#DEMS CHAINED to Religious Slavery

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Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012; Vice President Joe Biden addressed a crowd of about 800 supporters at a campaign stop in Danville, Virginia. A southern town whose population totals 43,000, half of whom are African American, Danville borders North Carolina, and was the last capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War, when Democrat slave-owners fought the deadliest war in American history against Northern Republicans (aka “Federalist”).  Tragically, more than 620,000 Americans died actualizing our Declaration of Independence while securing our liberty, and Democrats have still yet to accept the outcome — that Unalienable Rights actually matter.

Ironically, Joe Biden told the crowd that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party intends to “unchain Wall Street.” After a dramatic pause, the confused Mr. Biden then spoke loud and clear, “They want to put y’all back in chains!”

No, Mr. Biden. Republicans never put anyone in chains, that was your party.  As it were, the Republicans were established to end all slavery. And President Lincoln—the Father of the GOP—was successful in his defeat of Southern Democrat slave owners.

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Stunned, the crowd didn’t really know how to react. A sporadic clap or two was heard followed by a montage of booing, mostly aimed at Biden, his false propaganda and his misleading statement relative a crucial period of American history.

If any party is oppressing the American people, it is the same party of slavery—the Democrats.

Ironically, Joe Biden probably doesn’t know, but even Irish Catholics were enslaved in America here:

In 1641, Ireland’s population was 1,466,000 and in 1652, 616,000. According to Sir William Petty, 850,000 were wasted (aka genocide) by the sword, plague, famine, hardship and banishment during the confederation War 1641-1652.

At the end of the war, vast numbers of Irish men, women & children were forcibly transported to the American colonies by the English government.

All writers on the 17th century American colonies are in agreement, that the treatment of Irish Catholic slaves in English colonies was cruel to the extreme, worse than that of black slaves; that inhuman treatment was the norm.

 The number of Irish Catholics transported to the British colonies in America from 1651 – 1660 was roughly 300,000 and grew to exceed the total number of their inhabitants at that period

Irish Catholics, who some have referred to as the “forgotten” or “white slaves,” were America’s first slaves. Almost like today regarding Obamacare, Catholicism was outlawed in America prior to the American Revolution here, when most people (including white people) were mere serfs.

Much to HuffPo’s chagrin here Rick Santorum recently addressed the issue, stating “Obamacare forces Christians to pay for something that directly contradicts their faith.” He went onto to say that Obamacare is making  Catholics—like Joe Biden—go to confession & serve pennance because of an oppressive-government mandating sin.

Not only would government mandate sin upon our religious institutions, but also upon its parishioners.  We The People.

It will be interesting to witness, for the first time in history, two Irish Catholics opposing each other in a Presidential election: Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.

A Tale of two Catholics here

Paul Ryan represents the Conservative pro-life wing of the Catholic Church.  Joe Biden represents the progressive, social justice crowd” (Cafeteria Catholics).” Bill Donohue continues, “Ryan’s idea of freedom of choice commits him to supporting school vouchers; Biden’s notion of choice commits him to abortion rights. Ryan is opposed to reinventing the institution of marriage; Biden wants to expand marriage to include two people of the same sex.”

And note to Mr. Biden, who doesn’t miss a chance to brag about his Irish roots:

“Ireland Defeats Socialist Bill and Remains Pro-Life” here


A History of England’s Irish Catholic Slavery In America and throughout the world by Dr. Robert West, Illinois PEC State Director