militia”.

Houston, we have a problem.

Per RSO Nordstrom’s testimony, part of the Libyan militia was the al-Qaeda-linked, Ansar al-Sharia. Furthermore, per Oversight testimony and evidence, Ansar al Sharia not only threatened Chris Stevens’ life in June 2012, but also attacked the annex Stevens was assigned to in June, blowing out a compound wall. The June attack was called a “terrorist test run”. The test-run or pre-attack occurred one month prior to any video being posted on youtube.

Again, the June “test-attack” or pre-attack was carried out one month prior to the video being posted on YouTube in July, which was subsequently used an excuse by radical Islam, and accepted by the administration, for the “attack on the US Consulate”—an intentional false statement made by multiple government officials, misleading the American people about the CIA annex in Benghazi and the 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed the lives of four brave Americans.

Ultimately, Ansar al Sharia claimed credit for killing Stevens, Smith, Woods & Doherty after 9/11/2012.

After her “accepting responsibility“, Hillary Clinton easily dismissed Ansar al Sharia’s public assertion made on both Twitter and Facebook for murdering Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, and SEALs:  Ty Woods & Glen Doherty.

Posting something on Facebook is not exactly evidence“, Secretary of State Clinton shrugged it off, but she must have forgotten the little-watched video, that was only posted on YouTube, until her friend Mohammed Morsi released it after seizing control of the Egyptian media in August: two months after June, when Americans in Libya were already under attack.

Listen below to Representative Dan Burton (R-IA) press the State Department officials, Patrick Kennedy & Charlene Lamb, who testified under oath, with the threat of perjury, that State Department “backfilled the skill set offered by US Special Forces with Libyan militia”.

Note RSO Eric Nordstrom’s comment about Ansar al Sharia, in fact, being part of the Libyan militia: 

To the right is a screenshot taken by Conservative Report, verifying the State Department’s money trail for outsourcing security for an American Ambassador to local militia, part of whom went on to kill Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty.

Libya does not have a proper, uniformed military anymore, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. Instead, the State Department paid the “Libyan Militia” to protect Ambassador Stevens, who is the representative of the United States President stationed abroad.

See page 170 to verify the details of the State Department funding foreign military in Libya to the tune of $150,000. Compare the same small number afforded local terrorist in Libya, to the hundreds of millions afforded other foreign militaries in the region (like Lebanon’s $100M where Hezbollah has power!), brought to them courtesy of the US taxpayer.

As Col. Bing West stated, and was supported by former NSA Director Bud McFarlane, murdering a U.S. Ambassador is in fact an act of war.

Yet, the attack on America by Ansar al Sharia has still yet to even been met with a military response. Instead, the sleeping-with-the-enemy President now has another hostage crisis on his hands in Algeria, for which US Special Forces have, once again, yet to even respond.

Maybe President Obama will send the FBI to investigate Al Qaeda’s attack & killing Americans in Algeria, just like he did with Benghazi, and handle the act of war like it’s a “criminal investigation” to be handled in civil court.

Every US President prior Obama understood, acts of war are responded to by the United States Military, and usually in a timely manner, less more Americans be left vulnerable. Afterall, affording terrorists, committing acts of war on America, the same rights as those reserved for American citizens, is nothing less than appeasement.

Furthermore, a Conservative Report source has come forward to expose the “2012 State Department Diplomatic Security Annual Newsletter” (which is embedded at the end of this article).

The State Department newsletter shows American assets training the Libyan militia, who would go onto murder Americans on the second 9/11 terrorist attack on America, in Libya for which We The People indeed funded.

This time, claiming ignorance is not acceptable, especially considering the 1998 American Embassy bombing in Kenya, when Hillary was first lady and her husband Bill Clinton was a selfishly, preoccupied President. Bill was just a little too concerned with his impeachment proceedings to pay attention to commanders on the ground in Kenya.

What’s more revealing is, at the time, current UN Ambassador Susan Rice served under Bill Clinton in the State Department. She was the Ambassador to Africa. It was two years prior to the first 9/11, and was result of the Clinton State Department denying official requests for security enhancements & fortifications, made by Americans operating at the US Embassy in Kenya. Sound familiar? It’s deja’vu, all over again.

The State Department’s refusal to secure its embassy & Ambassador in Kenya resulted in the death of 212 people & wounded 4,000. It was also the eighth anniversary of Americans stationed in Saudi Arabia, who leads OPEC.

It is important to note that the State Department’s main function is to secure American Embassies and Ambassadors stationed around the world, especially in terrorist hot-spots–like Benghazi, Libya.

Note 2 in Benghazi - guard caught taking pictures - car 322

Lt. Col Wood was the Commander in Charge of the American security detsil in Libya & he testified:

“I feel duty bound to come forward in order to inform and provide a portion of ground truth information.  I feel a sense of honor for those individuals who have died in the service of their country.

I realize much of my work in Libya was entangled in sensitive government work… The killing of a US Ambassador is a rare and extraordinary thing and requires our attention as a people.

As a citizen I made the determination that this outweighs all other interests and will risk whatever circumstances may result from my testimony”.

The two would go onto expose a shocking revelation.

The United States of America not only denied several request for additional security to protect Ambassador Stevens (eg: a Marine Security Detachment – MSD – is typically assigned to every Ambassador stationed abroad, except for Stevens), but taxpayers also paid for outsourcing to the Libyan militia, and in part, Ansar al Sharia. Special Forces were then used to train the “Libyan militia” to take-over their job of protecting Stevens. 

Marching onward, the Conservative Report will also expose the details around the lack of response, but as already covered, Sean Smith sent a private message to a friend saying:

I hope I don’t die tonight. I caught one of the guards in charge of protecting us taking pictures of our facility”.

Note found in Benghazi

What wasn’t disclosed was that the “Libyan guard” Sean referred to, was atop of a building across the street from the CIA compound, and was casing the location out, for obvious reason.

The Libyan guard, supplemented by the State Department to protect Team Stevens, was scouting for an ambush by Ansar al Sharia, who went onto attack the facility, later that night.

General Petraeus commented, “the guards left their posts moments before the attack began, allowing Ansar al-Sahria to just waltz right in the front door & kill Smith and Stevens”.

Government officials have a video copy of the live feed provided by 2 US Drones & they also have the live radio communications between Special Force Operators.

For all this, the American Secretary of State, UN Ambassador, Secretary of Defense & President all blamed a spiteful video, despite the CIA Director in Benghazi & Libyan President referring to Benghazi “a precise, well planned terrorist attack” the day after, on Sept 12,2012.

As talking heads of the Obama administration were busy, blaming a little-seen YouTube video, they were also exalting America’s freedom of religion to Libya. They ironically did so without mention of the multiple lawsuits the Obama administration faces, with the same respect to freedom of religion here, in America.

Below is the State Dept newsletter, entitled, “Benghazi: 2012 State Department Annual Security Newsletter.” The newsletter depicts U.S. Military training the Libyan Militia. It also details the average amount of security that all Ambassadors receive, including Ambassador Susan Rice & even Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. 

hillary arafat thumbIt is very telling that Rice & Clinton have more than enough Diplomatic Security for themselves, while an Ambassador assigned to a terrorist-haven like Benghazi, lacked even the basic security of a Marine Security Detachment, and was instead left with only Libyan “turn-coats” funded by the taxpayer, at the discretion of the Obama State Department.

Listen to Chris Stevens below regarding the lack of security in Libya and existing vacuum, from which terrorists such as Ansar al Sharia and Al Qaeda were allowed to organize & attack our mission. And not only did so unimpeded, but with US aid. It has been a full year since Stevens had traveled to Benghazi in November 2011, and he issued an urgent security request on September 1st, 2012 to no avail by those he reported to in the State Department.

Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Ty Woods never wavered in their duty to our nation & her people, but the support for them & for Special Mission Benghazi certainly did waver, as Eric Nordstrom and Lt. Col. Wood testified about under oath.

Although Secretary Hillary Clinton already accepted responsibility for the murder of four brave Americans in Libya, and in fact, funded the operation, it is time now for her to accept accountability.

Below is an audio mix regarding Benghazi played on Conservative Report Radio as early as October 2012, after the Oversight Hearing and testimony.


Benghazi: State Dept Annual Security Report – 2012

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