Obama Denies Benghazi Hit Despite State Dept Testimony

Charlene Lamb

Led by Darrell Issa, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing today investigating the 9/11 al Qaeda terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. And the Obama Administration’s lack of leadership; their seeming denial of the growing terrorist element within the Middle East, and the resulting vacuum of power filled by Islamic Extremist led directly to the 9/11 attacks carried out on American Embassies throughout the region.

The Obama Administration’s complacency regarding this aggressive terrorist element led not only to Egyptian extremist (linked to the Muslim Brotherhood) burning the American flag & hoisting Al Qaeda’s over the US Embassy—but it also led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens & his security team in Benghazi.

For all of this, the Obama Administration’s first response was to lay blame on a youtube video released by an Egyptian born, Coptic Christian.


The weekend after 9/11, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, stated several times on multiple mainstream media outlets:

There is no evidence the attacks were ‘pre-planned.’ The catalyst was a trailer for the movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” produced in the United States.

This same gross-speculation was repeated by many top-officials of the Obama administration, and culminated with President Obama condemning a youtube video seven times while addressing the Benghazi attack before the United Nations—who once again, featured Ahmadinejad.

To blame those who have been under attack & murdered in Egypt for years, and who were just attacked again by elements linked to the Muslim Brotherhood—one month prior to 9/11 on Aug. 1, 2012— is certainly a stretch.  And since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton welcomed the extremist Brotherhood into power in Egypt, the Coptic Christians have now formed their own Christian Brotherhood.

Barack Obama’s apparent sympathy for Islamic-extremist and terrorist should not be a shock to anyone, especially considering Obama is long-time friends to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn—two convicted terrorist who lament the same Palestinian extremism as the PLA and Yasser Arafat.

Disclosed during the hearing was a “max security alert” issued by Ambassador Stevens on Sept. 1, 2012—10 days before he was murdered by al Qaeda.  His request for increased security fell on deaf ears as the State Department denied his team the right to arm themselves, denied his team additional manning, and denied his team additional fortification for the Embassy structure.Obama’s ‘friends’ were also involved in the “Gaza flotilla upheaval,” breaching Israel’s security in 2010.

benghazi_cloud_white_house_10-28-12-2 (Copy)Where the information came from—for the Obama Administration to blame the September upheaval in the Middle East on a youtube video—is important, because it most likely came from the same Islamic-Extremist who Obama and Clinton “welcomed into Egyptian power.”

And still, there exist a vacuum of power being filled by extremist as result of a lack of leadership and lack of representation for those seeking independence & freedom—not only in Libya, but with the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the moderate Muslims in Afghanistan & Pakistan, and the tortured multitudes in Syria, Iraq and Iran.

History already taught us on the first 9/11 the consequences for America leaving dangerous vacuums, being filled with Islamic-Extremist, left unattended and unchecked for too long.

Listen to Doug Matthew Stewart and I sound off on the subject on The Conservative Report Radio Show (report continues after the audio player)


Part One of the Oversight Hearing Video is just below and begins at the 3:00 minute mark.

Skip forward to 24:00 minutes as Rep. Chaffetz discloses the prior reported attacks (a/k/a ‘actionable intelligence’) on the American Embassy. The June 2012 attack is described as ‘a test-run by the terrorist, knocking out a compound wall.

The June terrorist test-run resulted in Ambassador Stevens’ issuing an urgent plea for increased security. Of which, Barack Obama and his administration certainly knew about. Not only before 9/11/2012, but also ‘immediately afterward,’ when Barack Obama, Susan Rice &  Hillary Clinton were blaming a youtube video for the second terrorist attack on 9/11.

Part Two is underneath the first video.

Part Two of the Oversight Hearing is below and features Congressmen Mike Kelly and Trey Gowdy.